John Ward – When Murdoch Says “Fetch!”, Fido Farage Leaps Into Action – 8 September 2014

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Why do the Ukip Sleeple still believe in Nigel?

I’m indebted to New Mexico anglophile Slogger Butch for pointing out this Breitbart piece to me yesterday. I have no doubt that Breitbart sees the subject matter as something of a coup. To me, it represents one of the great foot-shoot self harming acts of British political history.

It seems that – just as Nigel Barrage went scuttling off to Murdoch’s private City of London apartment following a reasonable by-election result last year – Roop’s faithful UKip Gundog in New York has just done his ‘chase the ball’ act again….in the aftermath of professional gurner Douglas Carswell’s defection from the Conservative Party:

‘The meeting took place at Murdoch’s private office in the NewsCorp building in Manhattan after Mr Farage had finishing taping segments for the Sean Hannity and Neil Cavuto shows. 

Breitbart London can report that following a live interview at the Cavuto show, the host paused for an advertisement break, turned to Mr Farage and said, “Sir… The boss wants to see you. The big boss”. 

The message was relayed to him from Mr Murdoch’s office, at which point the UKIP leader was whisked upstairs for lengthy talks. 

Rupert Murdoch is known to still be heavily involved in the running of his multibillion dollar news empire, evidenced by the fact that he was aware of Mr Farage’s taping of a pre-record on the ground floor in the middle of the day. 

The news of the meeting will likely send shock waves through Westminster’s political and media elite, as Mr Murdoch usually saves such encounters for politicians that he plans to back ahead of a General Election. 

He and his newspaper ‘The Sun’ are often referred to as the king-makers of the 1997 General Election in the UK where Tony Blair swept to power and subsequently won three elections. 

The incident also coincides with rumours of more Tory defections to UKIP. Mr Farage is in the United States for  meetings with voter turnout and canvassing experts, as well as doing a handful of U.S. media.’

So it is on this Indian Summer September Sunday morning that we are once again faced with the same riddle: is Nigel Garage a genuine game-changing anti-Establishment politician? Or is he Nigel Mirage, City wide-boy on the make and desirous of joining a Tory lurch to the Right?

Ignore the public statements, and observe instead Mr Farrrago’s behaviour. The UKippers claim he is from a different mould and would level the political playing field: but whenever his master calls, Fido runs to lick the hand of the bloke who fixed the match.

Think on this:

The job of the Establishment politician is to make things look better than they are (Government) or much worse (Opposition).

It follows from this that neither of the buggers is ever likely to be telling you the truth.

This is not true of contemporary maverick politicians like Kate Hoey, Skinner of Bolsover, Frank Field, David Davies, John Redwood, Austin Mitchell, and Sarah Wollaston. These contrarians are generally popular, capable of attracting high media readership, scrupulously honest, and compelling in person.

The Big Thing they have in common, however, is that they are shut out of power. Despite reflecting intelligent mainstream opinion in myriad ways, they’ve been marginalised.

What a profound indictment this is of the British political process, in that refreshing reality has been shunted into a siding, having been deemed out of step with those addicted to the status quo – maintained by a commentariat mainlining the delusion of sunny uplands just around the turning corner of economic recoveries at some time in the near future always tomorrow and never now – assuming we do not get caught napping by the headwinds of Putinesque Hitlerism….or a regrettable war in the Middle East.

Now place the UKip leader in this context. Is anyone seriously trying to suggest that a bloke (a) sucking up to Murdoch (b) accepting (and exploiting) the Government line of the Foley/Sotloff videos (c) courting the US media and (d) committed by his actions to the Special Relationship…is really going to be a British political game-changer?

Well readers, it’s your call: much as I will relish the inevitable discomfiture coming Camerlot’s way, the from here on, there is only one likely outcome of the 2015 British General Election: a hung Parliament.

The resolution of that result will be a series of horse-trades involving LibDem, Labour, Tory, and UKip pols. Establishment pols. Not pols in favour of radical Constitutional change and voting reform.

Wake up: Nigel Farage is a counterfeit note. Of course shady, unelected characters like Lord Ashcroft laud Farage and say “Politics is getting interesting again!” Ashcroft despises Cameron even more than Fido, and the election of a corporacrat like him is another step on the way to Government by Global Money. Tell me, what difference is there between what Farage is up to now in New York, and what Jeremy Hunt was up to there during 2009?

A disturbingly large section of the Conservative Party thinks like Ashcroft – including several big beasts like Michael Gove, Boris Johnson, Michael Fallon, Jeremy Hunt, and the great majority of the 1922 Committee. Farage will merely form an alliance with these people, Camerlot will be history, and for Newscorp it will be a speedy return to Business as Usual.

How many more signs do the UKippers need?

Footnote: type ‘Rupert Murdoch with a dog’ into Google images, and this is what comes up:

link to picture

I mean, that’s not very nice, is it?

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