Lisa Gawlas – And A New Day, A New Way Begins!!! – 11 September 2014

lisagawlas2What a wild ride sliding thru this final super moon has been, at least biologically.  Not slam dunk on the ground like August was, it really affected my brain waves and lower energy system.  But we will get to that later in this sharing, I gotta back up and share the day of the full moon on the field.

My first reading and every reading after her, the moon must have found its new breath.  There it was, expanding and contracting, expanding and contracting, it was kind of mesmerizing.  Instantly I knew it was breathing new life into those who are ready for it and even those who are not!!

My lady was positioned on the ground wire directly beneath this amazing moon, her legs spread wide open and the moon was set up like a buzz saw splitting her from root to crown.  The information coming thru, it was gutting her entire core and refilling her with the fiery passion of this new phase of life.  I could see this filling like a milky thick liquid and yet, in contrast, the two sides of her physical body, on fire!!  Holy heavens batman!!!  This is intense.  She agreed!!  Her body has been going thru the energy mill for the last few days and nights.  Her feeling inside was completely empty… nothingness.  Suddenly, I got a parallel to a similar experience I had long ago in my bathtub when the blessed mother came in and gutted me like a fish.  She had appeared days prior asking me to lay down all my beliefs and after three days of trying to figure out how to do that, I pleaded for her assistance.  Careful what ya ask for!  lol

Often times, our soul really needs the human to do, as well as release certain things from our self, both from the core, from the consciousness and every other place we are affected by past and present programming.  Its freakin hard, if not, at times, seemingly impossible.  When your inner desire is so pure, so in line with the will of the soul, trust me, the assistance of getting it done will be provided if you ask, even if it doesn’t seem like you asked the actual question.  It is the energy that comes from your actually core that reflects the true desires within.  We can say we want change, we want alignment all day long, but often times, at the end of the day, we don’t really mean it.  Nor have our actions shown that we really mean it.  So for those of you who may have entered this afterglow (smile) feeling like nothing has changed, I would dedicate ever moment of these next few weeks being real and honest with yourself within and putting new energy out, new action into play, otherwise, it just may be a very very long 2 year cycle you head into.  Meaning, the elements of your soul desire, its plan for this stage of our rapidly moving evolution (many would call the ascension process) will be set up with many challenges for you to choose again, become clearer and wiser in your choices.  That is the game after all!!

Before I go onto the next thing, I am being reminded of the very sentence the blessed mother gave me, the reflection that is happening to my lady being buzz sawed by the moon, and the very thing being asked of every one of you as well:  “Lay down all your beliefs so you can be filled with the truth of spirit.”

The depths of truth that are released from the pure state of spirit, comes in tiny little fragments.  Like barely seeing the tip of the iceberg.  Many people can see that tip and think they know and understand the depth of the iceberg, but the trust of truths comes in tiny fragments to allow our consciousness to assimilate and change and apply.  Then another fragment is released, if we are not already thinking we know the absolute truth already, it merges, bends, changes, alters what is already there, to become more and often times, different even.

Everything we think we know, everything we think we are and everything we choose to do, all needs to be fluid, free-flowing and unencumbered.

The three people after her were in a position of creating the moves to move into the belly of the moon for full transformation.  But I want to skip on down to my last reading of that day, such an amazing contrast, such an amazing release of people on the field to build to the climax of this massive event!!

My 5th lady was a virgin upon my field, (love those virgins lol, new puzzle pieces to work into our ever evolving tapestry,) and she showed up on the top side of the moon, this side of it.  Her motion was dancing, as she came from the side up to the top.  I knew this dance move, we all have watched Michael Jackson do it with perfection in his feet, the moon walk.  I cracked up when I realized she was doing the moon walk to the center.  How creative!!  How fitting!!  Her team had said that she had gotten to this very moment in time by walking her path with joy, with connective action, with determination.  She will take this strength that is now part of her mastery with her to the other side of the moon.  Just with THAT information I about pee’d my pants with excitement.  Spirit has said for the last few weeks we will take that which we mastered into the next phase, but until this lady, I really haven’t seen the example yet.  Well she wasn’t done showing her examples!!  The next thing I knew, she was standing on the open middle of the moon and as if she had created her own diving board, took a massive leap upwards, started doing acrobatics in the decent and landed on both feet in the belly of the moon.  My eyes were transfixed on all that I was seeing.  Once again, the explanation was vividly clear as I am sure most of you can figure out the full meaning.

Effortlessly taking those massive leaps of faith.  Allowing the very life energy that got you to that choice point to be the spring-board in which you jump into the unknown without a second thought, and the ability to land on your feet.  The acrobats, granted in the vision is more like flips, but in the explanation it is so much more than that.  When we willingly move blinded folded into a new space of our created reality, we need to be flexible, fluid, tuck in, reach out, all with precise movement to land firmly on our feet in our next great adventure.  If we are fully aligned with the flowing energy thru us and around us, it really is that effortless.  If we are not, we land on our ass and get to do it all over again once we realize where we took a wrong tuck or flip.

Of course, this view, this understanding is souly from the souls perspective.  The human may have made the leap into vastly unfamiliar territory and because of the initial challenges, we tend to question if we did the right thing, bob and weave as we find our new footing and still wonder if we did the right thing.  Ahhhh to be human.   As long as we don’t tuck tail and head back to safer grounds, it was perfect from the souls heart!!

I sat at my computer during the series of amazing connections on Sept. 9th, just pondering the fiery-ness and now the actual expansion and contraction I see the moon in and I hear my team whisper in my ear (heart) that the moon takes in the sun’s energy and releases it out to us, changes from its pure energy to one that we could handle.  Ohhh yeah!!  How quickly I can forget when we are in the midst of massive new energy and imagery.

The pure codes from the sun, at least the core of its release, infuses into the moon and transforms its pure state into one that can be assimilated into the like frequency humans on earth.  It is released two times a month, new and full moon phases.  What we feel whenever the sun has a massive burst is the splatter around the core:

Link to picture

If you can look at the soccer ball as the moon, all that splash is what we feel when the sun spits.  Pure, rarified energy.  It may be droplets, but man does it pack a powerful punch!!  It equally serves to help us align with the changed release that will happen via the moon phases.

Now all this is making absolute sense to me, every bit of it.  We have gone thru the eye of the needle and it is breathing the new threads of our lives into US!!  Our job as we move deeper into September and most especially into October is to BE the dream weavers on earth, not in concept, but in the tangible universe we call earth.

So let me tell you the massive excitement, the intense Holy Shit Batman that erupted from every pore of my body when I read a text alert from come that very same day:

LONG DURATION FLARE AND EARTH-DIRECTED CME: Earlier today, the magnetic canopy of sunspot AR2158 erupted, producing an explosion that lasted more than 6 hours. The flare peaked on Sept. 9th at 00:30 UT with a classification of M4 on theRichter Scale of Solar Flares. Long-duration flares tend to produce bright CMEs, and this one was no exception. Coronagraphs onboard the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory observed a CME racing out of the blast site at nearly 1,000 km/s (2.2 million mph.)

Talk about a massive validation of the events we are seeing via the field.  The sun has been relatively quite thru August into now, but its timing of release is awe-striking and for me personally, incredibly validating that I am getting this information correctly.  Phew!!  Trust me, I still LOVE the validation process, especially when we are in such a massive and new shift and every image and every interpretation is new.  I am not infallible in any way.

So once again, before heading to what I thought was going to be sleep, I opened facebook on my phone and seen a thread of information that sunk my heart and really surprised me.  There is an amazing force on facebook I know as Dawn Newton who had changed her name to AumBre’El Newton.  Her expressions were priceless and intense.  I knew she had breast cancer, I didn’t realize the severity of it and her blessed daughter updated everyone to let them know our beloved Dawn was in the stage of transitioning to the other side of the veil.  Damn, just damn.  I was so surprised within myself how much this news just crushed my own heart.

It can be kind of funny how we go thru life and not ever really realize how much the presence of another on this earth effects you, gets into your heart and expands, until the moment you realize their presence will not be there like it was before.  I must have taken her to bed with me, because I didn’t sleep a wink all night long.  The moment I would fall asleep, I would wake up feeling her presence in my bedroom, to the point of her floating parallel above me and kissing my cheek over and over and over again.

Not once did I get into any REM sleep, she was busy loving on me.  Then, there she was with my dad, in my room, loving on me.  Hey!!  I really do appreciate the love, but I NEED SLEEP.  It never came.

So I want to take this moment and whether you knew her or not, celebrate her transformation.  Her love, her audacity, her light trail back Home!!

When I finally realized I am not going to get any sort of sleep, I got my ass out of bed and sat at the computer, having so much to share about the sun and moon and stuff (all of the above I just wrote) and I couldn’t harness a full sentence to type.  My brain was exhausted and I could not access the higher mind to save my life.  After staring at the computer for a good two hours, I gave up and decided to catch you tomorrow (today.)

But I still had something i had to find the energy to do, my freakin aerobics!!  I am not missing a day because of no energy.  I drug myself into the bedroom, got my workout clothes on, slinked into the bathroom to put whats left of my hair into a pony tail and begged the universal life force to collect all and any energy to put it in my body so I can do this.

I stood in front of my TV, good ol’ Richard Simmons wiggling that beautiful tight butt of his and my foot started going, my arms started moving… holy shit, I caught a second wind!  Not only did I do the full 45 minutes of aerobics, I did the floor exercises from his other video too.  That was all I did for the rest of the entire day!!  I must have borrowed the entire day’s worth of energy for that hour!!  But I was and am grateful.

As I lay mostly limp on my couch for the rest of the day (sleep never came and trust me, I tried and tried and tried) a major understanding was released to me.  (Thank god it was a day off for me.)   The upper waves of energy, the lower waves of energy.  What we call the higher mind and lower mind fields.  And so much more, all relevant to this amazing freakin time we got ourselves into.  But…  that is tomorrows ongoing story.

Before I close, I do want to talk about the sun’s release.  Yesterday, again from on:

EARTH-DIRECTED X-FLARE AND CME: Sunspot AR2158 erupted on Sept. 10th at 17:46 UT, producing an X1.6-class solar flare. A flash of ultraviolet radiation from the explosion ionized the upper layers of Earth’s atmosphere, disturbing HF radio communications for more than an hour. More importantly, the explosion hurled a CME directly toward Earth.

RADIO-LOUD EXPLOSION: The X-flare of Sept 10th caused a radio blackout on Earth. Ironically, it also caused a blast of radio noise. Radio astronomers and hams in the Americas and across the Pacific Ocean heard static roaring from the loudspeakers of their shortwave receivers. “It was absolutely howling,” reports Thomas Ashcraft, who sends this 3-minute recording from his amateur radio observatory in rural New Mexico.

Ready or not… here we goooooooooooo!!!!

I love you all so much and celebrate that fact that you are Here with us, moving mountains and paving roads!!

((((((HUGZ))))))) of cliff jumping adventures to ALL!!

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