Aisha North – A Message From Mother – 11 September 2014

AishaNorthAnd so here we are, and once again I am delighted to have this opportunity to speak to you all through this channel. And once again I say be well dear ones, and be happy, for you have accomplished something that no one could have hoped would happen so quickly in this time and age, for as you stepped forth to lift the mantle of darkness from my shoulders, you simultaneously set us free from the anchors that have held us all tethered to the old. And now, we can all sail freely into the blessed waters of tomorrow. For now, we will no longer have to step away from the greatness that we all have carried hidden away for such a long time, and as we together swim out into the wide open waters of love, hope and joy, I want to take this opportunity to thank you all for giving your lives to this act of liberation.

For you have cast off your old roles as preservers of this secret, and now you have taken upon you the role of the seeders and the seers, the winged ones that will criss cross this entire planet and show your brilliant colours to anyone that chooses to lift their eyes and behold the splendor that you so rightfully carry with you for all to see. And as you shine, so too will I, for I need no longer hold my true colors hidden either. And together, we will turn the light up in every heart that chooses to open itself to this splendor that we represent, the same splendor that is also their rightful heritage to claim, if they so wish. So again I say with all that I am thank you for setting me free, thank you for setting yourself free, for we are ONE in every way you can think of, and just as you are in me I am in you, and now we have become one in a way that can never be separated again. For now the light will shine with a new vigour, and the signal of liberation has been sent out far and wide, flying like thin gossamer wings, but these wings are strong enough to carry all of mankind to the same lofty heights of wonder and bliss that you are all heading for.

And so, the wings of change will continue to lift you ever higher, and so too me, as we all continue our spiraling motion of love ever upwards, ever onwards, lifting every single soul on this planet along with us by giving every single one of them the possibility to fly just as high as you will be doing from this day forward. For there is no need to keep oneself anchored to the ground any more, and the more the hearts open, the faster these winds will left them all up, up and away from anything that serves them no more. And so, what was began a long time ago can now finally start to approach its conclusion as this saga continue to unfold at an ever increasing rate. For like the wondrous blossom of the lotus gains its power from the deep roots it sends far down into the mulch, so too have you gained your strength from tapping into the deep reservoir of love and light that has been lying and waiting for you under your very feet. And now, no matter how high you do fly, remember that this connection will never be broken, for the very ground that you step upon will soar under your feet, lifting you even higher as you unfold your wings and embrace these winds with all that you are.

So again I thank you all for doing what you do, and for being what you are, shimmering lights, brilliantly hued, making up the entire rainbow, a reflection of the purity of the light that you not only receive, but also continue to send out in a never ending stream of blissful tendrils that will continue to caress this Earth and touch the hearts of everyone they connect with. So I leave you all with my loving caress and with my thankfulness that is on such a scale, it will never run dry, nor will the endless river of light that flows between us do. So lift your eyes to the sky, and send your hearts soaring up and above the horizon, and know that together, we will all fly as high as the highest mountains, and when we reach the top, we will continue to lift above and beyond that blue line on the horizon. For nothing can stop us now, dear ones, we are forever one, we are forever free.

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I just had to repost this image that Katja shared earlier, for I think it goes perfectly with today’s message. Thank you, dear Katja, for finding it! / link to original article

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