Muslim Lawyer Sues NYPD After Arrest For ‘Blocking The Sidewalk’ During Pro-Palestinian Rally – 6 September 2014

RT logo(Lucas: Of course these things are wrong but if you read also between te lines of the past years you will see that global racist, global religion division, global  financial and monetary division, global health division, and so on,  is upped in reports in the “mainstream media” as well as global differences in any way. It is meant to keep the division of mankind going.  We need to see we all are humans that are kept from our abundance that this planet for all has by our own believes, dogmas, upbringing, education by “the system” and mind-controlled by the ones exercising the power over you and you accept as a fact. There should not be any poverty, famine, lack of in any way and also not in a way that pollutes earth whilst we are having abundant  non-fossil fuel and non-nuclear sources of energy for all.)

A Muslim woman, and human rights lawyer has taken her accusations of NYPD’s abuse and racism to court, following her violent detention over blocking the sidewalk after a pro-Palestinian demonstration in New York.

The lawsuit was filed on Tuesday, with Chaumtoli Huq stating that the policemen used “unreasonable and wholly unprovoked force,” the Telesur media outlet reported.

42-year old Chaumtoli Huq was arrested in July, right after the pro-Palestinian event, while she was waiting for her kids to use the WC. The police officer told her to keep moving.

“I’m not in anybody’s way. Why do I have to move? What’s the problem?” Huq asked the police.

Afterwards, police officer Ryan Lathrop and his partner, “without any legal basis, grabbed Ms. Huq, turned her and pushed her against the wall and placed her under arrest,” according to the lawsuit.

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