Ann Albers – Messages From Ann And The Angels – 6 September 2014


My dear friends, we love you so very much,

At times the world may seem overwhelming to you. You look out and see pain and suffering, wars and violence. However from the heavens, we see light attempting to emerge, even in the most hardened of human hearts. So many want their perspective to be acknowledged. So many want others to understand their pain. And whether they acknowledge it or not, everyone, every single solitary soul on this planet longs to reconnect with the goodness and the light inside. That is why you incarnated to begin with.

So when you see the wars and the acts of violence upon your earth, instead of falling into sadness and despair, remember, that you can do something about if – if not on a physical plane, certainly in the realms of energy where all thoughts and feeling originate. You can say to yourself, “You know what… this is not my war. This is not my lesson. This is not the game in which I choose to play. I will pray for all involved. If I am called to do so, I’ll help in a tangible way, but if not, I will choose to contribute to the truth, the peace, the harmony, and beauty in life. I choose peace in my own heart, mind, life, and community.”

Then, dear ones, choose peace.

Choose not to be at war with yourselves. Be kind to your bodies. When you catch yourself in the act of self criticism, embrace yourself instead. Stop the violence within. Choose to avoid the dramas and arguments with others. If their perspectives do not match yours or how you choose to live your life, make changes. Walk away. Start the process of creating a new job, or a life transition. Better to walk away in peace than stay in a situation at war.

Be the peacemakers – the ones who choose to send love and prayers even for those whose actions are so dark you cannot imagine they have any light within. Send love to those in your lives who hurt you for they too are in need of upliftment. And send love to those parts of yourselves that you would wish to annihilate too for even they need love to be transformed. Listen to one another’s perspectives even if you do not agree, for every thought, every feeling, every desire has its place upon the planet earth, whether or not that place is in “your space” or not.

God bless you dear ones. It is both a challenging and an exciting time to be upon the earth. Beautiful new light is emerging, but as always, it will stir up those lost in misunderstanding until they too can embrace a higher and more beautiful reality.

You can live and abide in that heaven right here, and right now.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels


Hi Everyone,

I don’t generally watch the news, but I was at the gym this week when the news came on… horrific. I almost burst into tears with sadness over the lost and angry souls that feel it necessary to kill a person and worse to sacrifice a human life to illustrate their point.

You cannot kill life. It rises up again. You can’t kill a soul. They are alive in heaven. You can’t kill an ideology. It just gets passed down from one to another. It is so sad to see those who think that killing solves a thing for in reality the first souls they will greet on the other side some day will be the ones they thought they “got.”

So as I felt the sadness, the pain, the disgust, all of the sudden I caught myself. I knew what the angels would say. “Ann don’t add to that vibration. Don’t dignify the darkness by diving in Focus on truth. Focus on the one and only truth behind all of it… God’s love is the constant and exists steadfast, like the sun, even behind the darkest storm. Focus on what is good so you can strengthen it!”

So I used every ounce of willpower to focus on all that is good, beautiful and true in humanity. I played music – first beautiful soothing music, then heart-pounding, energetic songs that strengthened my energy and my resolve to love. I thought of every wonderful, kind, brave soul I knew. And I imagined that column of light that exists connecting us all between heaven and earth in this giant sea of loving energy that we are all swimming in whether we know it or not. Soon energy was flowing like a river up my spine. I imagined light flowing through me, pouring out of my feet, wrapping the planet earth in a cocoon of love. My feet heated up like fire. I went into an altered state even while walking on the treadmill. I felt love pouring through every fiber of my being in a state of silent prayer for all of humanity.

My joy returned, and along with it an even greater resolve to “BE” the light and the love in this world. I prayed for those who were killed. I prayed for the upliftment of those who feel it OK to murder. I prayed for the families affected. I prayed that some day the world would be open minded enough to hear one another’s perspectives without trying to snuff them out.

I felt God in my heart, reminding me, “I am always there, waiting to rise up within any human heart ready to receive me. Focus on that. Share that. Be that.” We cannot change all the sad and angry acts of others, but we can refuse to “dignify the darkness by diving in” as the angels say. It takes willpower, courage, and commitment, but we CAN bring a greater love into the darkness.

Earlier in the week as I held a flower for a butterfly that was having trouble sipping nectar in the wind I thought of what the angels said to me a long time ago… “Ann, some day the world will realize what is important, like watching a bee on a flower.” The eternal flow of life manifests in such beauty, in so many ways, that we need never “dignify the darkness by diving in.” Even if we are guided to walk amidst the darkness, to aid in its transformation, and to uplift those stuck in its pain, we need not let its misery infiltrate our natural state of being. “Better to offer someone in quick sand a hand than to jump in with them and let them stand on your head while attempting to climb out,” the angels once told me! I love that.

My prayer right now…

Dear God heal all hurting hearts and lift them out of the darkness and pain of illusion into the light of your love.

Have a blessed and joyful week… no matter what the world is doing,

Love you all,
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