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EC Suspends Aid To Farmers Hit By Russian Food Ban After Claims Exceed Annual Trade – 11 September 2014

RT logoThe European Commission has suspended its aid to European farmers hit by the Russian import ban.

The amount of submitted claims for some products is several times higher than EU’s annual trade with Russia, with some sources blaming Poland for the exaggerations.

The 125 million euros ($160 million) scheme was announced on August 18 after Russia responded to several rounds of western sanctions with a ban on import on food from the countries involved. EU members, particularly those close to Russia, were most affected by the loss of the Russian market.

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Hole In Ozone Layer Starts Patching Up, UN Says – 11 September 2014

RT logo(Lucas: if you still belief the climate bullshit they tell you…. nice…. Here it is we have a recovery….. of that what was just normal and never needed any recovery….We turn the switches from lies option to the reality as it always was shhhhhhhhhhhhhsst option. Lol.)

The Earth’s fragile ozone layer has started to show “signs of recovery,” according to a new UN study, and a hole in the ozone found over Antarctica every year has stopped increasing in size.

A 1987 ban on damaging gases has contributed to the reversal in the concern-causing trend, reported the UN study, which was published by the World Meteorological Organization and the UN Environment Programme.

“The phase-out of ozone depleting substances has had a positive spin-off for the global climate because many of these substances are also potent greenhouse gases,” the UNEP said in a statement Wednesday.

“However, the assessment report cautions that the rapid increase in certain substitutes, which are themselves also potent greenhouse gases, has the potential to undermine these gains,” it added.

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Lisa Gawlas – And A New Day, A New Way Begins!!! – 11 September 2014

lisagawlas2What a wild ride sliding thru this final super moon has been, at least biologically.  Not slam dunk on the ground like August was, it really affected my brain waves and lower energy system.  But we will get to that later in this sharing, I gotta back up and share the day of the full moon on the field.

My first reading and every reading after her, the moon must have found its new breath.  There it was, expanding and contracting, expanding and contracting, it was kind of mesmerizing.  Instantly I knew it was breathing new life into those who are ready for it and even those who are not!! Continue reading

‘Sorry About The Bomb’: Aussie Police Apologize For ‘Training Device’ Left In Sydney Airport – 11 September 2014

Sydney's airport (Photo by Long Zheng / flickr.com)

Sydney’s airport (Photo by Long Zheng / flickr.com)

Australian police was forced to apologize after it turned out that police officers left explosives in Sydney airport after a sniffer dog training exercise. The devices remained in the airport for almost a month without anyone retrieving them.

Some 230 grams of plastic explosives were left after a dog training exercise August 14. Since then the Australian Federal Police (AFP) did not take away the device, which was hidden inside an “unclaimed” suitcase.

But the training suitcase was discovered on Sept. 9 after it was accidentally given to a woman whose luggage was damaged during a flight.
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ISIS Fight Club: France Is In While Germany Not So Willing – 11 September 2014

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France may take part in the US bombing campaign in Iraq aimed at crippling the Islamic State militants if it is asked to do so. The US is now calling for an international coalition to defeat IS, but the UK and Germany are reluctant to join in the strikes.

“In Iraq… we support the formation of an inclusive government. We will participate if necessary in an aerial military action,” French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said Wednesday in a speech in Paris.

He added that several hundred French jihadists have joined the IS, formerly known as ISIS, and pose a domestic threat that the French government regards as serious.

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Aisha North – A Message From Mother – 11 September 2014

AishaNorthAnd so here we are, and once again I am delighted to have this opportunity to speak to you all through this channel. And once again I say be well dear ones, and be happy, for you have accomplished something that no one could have hoped would happen so quickly in this time and age, for as you stepped forth to lift the mantle of darkness from my shoulders, you simultaneously set us free from the anchors that have held us all tethered to the old. And now, we can all sail freely into the blessed waters of tomorrow. For now, we will no longer have to step away from the greatness that we all have carried hidden away for such a long time, and as we together swim out into the wide open waters of love, hope and joy, I want to take this opportunity to thank you all for giving your lives to this act of liberation. Continue reading

China, Russia Reported To Build Huge Seaport In North Asia – 11 September 2014

RT logoChina and Russia are to build one of the largest ports in northeast Asia on Russia’s Sea of Japan coast, Chinese media reports. It is the latest step by Beijing and Moscow to bring their economies closer, and diversify from Western influence.

The new seaport will be located in Russia’s Far East, just 18 kilometers away from the Chinese border and will be capable to handle up to 60 million tons of cargo a year, China’s state-run People’s Daily Online reported.

The deal between the two countries was signed at May’s Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia (CICA) in Shanghai, the report said.

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