Valerie Donner – Poem And Apollo – 9 September 2014

valerieDonnerRise to the Occasion

By Valerie Donner

Rise to the occasion.
Be a part of the change.
There’s plenty to clear;
It’s within our range.

Reach for the sky.
Let go of the old.
The Creator is with us.
Let’s discard the old mold.

Fix what you can.
Right the old wrongs.
Let the Light take over
To change the throngs.

Believe in yourself.
Come into your power.
The dark forces can’t stop you
From staying in your tower.

The earth needs us.
We need the earth.
We work together
Co-creating a new birth.

Keep on going,
Becoming the new.
It’s all possible
For the ground crew.

© 2014 The Ground Crew


In June I told you that a new being is coming to me. I am excited to tell you that Apollo is the amazing being who came to me one night while I was meditating in my bed before going to sleep. All of us a sudden I started feeling this oneness. It felt like a loving, wonderful energy. I could see the color of his skin. It is darker than mine. As I basked in his energy I asked who he was and heard “Apollo.”

I was somewhat familiar with Apollo but had to research more about this being. He was in Greece and Rome. He worked with the healers and the seers. I remembered knowing him in Delphi. I believe he was one of the first beings on the earth and that he cares deeply about our planet. There is much more to learn from him.

I have been working with Apollo daily for the past three months. I feel he is ready now to talk with you:

Greetings, I am Apollo: Please understand that some people might think they should worship me like a god but this is not true. I am connecting with this channel because I care. I have certain points of truth and other teachings that I think you might find helpful. I have a vested interest in the earth and what is occurring now. I have always kept in contact with this beloved planet. I helped anchor the original energies to the earth. I want to see the earth through her long awaited ascension process.

Some would like to have their way and interfere with the Divine Plan. My message to them is: “You are not in charge.” There are higher beings overseeing the earth. You might think that you have power but soon you will be learning otherwise. The multitudes of Light beings both on and off the planet are working together in a strategic alliance that will forestall dark agendas. These words are truth. We mean what we say and we say what we mean. We have forces far beyond the knowledge of those who think they are in control.

It is time for the earth and life on the earth to become free. This shift is to become the greatest story ever told. This is why all of creation is focused on the earth right now. It has already begun.

On July 24, Apollo said: “Your government has made justifications for certain things that must stop. They will be given warnings like a slap on the hands but if that doesn’t work we will make the outcomes stronger. There will be landslides, political turmoil, and turmoil in all areas of government on the planet. We are the original rulers of the planet, the gods and goddess of the Light. We imprinted the values of love, Light and wellbeing on the earth. These codes and imprints are being re-activated and re-kindled for the betterment of humanity. We will impress upon your governments not to let things slip, for the goodness is being brought back and they must change or go their separate paths.”

July 29, 2014: “. . . the earth’s inherent state is goodness. You are moving into that which the planet is becoming, goodness and goodwill. This is the earth’s inherent state and it is yours. There is an over sweeping energy that these frequencies will be registered on the earth. The stronger they become the more likely the infested ones who don’t believe in these qualities will become so uncomfortable they will leave. Put the squeeze on them for their departure. There are better places for the discordant ones and it is not the earth.” / link to original article


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