Nuclear Costs Britain A Bomb? Cleanup Bill Reportedly Spikes £6 Billion – 7 September 2014

RT logoThe cost of decommissioning Britain’s nuclear sites, and particularly the Sellafield complex, has increased by billions of pounds with both regulators and the government being accused of incompetence by anti-nuclear campaigners and union leaders.

The estimated cost of decommissioning the UK’s nuclear legacy over the next century has rocketed from £63.8 billion ($104.1 billion) two years ago to £69.8 billion ($113.9 billion) by Sunday, with even more increases predicted in the coming years, reports The Independent.

Most of the cost increases are down to the troubled Sellafield facility in Cumbria, which is one of the world’s most contaminated nuclear sites, and, due to its cramped area, it’s also one of the most difficult to clean up.

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