Sophia Love – September 5th Update – 6 September 2014

Sophia Love

Sophia Love

The situation around the World right now is not very good, because illuminati/cabal fail on all fronts, they are pushing desperately in direction of conflicts.
Yet the good thing is that Russia and China are keeping a good check on all their actions. The main problem comes from words of Joe Biden and Chuck Hagel.
Former Lieutenant General is warning of some “event” in which “disappeared MH370 might resurface” (which I sensed was unfortunately destroyed…)

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He also mentions some book, if it is the book I think of, it may be very big! But we haven’t heard of such book coming sometime soon. I mean a book of complete exposure of conspiracy against Humanity, written by high ranked illuminati members which decided to go in their own path avoiding doctrine of illuminati.

Joe Biden and Chuck Hagel are making “a hint” on 9/11-like event happening right on 9/11 and saying that it will be “bigger than previous”. And connect it to evil people of “ISIS” (purportedly they “can carry out some attack” here). Remember 9 and 11 together are special for illuminati/cabal numbers. It could be everything I named before, they always like to target east coast, because more people are living there, so quadrants remain the same as well.

Be careful with this, meditate for World Peace and Harmony to prevent any and all their plots of coming true! We already made a huge progress together Good Friends, many of their plots already failed and all that remains now is to make a final blow to them, when they will make mistake, Everyone should be ready to meditate for Peace and their full and complete Exposure, this will put an end to them and their very evil agenda!

Also, because of their neverending lust for power and destruction, the Yellowstone volcano is not becoming quiet, but on contrary increasing it’s might and 2 “natural” warnings were issued to Humanity, by Sun and by Earth.

If I was quite sure previously that volcano and flare could be avoided, now I’m not so sure of avoidance, because both Sun and Earth issued a strong warning.

Volcano Bardarbunga on Iceland exploded and Sun released a huge Earth-Directed CME, which just reached us today (9/5/14)
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That is why I advice Everyone living in USA to get face covers or face masks as dust output will be huge if it will come to this. And dust from Yellowstone might have a burned sulfur and some other hazardous chemicals (depends on how close is position to a volcano). These masks are quite cheap and very useful for other purposes as well, a must-have in home. I can say sure that solar flare will go only after volcano, because damage from flare will be much more greater than from volcano. And flare can not take place at all, if it will be avoided though settling down of conflicts. Remember, possibility of eruption depends on emotions of Humanity, the “more evil” there is in air, the more possible is the eruption.


Thank You Good Friend Ray!
You have great ideas there, right now we can’t quite release anything, because situation around the World is pretty tense and mainly because of illuminati/cabal. They are very hotheaded now and that is why inventors, such as Keshe are waiting for their downfall. By the way Keshe made a solid state generator, yet the output is not that great. You can check his website and “dynamic reactors”
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Much better solution were presented in old website I shared previously, since then it was updated several times and now there You can test new efficient designs
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Here is more detailed and practical look into this (for People like You that “know the stuff” 🙂
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Hope this will aid You and Everyone! There are so many different designs of “Free Energy” that You can completely lose Your head in it:)


And also Thank You Good Friend Adriane for reminding of gnostic Nag Hammadi scrolls. Yes, these scrolls put a light on some hidden knowledge, but again there is a mixture of exaggeration. But checking them is good for Everyone that are interested in detailed view of demiurge and whole this experiment.

I will provide the link in which is said about these scrolls, but if You don’t want to confuse Yourself, don’t look there. It is a difficult knowledge and another “different ideology”
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Such texts indeed were subjected for destruction by roman catholic church (once christianity was “accepted”). So their survival is miraculous. Many texts were whether destroyed or whether put in Vatican’s library for so called “safe keeping” (in actuality keeping from public).

I will add here important information on “ideology” subject, because we touched christianity here.

When it happened and this religion (we call cult for it’s extreme measures on “non believers”) was “accepted” in Rome, only a few wanted to “accept” christianity and so were “forced” to accept it. Others that completely refused it were destroyed… Same was and still today is happening with Islam (a derivative of judaism and christianity).

And this was happening after fall of Roman Empire. Religions of old were destroyed and People were forced to “accept” it. Millions of native americans living in both americas were destroyed exactly because they were refusing to accept christianity or because of dogmas of catholic church which saw these People as “devil worshipers”.

Christianity was chosen specifically, because it was controlling People better than any other “form of control” in that old time.

People-“slaves” which were very rebellious in Roman Empire reduced their rebellious character once christianity was “introduced”. Then You know what happened to Rome, after germanic and other tribes came to Rome, they adapted christianity, because

1 – of  “fear of god” (but that was not the main reason) and
2 – because it was a perfect tool for control, which they needed

Then, in ages that followed, catholic church came to the peak of it’s power, but there were People which didn’t want to accept christianity, because it simply wasn’t answering on many questions they were having, and as well speaking against church on that time was equal to destruction.

That is why were created secret societies of scientists, politicians, and every one that was intelligent enough to see that christianity is simply made for control and greed of few. These societies were secret so to keep themselves out of reach of catholic church. Some of these societies, unfortunately chose a completely opposite path of catholic church, which was based on bible’s ideology and is luciferianism (which is enlightenment=science in their understanding, from Lucifer – “the light bearer”)

One of these societies were freemasons, which was a derivative from much older masons, which on it’s part was a derivative of “knights templars”. This society began it’s operation in 1717 (notice the numbers and recently downed flight). Due to a number of a very high ranking officials in this society, it’s influence quickly increased and they decided to rule over the world themselves. They developed a detailed plan, which would take several generations to finish the cause. Such plan was developed as we know by masons and later inherited by freemasons.

And first thing they decided to make, was “a base of operations”, for which they chose 13 british colonies in America – “the new world”, as position of these colonies were in quite warm climate and in a very strategic position on World’s arena for taking over whole Planet. They decided to form a new country, because head of british empire was in London, which was not a very strategically effectively placed and if overtaken, whole system could have collapsed easily. Also british monarchy didn’t want to just give away it’s territories, so this lead to american war for independence.

Notice also that name “America” was given specifically by masons for a nation that “will do lucifer’s biddings” as they named it, so if You haven’t noticed yet, only People living in USA are called “americans” and not any other nation living in “Americas”.

Here is a transcript on meaning of word America which we know as the most correct, which is connected to Light

“America understood as “Amer-Ica”  means “the light ever powerful in battle”, “the prince [royal] of light”, or “light of royalty”, “royal light”,  “the commander of light” and “light at the tree top” or “Tree top light”.

= A Germanic  form of  Amerigo, which means “Ever powerful in battle” .  In Arabic” Amer” is a variant of “Amir“, which means “prince, ruler or commander“.  In Hebrew “Amer” means “tree top”. Ica=  Female name, Greek or Hungarian  for “light”.

So word “americans” means same, like the “the light ever powerful in battle” or “the commanders of light on Earth”. This is how masons planned it and You can see they distorted the meaning again.

At core of war of independence were freemasons, which later under George Washington formed USA (at the same cycle of formation of bavarian illuminati order in 1776).

Also George Washington in freemasonry is considered as not “just a human”, but as a “god” or a “savior”. George Washington became a member of freemasonry in his 21, which is a very young age for becoming a freemason, on top of that he was given also at age of 21 the title “master mason of the universe”, which was given only once and only to him. As we know, he was a “chosen” to lead freemasons out of christianity. He also was depicted among gods or being as “god” himself
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And here.

So if You understand what I meant here, by now You can see that christianity and christians themselves brought both satanism/luciferianism and freemasonry/illuminati/cabal, which is now threatening to whole World and whole Life. Consciously unintentionally and Sub-Consciously intentionally christians brought devil-worshipers to life, because as You know, they wanted and still wants to be “saved”.

All of this lead to the World You can see today. So again, at the root of all this is religion and wishful thinking played a huge role in all of this. Like I mentioned Book of Revelation in it’s part was not given as something “unavoidable”, but as a warning of what can happen if such path was chosen. And as You can see, it almost happened as it was written and by Humanity themselves, not by “higher forces”.

Demiurge played it’s part, but Humanity is responsible for this, because it accepted such path. But now, fortunately Humanity chose a different path and will write it’s own destiny from the moment of fall of illuminati/cabal.

The Revelation is the last book of the bible, so when illuminati/cabal will fall, this book will close and will cease to exist. Most indoctrinated People of course will not simply want to abandon it, but it will be up to them to decide what They will do with Their life.

Such is the Truth of current World situation, but again You decide what is true and what is false.

I will provide a bit later some more information which was revealed to us considering religions and origin of Humanity. It is an add-on to what You already know. But now is not the time.

I will answer on other questions a bit later as well. Right now we are not done with cabal yet and they are not giving up, so we need to do some work here still.

Meditate/pray, make wishes, think wishfully, change World into a more Harmonious, Beautiful and Peaceful World! Right now You are writing this Future, so make it as Beautiful and as Astounding You can!

Here is some music we heard recently, it will aid You in relaxing Your mind and concentrating on Perfect Future!

On the Quest (to Liberate the Planet from slavery)
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Another song for Rebirth, what count does Rebirth songs already having? Just look at how Humanity wants to be Reborn! And so it will be! (This one may just be my favorite ~Sophia)
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Timeless Place – a perfect place for meditation and relaxation
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Aitherios – the lifting to the Stars
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With Peace, Calm and Prosperity! / link to orginal article

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