Bill Ballard – Gatekeepers – What IS A GateKeeper – Everyone IS A Gatekeeper – 9 September 2014

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A Lightworker commented on Sandra Walter’s last post on my wall, “What IS a Gatekeeper?” Well, truthfully WE ARE ALL when we choose to focus on magnetics and moving energy from the higher realms to use for New Earth Construction. Here are a few of my feelings on that subject.

Happy 9-9-14 Gateway. 5 Years ago today Archangel Michael called me out to go public again… whew

The Meline LaFont video from a year ago that was my Lord Metatron Initiation, which you can see the “encodings” being downloaded and caught by the camera:

Sandra Walter’s newest post on Gatekeepers which spoken of in this video:…

Ascension is a personal choice……

Aisha North’s Newest…

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