Valerie Donner – A Message From Mira From The Pleiadian High Council – 9 September 2014

valerieDonnerGreetings, I am Mira. I am currently serving on the Earth Council. Our mission is to use our expertise to assist the earth’s ascension.

Currently we are on standby. This means that we are aware of the dangerous factors at work that could present disasters on the planet. Please realize that we are only telling you this to let you know that we are fully committed to your safety and protection. When we let you know that we are on standby we ask that you also pay attention to your surroundings. Please be fully aware that we need you to be alert, stay calm and quietly ready should we call upon you.

If you are called upon you can serve in the best way that you feel you can be of service. You might be called into prayer, or feel that you need to work in groups or you might need to help others right where you live. Follow your heart’s guidance.

These are precarious times on the planet. Discordant energies can interfere with peace in an instant. These disturbances are bubbling up. We can’t let them go unnoticed. It is part of the change that the earth is facing.

Since December 21, 2012, the ascension momentum has been gradually increasing. It moves in waves and peaks. The consciousness has been expanding and as this occurs the planet becomes ready to receive more influx of love and Light. This expansion creates opposition and resistance from those who refuse to change. With every inbreath the earth takes there is an outbreath. Much needs to be released to make way for the new Lighter energies to renew and restore the earth and life on the earth.

It is appalling what some of the opposing forces are attempting. We tell you that their tactics will do them no good. We are sorry that some have to learn the hard way. This is where we call upon our ground crew to generate more love and Light. Let your hearts open continually as you embrace the energies from our Creator. They are intended for all. It’s like some people who walk away from the dinner table and refuse to eat healthy food. The opposing forces refuse to receive the loving energies coming to the planet. They would rather bring in their toxic forces for the purpose of disturbing the Light forces.

Please know that we know what to do. We have been through many ascensions on other planets. Some of these behaviors are predictable. We are a part of massive forces of Light. The Light will prevail.

I am Mira in loving service. link to original article


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