Wes Annac – Oversoul Teachings Q&As: The Value Of Awareness And The Legitimacy Of Greek/Roman Gods – Part 2/2 – 8 September 2014

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Channeled through Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness, Oversoul Teachings

Concluded from Part 1

With this said, we’ll move on to our next question.

Question #2: Were Greek and Roman Gods Real?

“My question is, to what extent were the gods of Greek, Roman and Norse myths REAL and did they correspond to any helpers from the Company of Heaven?

“And similarly, are some of Earth’s ‘big players’ (perennial Helpers) such as Shiva and Archangel Michael that have perhaps a greater degree of specified Form than say Divine Mother — are they part of Earth’s Team only, or do they perform similar roles in other realms within this solar system and/or beyond?”

A few specific deities who were worshipped are real higher-dimensional souls, while some were lower-dimensional souls who gained influence in the minds, hearts and beliefs of the people who worshipped them and others were the product of pure imagination.

When your true history is revealed, it’ll be known that throughout the ages, you’ve been visited by benevolent and malevolent otherworldly interests. You’ve been visited by spiritually advanced extraterrestrials, for example, but your history has also been influenced by negative, self-serving extraterrestrials who sought to control humanity.

As we mentioned in a previous communication, they’re no longer able to do the things they once did, and your planetary restoration/ascension is in the hands of the aforementioned positive interests from the higher evolutionary spheres.

Certain civilizations, like the ones our reader mentioned, were also influenced by entities who reside in fourth density-negative.

These ‘entities’ are really thought forms who, again, gain influence in the minds and hearts of certain earthly souls by proclaiming to be guides, angels, gods, etc. In some cases, this has caused the creation of certain ‘gods’ to worship for various things such as bringing rain for crops and other essential survival issues that, understandably, people focused on intently in those times.

Those times were very different from your current, and food wasn’t already readily available from an outside source – it had to be worked very hard for. The picture will become clear in due time, and you’ll see that your history is absolutely nothing like you’ve been led to believe.

The real and positive entities who were worshipped absolutely work with the Company of Heaven, and they’re as much a part of our group as anyone else.

They were part of this creation-wide group far before they were worshipped, and they’ll continue to be for a very long amount of ‘time’. They watch and assist humanity whenever and wherever possible, and they’ve directly spoken with you through prophets, mediums, etc. for centuries in an effort to help you find the light.

They’re focused on helping you excel, whereas the negative influences are focused on bringing self-created and collectively enforced destruction, and you can connect with these (higher) entities and receive a wealth of loving advice and guidance.

People have connected with spirits in almost every time period on your planet, and one of the revelations you’ll soon learn is that spirit contact has been ongoing throughout the ages.

There’s sparsely been a time period when people didn’t connect with spirits, both positive and negative, and what our scribe and plenty of others are doing certainly isn’t new. This process has been practiced for a very long time, and it’ll continue to be until your communication with us is much more direct.

A Wide Range of Planets

In regards to our reader’s second question, there are a few higher-dimensional souls who are focused only on helping the earth ascend, and they see it as a project to give all of their attention to until its complete, at which time they can focus on the ascensions of other planets.

However, Michael and some of the other renowned souls assisting in your ascension are focused on far, far more planets than the earth. They’re helping a wide range of planets ascend, but the earth is by far their greatest mission; the mission they’re the most passionate about.

They’re very happy with how many seekers have opened up to them in your day and age, and they constantly speak with humanity – hundreds of times in a single moment, in some cases. Michael, for instance, is being channeled by over a hundred different earthly scribes as we give this message, and he’s happily coordinating and keeping up with each communication.

He’s speaking very directly and vocally through more than one medium, and he’s also delivering energy through the fingers of more than one scribe who’s picking up on him via automatic writing. While he does all of this, he also assists with the ascensions of various other planets and even communicates with the souls on them.

This is another revelation about channeling you may be surprised to learn – it’s practiced routinely on other planets. Nearly any advanced civilization will tell you that many of their people practiced channeling before they all found the light and ascended, and channeling was a big enabler of their ability to find the light.

Michael, Mother Mary, etc. are communicating with various souls on earth and various souls on plenty of other planets, and they’re able to do all of this in a single moment with ease. You’ll find that your abilities are this uninhibited when you re-reach the higher realms, and you’ll be surprised at the extent to which you’re able to help an uncountable number of souls find a higher state of consciousness.

Your abilities will be as limitless as your perception, and you’ll happily communicate with every higher-dimensional soul who’s currently working to bring you into the light.

The Company of Heaven works very actively to provide all of the support and assistance that’s required for each planet to complete their ascension, and once the earth’s ascension has been kick-started, various other planets will be able to collectively ascend.

Collective ascension might not be attainable for these planets until it’s attained on earth, and you’ll eventually learn that you influenced the ascensions of other planets in a wealth of different, needed ways.

These planets await the earth’s ascension before they can experience their greatest evolutionary highs, and we’ll encourage our reader to embrace the idea that the guides who speak with you through channels also work very hard to speak with other souls on other planets or do anything else they can to enable these planets to ascend.

Ascension is our main focus, and after a banquet of planets and galaxies have ascended, universal ascension will be able to take place. Eventually, we’ll all be back with Source, free of the illusion and limitation we’d willingly taken on, but until this time comes, a lot of work needs done to find the blissful love we shed in order to experience the lower vibrations.

We’ll make our final expressions for this communication with encouragement to embrace the transformative time you’re in and the role you’re playing in it.

The light is undeniably descending onto your sleepy planet, and those of you who are particularly aware and receptive will notice the immense signs of spiritual change on the horizon. Keep attuning to the blissful energies and expressions you’re starting to feel, and remember to keep all of your chakras balanced by embracing certain, necessary disciplines.

Overeating will block up your chakras, for example, and we encourage eating light, healthy foods that support your body’s development and your ability to find and remain on a higher vibration.

Let your intuition guide you in every decision, and remember to consciously keep your link with spirit open. It’s time for you to shine your light in a greater and clearer way than ever before, but you have to be willing to keep your perception open and strengthen your intention to constantly embrace spirit.

Thank you to my higher self and spiritual guides.

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