Lisa Gawlas – Activating The New Life Forces Energies Thru Choice And Action!! – 7 September 2014

lisagawlas2Can ya feel the pounding of the moonlight these days??  Phew baby, you can almost taste the codes coming thru it as you breathe.  Unlike the August super moon which melted every cell in our body, this one, just as spirit has been saying, is solidifying the new light body, the new physical body and creating a realm of clarity, clear desire within, even if in this pre-moon phase, it’s just an inkling.  But hey… after so long of shrugging the shoulders, inklings are feeling gigantic and celebratory!!

Of course we are still being “altered” and solidified, but I am also seeing so clearly within my own life, how huge personal choice and clarity of knowing thyself really is in this moment.  But equally too, how much in “real-time” we are working the energies.  Let me ‘splain (smile.)

I had mentioned about my meditation the other day, these 8 dead looking black snakes fanned out from the center of the moon.  Snakes, life force energy.  Black, unseeable/unknowable from the outer perspective.  When that one snake I touched rolled me up and stuck me in the belly of the moon, trust me, I ponder what the hell this could be about and not a sound from my team.  From inside my own heart of knowing, all I could think about is this has to be about intimate relationships, it really is the only thing I am doing right now that is way out of my comfort zone (blind dating from the garden of men on eharmony.)  Not once did I get that familiar hit back to me of yes or no, hell not even a maybe!!  How the hell can you breathe new life, awaken a life force energy you are not even sure what it is, especially when it is presented in 8 different ways!!

I do readings every single day (just about) and hear the messages of spirit back to each person and one would think I would remember the repetitive messages clearly.  One would think…  So many people’s questions come down to how will I know…(fill in the blank.)  The reply is consistent, you will walk straight into it and be in choice.  Without any real example, the reply can seem so vague, so I was set up to be a clear example of it all.  Who the hell signed me up as a task master too, a puzzle master is hard enough! lol

So, I have shared that I met a person from eharmony whose name happened to be George, the english version of Jorge (pronounced whore-hey.)  He lives in Albuquerque, something I was quite adamant in when directing the energies of this crazy pool of desire.  Not so far away he has to come hang for a week, not so close he would show up every day.  We met here at my house a week ago Saturday and really had a nice time together.  The conversation flowed, never was there “dead space” and that feeling of looking for a way out of this time together.  He even asked about the hundreds of crystals that adorn the inside and outside of my home and it is hard to explain the fullness of even just crystals to someone who does not live in this world.  So with a wild hair springing up from inside of me, I said let me show you.  I got up, got my clear quartz pendulum, put both of his palms on the table and gently explained about the energy flowing out of his hands as I placed the pendulum above his right palm.  The pendulum started to swing in a wilted oval motion, hmmmm… not completely open there.  I did a little hand massage to open the palm chakra and the pendulum then swung fully in a circle.  Good.  I moved to his left palm, completely closed.  Again, I massaged that palm and instructed the pendulum to help loosen the block, as I placed the pendulum over it and I could see four bands of blocked energy in his forearm.  I simply took my hand and stroked his forearm to help the energy flow and said you have some blocks here and then the pendulum started to swing in a wilted oval until I charged his palm with my energy and it swung full circle.  He asked what this means to him, the only simple reply I could muster was, now your energy can flow more freely out of you hands.  I am trying to break him in gently into my world.   On Tuesday we decided to get together again this coming saturday (yesterday.)  On Friday I decided to see about suspending my account with eharmony, on a massive whim that rose up from me, just until I see where this goes with George.  Ohhh, I sooo love how spirit works if we follow the energy prompting.  The first thing I had seen when I got on eharmony is that he UPDATED his profile just moments before.  What the hell??  Now I am confused.  If you have a fish on the hook, why are you chumming the waters for more?  I closed out eharmony and pondered.  It’s funny, I could never get a clear read on him, what his energy seeks in the arena of relationship or even to me.  I assumed I was too close to see or feel it clearly.  And yet… I know better.  Funny the little stories we tell ourselves to make it all better.  By Friday evening I popped him an email.  His reply back should not have surprised me, but it did.  He is currently in a long time “poly” relationship but is seeking a one on one relationship and she knows and supports this and he wants to leave his future options open too and encouraged me to do the same.  Hmmmmmmm…..  I am not looking to engage in a square dance, I like waltzes, hell even polka’s much better.  I told him I need to sleep on it and will get back to him in the morning.

From my phone, I did one last peek onto facebook for absolutely no real reason except my fingers took control over my phone apps.  The first thing I see that fills my entire phones view is this:

Link to picture

I had to laugh, and affirm the truth of it, at least with dating myself!!

I laid there in bed, my poor mental mind on over drive and knowing right down to the core of me, this is not what I desire, at all.  But all those synchronistic energies were present with George…  The one thing I know without a shadow of a doubt, spirit is freakin tricky.  Loki on steroids!!  I also know the journey of my life has been engaging in what I truly do not want to become more clear, more defined on what I do want.  I tossed and turned, sat up had a smoke, laid back down and tossed some more.  And then thru the first (left side) upper windows in my bedroom the moon showed itself.  I love the layout of my bedroom (I just took this picture from the laying down position on my bed lol):

Link to picture

Thru that upper left window the moon shined its amazing light right onto my face, it was peering thru loose clouds which created this most amazing and large rainbow halo around its luminosity.  I breathed it in and asked it for help in my decision-making process with George.  I tossed and turned a bit more.  The moon is now center stage of that window and its brilliance penetrating my eyes.  The stunning beauty of it, of the multi colored circular cloud back framing it…  without even a second thought, I knew I needed to release George back into the flower garden of life.  I was no longer in choice but decision.  In my attempt to roll over and get some sleep, since it was now 2am and I have a day of readings to do, sleep was soooo needed.  But the moon had other plans for this body of mine.  Suddenly my right hand (emotional reach and grasp for life) started to vibrate in a way I have NEVER felt vibration before.  From wrist to finger tips the entire area just under the skin was vibrating like crazy.  So much so I took my left hand and placed it on my right to see if my skin was actually vibrating too, not at all.  Bizarre but really kewl.  I laid on my back, arms out stretched a little just to feel this amazing and very new (in feeling) vibration, as I did, my left foot (physical life support system) started the same vibration.  From heel to toe, my left foot was synchronizing with my right hand… and the feeling just the kewlest thing ever.  Gently my right foot joined the buzz party and I drifted off to a very fractured sleep.  I spent the next two hours in and out of sleep.  One of the last sleep cycles of the night was a dream experience of being in my bed exactly where I was laying and this large (about the size of a half-dollar) bug, that seemed to be a cross between a spider and a centipede was crawling up my right leg.  It was dark brown and instead of being round like a spider it was oval and had tons of legs on it.  I freaked out and jumped up to whack it off my leg.  There was nothing there.  It was so real an experience I would have never thought it was a dream if there was nothing there as my hand crossed my leg.

Instantly (after I completely woke up for the day) I knew one part of the meaning is, you are responsible to remove from your life, the things that bug you.  It was on my right thigh, so connected to the strength of putting my emotional/spiritual desires forward, to leave what bugs you there, invades the reality construct we are creating.  The oval shape shows a morphing of the created field of life, the spider is the dream weaver, the centipede is (from, Ted Andrews) Movement into new psychic connections and relationships. Protection against psychic deceptions.

The first thing I did when I got up 30 minutes before my first reading yesterday was to write George an email, giving him thanx for his amazing presence in my life and for showing me to myself in such clear and concise ways.  I fully realized that neither of us have clear defining edges of what we are seeking in a “relationship” and because of that, we can only bring in fragments of our desires.  We ended it with gratitude for our time together.

The one thing I do and do well is create meals.  Our first time together I created stuffed cabbage and homemade italian bread.  I put it all together the day before so I didn’t have to do it between my day of readings.  I so forgot to take the dough out of the fridge to let it rise before it needed to go into the oven.  When we sat down to eat, I was shocked to see that the inside of the stuffed cabbage was still red.  What the hell?  It had more than plenty of cook time yet, the center was not done.  My bread was nice and crispy on the outside, inside, doughy.  Damn!!  I knew my food was a messenger, but dammit I so didn’t want to look at it in its full meaning.  What appears done on the outside needs some more time for cooking on the inside and is really out of sync with the environment of desired outcome.

So when he choose fajitas (from my menu choice to him) for yesterdays meal, I got a little nervous.  This meat needs perfect timing, one minute too long and it is tough as hell to chew.  Since he was not going to be my guest for dinner, it didn’t matter.  I created my fajitas and sat down for a wonderful meal with myself.  OMG, it was perfection.  The best and most tender fajitas I have created yet.  The taste just bounced around in my mouth like bliss juice, to the degree I could feel the feeling of it as I chewed.  When I finished my fajita and sat back with complete wonder of how wonderful, how intimate this moment felt, suddenly WOW, this energy started to enlarge within my solar flexus, that same bliss, amazing, vibrant love that was in my mouth as I was chewing was now in my solar plexus, expanding.  The bigger it expanded it started to move upwards, rocking my heart chakra with its aliveness, vibrating like the reverberation of a rock concert thru my heart and up into my throat.  It hit the vocal chords of my throat like a massive drum beat and wiggled its way back down to my solar plexus and then back up it went and back down it went.  If I didn’t know better, and I don’t, I would swear I was falling in love big time!!  I suppose when spirit puts a sign in your road to date yourself, it sure as hell ain’t kidding!!!

This energy flowed up and down for a very long time.  There was this moment as it hit my vocal chords that all I could see in my mind was the one section of my eharmony profile that asks what is one thing in life you are passionate about.  What I had put in that space was about metaphysics and energy.  Without even a thought by body got up and sashayed to my computer, opened my eharmony account and changed the energy of that section to:

The one thing I am most passionate about 

Life!! It is amazing and filled with so many adventures and feelings and straight out wonder. Life shared with another, the experience of getting to know someone, the beauty of falling in love, that first kiss… Exploring places no one thought to go yet. Naming one thing is impossible!!

With it, I could feel a brand new fire inside of me.  A clear, concise desire of what it IS I seek in the area of “relationship.”  I sat back down, feeling accomplished and refocused, but my soul fire wasn’t done with the vocal chords.  The energy still dancing like crazy up and down and my ass gets up again, reopens my profile and goes to this next section:

A little more about me

I am self employed, live in the middle of nowhere (my heaven) and live life to its fullest. I am seeking that one person who enjoys the slow dance of a new relationship, the dips of wonder that come with it and can go from a slow dance to a polka without missing a beat. Just one extraordinary man, looking for one extraordinary woman to create one hellofa diverse symphony of music together!!

Well just wowza!!  That was one hellofa fajita!!!  And with crystal clarity I knew I ate the snake lol.  The life force energy of that one snake from my meditation was now alive and activating everything of my souls desire instead of the wishy-washy Lisa desires.  I actually was in a place of warning men about my unique approach to life (metaphysical) instead of inviting them in with desire.  Until this moment, I sure as hell didn’t see it that way.

Because my fajita was created from beef, one must look at the energy of the cow in relationship to the party happening inside my body:  (Cows can teach us about the home and community and the joy, contentment therein. Cows aid us in realizing to be easy-going and live in the moment. They show us about love and connections at work and home.

Now you just tell me that the cow (or any other animal) isn’t madly in love with those who consume its energy with love and gratitude!!

Now that I have taken you the long way home lol, at least in understanding the very different way we MUST approach life, with absolute action and choice with clearly defined edges, that is when, and only when, the life force energy of that “thing” will come alive within you (us.)

Before I close this and completely leave the experience of the night prior dangling…  The vibration within the right hand, powered me up to grasp the very energy that my soul desires in reaching for.  My job as the human incarnate was to apply that energy somewhere.  The left foot vibrating in harmony with the right hand, putting down on the groundwork of your life the action of the deepest soul desire that is reaching out for new experiences.  Because my soul and the fullness of the moon knew my greatest potential of the morning, my right foot started to already vibrate with the completed action.

It is going to be so interesting and so exciting to see what the other 7 snakes have up their energy system!!  With that thought, and my first snake,  I give tremendous gratitude to George for really opening the eyes of my heart with genuine desire that I would have never seen without his Presence!!

2 more days and the honey and bliss bubbles of all your choices become solid!!  Choose wisely, not with the head but only and fully with the heart!!

(((((((((((HUGZ)))))))))))))) of brand new, unexplored adventures to ALL!!!

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