Jamye Price – Weekly Lightblast – Truth – 4 September 2014


As you change through Life, your Truth is changing with you. Your ability to observe with detached, empowering compassion, as well as choose with powerful focus requires a comfort in your Truth that is only within you. As you observe the world around you and see truths being made into law, being focused into sound bites that instill reaction of all sort, and even being slipped into your consciousness through the doorway of guilt, fear, science or entertainment; you have choice.

The open mind is a flow of data that is observed without attachment to right or wrong, merely perspective. All life is opinion from perspective. Observational data is all there is, no matter how repeatable the experiment. You observe what you perceive based on the parameters of your previous knowledge, your expectation and your ability to stretch beyond the known – which for most is minor. This is not a bad thing, it is the progression of life on a strong foundation. Your creations, your technologies and your relationships follow this same stair-stepping of progress and it is a necessary part of earthly life and evolution. Truth is built upon and shifted in ways that allow the conscious mind to understand a fuller scope of creation, life and the ability of humanity to expand internally as well as externally.

There is always a greater Truth beyond any truth, for Life is continually expanding and it expands invisibly at first until your ‘eyes’ become accustomed to the Light. You first see the trees, then with greater focus the forest becomes clear. It would be easy to focus upon the deceptions and lack of the systems of society. Your schooling, governments, economics, religions and healthcare each have a unique perspective of truth. This diversity is valuable as you open your mind to the flow of data and sift, file and delete for your benefit. This is the value of the deception and lack – it compels you to change, it compels you to your own uniqueness and humanity becomes empowered to emanate new desire and inspired action into the field of earthly life. You then have the task of sifting, filing and deleting your own data as you observe the subtle changes that grow more solid with your focus. New Truth is formed.

You are a being of consciousness and your awareness is the catalyst that creates.  Indeed, All of Life is an experience of consciousness, with few aware of the consciousness of water and fewer still aware of the consciousness of air. You are becoming more aware as you keep an open flow of data with your focusing mind. As you begin to harmonize that data with your powerful electromagnetic embracing heart, empirical becomes empowered and you begin to see the changes in form. Do not diminish your power to create to those that hold truth as untrue until proven with limited methods.  Do not diminish your power to create to the form you experience before you.  Hold your Truth in your being and allow the world to be your cauldron of Truth emerging. Most importantly, the Truth of your power to change your world for the better.

As we sit to Blast Truth, we are opening the mind flow to a universe of data encompassed in the Truth of Love. We are discovering our innate ability to expand the mind beyond the confines of the body into the depths of infinite space that awaits focus to form. We are seeing Truth in its many iterations of human perception and appreciating the reflection of opposition and support. We are boldly choosing and focusing our eyes to the Light of Love as we flood this plane with new information. We are the Truth within a broader Truth, that naturally evolves through change as we hold our consciousness in resonance with new solution. Blast on!

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