UK Says New Russian Sanctions Could Be Lifted If Ceasefire Holds – 5 September 2014

RT logoUK Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said new sanctions against Russia could be lifted if the warring sides in Ukraine’s conflict agree to honor a ceasefire, the details of which have now been finalized. Germany echoed the sentiment.

Negotiators from Kiev, E. Ukraine self-defense forces, Russia and the OSCE are in Minsk, and a ceasefire between the warring sides has been signed as of Friday afternoon. The ceasefire, which will come into force at 6pm, could eliminate additional sanctions being imposed on Russia from the EU.

“If there is a ceasefire, if it is signed and if it is then implemented, we can then look at lifting sanctions off but … there is a great degree of skepticism about whether this action will materialize, whether the ceasefire will be real,” Hammond told BBC TV.

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