TheIndependent – Killing Of A British Hostage By Isis Would Shift Opinion On Air Strikes In Iraq And Syria – 3 September 2014

The Independent

(Lucas : If you are really watching and seeing than you will know they do everything to ready you mindset to war and the necessity of it… Of course you are responsible enough not to go for the even nasty things killings fake or not that will with all the war talk propaganda and talk of terror threats want you to be following their lead into war.  If you did read outside the mainstream media and researched you would likely see that things are not as they seem. Who funded created those groups…? Do we need conflicts that we have no part in and are dragged into by those who made those conflicts happen in the first place for their own agendas! Wake up and stop supporting your governments and war mongering politicians and organizations of war or those who think problems can be solved in getting a war. Are you ready to get out of the old cycles and say no and do something different and built within your community together a new paradigm for all in abundance and with equal access  for all. Have a new mindset that sees we all are just humans that can live together as individuals without all that power control and gain and  working only for the I, self-interest and your profit or for your benefit.)

PM condemns the apparent beheading of US journalist Steven Sotloff ‘an absolutely disgusting and despicable act’

By Andrew Grice

The confirmation that a Briton could be the next hostage to be killed by Isis will put the spotlight on the Government’s strategy for handling such crises.

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