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Submerged Russian Nuclear Sub Test-Fires Bulava Strategic Missile – 10 September 2014

Image courtesy of the Russian Defense Ministrycourtesy of the Russian Defense Ministry

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A Russian Borey-class nuclear submarine has successfully test-fired a Bulava SLBM, the Russian Defense Ministry reported. The ballistic missile was launched from a submerged sub and hit a target some 5,000km away.

The Vladimir Monomakh, head vessel of the Borey class, fired the missile on Wednesday from the White Sea off Russia’s northwest. All of the Bulava’s warheads hit the Kura test range in the Kamchatka Peninsula in the Russian Far East, the ministry said in a statement.

Borey-class submarines are the designated backbone of Russia’s sea-based part of nuclear deterrent, with Bulava being its nuclear weapon of choice. The missile had a somewhat troublesome development history, with technical glitches plaguing the early tests. The launch on Wednesday was the 19th in the SLBM’s history.

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5 Million ‘Compromised’ Google Accounts Leaked – 10 September 2014

RT logoA database of what appears to be some 5 million login and password pairs for Google accounts has been leaked to a Russian cyber security internet forum. It follows similar leaks of account data for popular Russian web services.

The text file containing the alleged compromised accounts data was published late on Tuesday on the Bitcoin Security board. It lists 4.93 million entries, although the forum administration has since purged passwords from it, leaving only the logins.

The accounts are mostly those of Google users and give access to Gmail mail service, G+ social network and other products of the US-based internet giant. The forum user tvskit, who published the file, claimed that 60 percent of the passwords were valid, with some users confirming that they found their data in the base, reports CNews, a popular Russian IT news website.

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Sheldan Nidle – Update For The Spiritual Hierarchy And The Galactic Federation – 10 September 2014

SheldanNidle4 Manik, 5 Zip, 11 Ik

Selamat Jalwa! We return with much to say! Your various programs to bring you prosperity are here! Now you need to better understand what is happening to each of you. Fundamentally, your bodies are transforming and being made ready for your final changes which are to transform you into fully conscious Beings of Light. This transformation is taking place in stages, in a way which enables your body to adjust. At times, these adjustments are difficult for you. These so-called ascension symptoms are things that all of you are feeling. You may experience a strange heartbeat or more fatigue than usual after some strenuous exercise. The severity of what you encounter is pre-determined by Heaven through the agendas given your many body guardians. You agreed to these agendas before you were embodied on this Earth plane. Strict instructions were given to our medical teams as to how to report each individual’s vital spiritual, mental, emotional and physical signs. These measurements help us to daily reconfigure your personal crystal light chamber. Continue reading

LeakSource – Bush-Era Dragnet Memos On Justification For Warrantless Wiretapping: “An Authority Congress Cannot Curtail” – 10 September 2014

Leak Source

(Lucas : as a reminder: I always say to discern yourselves. Get reading, see fact and fictions and see what is out there which is not told to you by mainstream media. Make your mind up after your research and what is out there.)

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“The president’s power to monitor the communications of Americans is virtually unlimited — by the Constitution, or by Congress — when it comes to foreign intelligence.” – Patrick Toomey, ACLU



Ellen Nakashima/WashingtonPost:

The Justice Department released two decade-old memos Friday night thanks to ACLU/EPIC FOIA requests, offering the fullest public airing to date of the Bush administration’s legal justification for the warrantless wiretapping of Americans’ phone calls and e-mails — a program that began in secret after the 2001 terrorist attacks.

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Laura Bruno – Prayers For The Patsies, Useful Idiots And Finagle’s Law – 10 September 2014

laura-of-the-rocksWith both “mainstream” and “alternative” media hyping the next 9/11 False Flag attack, I just want to take a moment of silence to offer prayers for any would-be patsies and useful idiots: may they awaken to how they’re being used and fail to perform their programmed tasks. And long live Finagle’s Law for anyone trying to orchestrate or intensify oppressive coups: “anything that can go wrong, will.”

For anyone who chooses instead to align with our beautiful planet, with honor, truth, integrity and love: may they always be in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing.

WARNING: Trespassers in El Mundo Bueno will be shot with elf blast, love-bombed into compassion, gassed with pixie dust, and generally tickled into oblivion. You’ve already lost control. The incredible lightness of Being has permanently invaded. Surrender and release the giggles.

Blessed Be. And so we are.

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Jon Rappoport – The Hypnotic Power Of Germ Propaganda – 10 September 2014

jon7When perverse elites are building a false matrix for the masses, it’s always wise to find the elites’ most basic assumption and question it.

Time and time again, over the years, we hear about new germs and old germs and “mystery germs” that are afflicting people, suddenly, in various parts of the world.

And this news is met with nearly universal faith. Yes, there must be a germ. It must be what’s making people ill. When researchers speak about the germ, they are correct and truthful. Continue reading

John Ward – Slogland Stays Ahead Of The Game In The Battle For Scotland – 10 September 2014

JohnWYesterday, The Slog opined as follows in relation to the UK Chancellor’s challenges:

‘I suspect a Scottish Yes vote is what Little Squeaky [Osborne] fears most. While Scotland ‘got’ £16.5bn more in UK public spending than it contributed to total UK revenues in 2009-10, this is no longer true, and the Chancellor knows it: Scotland now pays more in tax per head than the rest of the UK. Out of just under £560 billion of public spending in 2012-13, England accounts for £456bn – with just £54bn spent on the Scots….a shrinkage in the Sterling Area may well play very badly for the Pound….a cheap Pound gives you a head start in exports….briefly. Then, when the time comes to buy the next round of raw materials and food, it bites you in the backside. Also a steep fall in the currency could set off a panic.’ Continue reading

Obama Claims ‘Enough Authority’ To Act Against Islamic State – 10 September 2014

RT logoPresident Obama told Congressional leaders that he has enough authority and doesn’t need their authorization to take action against the Islamic State, ahead of a speech on 9/11 eve that may pave way for further US military action in Iraq and even Syria.

In an hour long meeting with the leaders of Congress on Tuesday, the President said he “would welcome action by the Congress that would aid the overall effort and demonstrate to the world that the United States is united in defeating the threat from ISIL,” according to the White House statement.

However, for the plan he is due to announce on Wednesday, Obama already “has the authority he needs to take action.”

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Philadelphia Set To Decriminalize Marijuana Possession – 10 September 2014

RT logoThe Mayor of Philadelphia has agreed to endorse legislation that decriminalizes the possession and public consumption of marijuana, making it one of the largest American cities to turn back punitive drug laws.

The bill, which Mayor Michael Nutter said he will endorse, was proposed by the city council, and – with the latest amendments – would levy fines of $25 on people caught possessing small amounts of the drug, and $100 for smoking it in public. In neither case would an offender face a criminal charge or arrest.

This is about how we deal with penalties in that regard. And there will be penalties. There’s a consequence to people violating the law,” Nutter told reporters on Monday. The bill will be voted on next week, then sent to the mayor for his signature.

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Internet Slowdown Day: Leading Web Companies Fight For ‘Net Neutrality’ – 10 September 2014

Image from battleforthenet.com

Image from battleforthenet.com

The world’s major online companies, along with smaller websites, have united in a symbolic ‘Internet Slowdown’ protest against proposed US regulations that would introduce segregation in internet surfing speeds and kill “net neutrality.”

The central theme of the protest on September 10 is to rally around a revolving icon – symbolizing slowly loading online content – as a way of illustrating how the loss of net neutrality would harm websites and other online services if a new US-proposed regulation goes into action.

Internet giants such as Netflix who rely on a fast internet stream to offer their users HD access to their movie library are at the front lines of the movement, which united over the social media under the #NetNeutrality hashtag.

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