John Ward – Gay Swedish Turkeys In Jihadi Admiration Riddle – 3 September 2014

JohnWSeveral Sloggers write to tell me that the recent Stockholm Gay Pride Festival became (briefly) a focus for condemning Israel’s actions against Hamas. Slogans such as “Long live jihad” were shouted by participants.

There is an old adage that attests, “Turkeys don’t vote for Christmas”, but clearly today even that commonsense observation no longer applies. I am left wondering how many of the gays proudly wishing long life to Jihadism realise that, under Jihadist law, announcing their pride at being gay would get them instantly beheaded.

I had a similar reaction to the formation of Lesbian Feminists for Peace Flotillas some years ago. It takes the triumph of mindless solidarity over implacable opposition to misogynist blokes to arrive at such a suicidally contrarian position. But somehow, the sisters managed it, God bless ‘em.

The desire these days among the chattering vanguard to be in two places at once suggests that, perhaps, they are really the spinning electrodes at a distance as observed by Albert Einstein. Except that Einstein said such electrodes were in exactly the same place: it was just that – separation being an illusion – the human brain couldn’t work it out.

But none of that helps me come to terms with a gay/lesbian brain seemingly incapable of separating jihadism from beheaded gay/lesbians. Which bit of this inevitable outcome don’t they get? /link to original article


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