‘Before Stonehenge, There Was Woodhenge And Strawhenge’: High-Tech 3D Digital Map Reveals Vast Ritual Monuments Complex – 10 September 2014

RT logoEddie Izzard, it seems, was right about the Druids. Before Stonehenge, there were indeed other “henges” on Salisbury Plain.

Thanks to a new, state-of-the-art 3D digital map, scientists have revealed that Stonehenge was surrounded by a sprawling landscape of chapels, burial mounds, massive pits and ritual shrines. Maybe not “Woodhenge” or “Strawhenge,” as comedian Eddie Izzard joked in his “Dressed to Kill” standup routine in his debunking of conventional views of history, but not far off.

The vast hidden complex of archaeological monuments has been uncovered around Stonehenge using high-tech methods of scanning below the Earth’s surface.

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