Jamye Price – Weekly Lightblast – Setting Boundaries – 11 September 2014

JamyePrice2012closeupFreedom has many forms. On earth, your freedom takes the form of internal choice over your internal experience. It is elusive at times, yet available. For most it is a learned skill as you realign from a societal experience of domination. Domination also takes many forms. It is a doorway to internal freedom, though not the only entry. One who masters their internal world becomes free, and that freedom speaks volumes to the vast unseen realm within which you reside. Freedom is an expanse, invisible and undefined; yet you live within conditions upon earth. Thus freedom is an expanse beyond limitation, though not limitless within form.

Here we are then, with Setting Boundaries. How does this interplay with Freedom? Boundaries are a refiner of form, and you are form, ever forming – the I Am becoming that which I Am becoming. Movement is a constant, Freedom is an expanse within movement and Setting Boundaries refines the expansion in a way that supports the physical limitations. Just as a plant grows roots before you see the sprout, so do you establish a foundation before physical form is seen. Boundaries establish your strength to root deeply and expand. It is an internal process that only you can choose for yourself. Life will help you to strengthen if you do not resist the challenge of reaching deep into Life to seek your strength.

Setting Boundaries from a human standpoint is less black and white as a rooting plant, you must pull from the full spectrum of information to choose for your moment. In one situation, wisdom is saying nothing. In another, wisdom is speaking up. In another situation it is waiting patiently for a gentle moment. In another, erupting with quick response. Any discomfort leads way to strength and freedom if you allow it to flow in the perfection of physical limitations giving way to the next physical expanse. You are within a time, Lightworker, where the information and energy available to you is increased in such a way that you are supported for rapid growth should you so choose. Just as a plant grows better in certain seasons, this is your season of growth, the Ascension of humanity – recognizing its sovereign power and its unified power, the paradox of duality merging within each.

As you hold your Boundaries, saying yes to this or no to that, Life is supporting you. With a perspective of Love that is broad beyond your vision, Life is supporting you. You magnetize an Angel in human form to encourage you or oppose you, all of it support. You magnetize experiences, information, ideas and solution. As you hold your Boundaries, Lightworker, you are not only teaching through example, but anchoring information through focus. Just as a plant anchors sunlight in blossom form, you anchor life force in creative form. How many will you lead to the next expanse of freedom? Freely they must come, for it is not your work to save them, but to show them what they may choose as they pull from the information of their spectrum of Life.

As we sit to Blast Setting Boundaries, we are looking beyond the visible into the limitless information available to create. We are appreciating the journey as each step leads to a new array of creative paths. We are appreciating the strength growing as we each build a foundation of roots that nurture growth. We are seeing the support in all experiences and taking the leap of evolution offered. We are the wayshowers, being the change of personal empowerment supporting the empowerment of All Life. Blast on!

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