‘His Hands Were Up!’ New Footage Shows Ferguson Witnesses Reacting To Teen’s Death – 12 September 2014

RT logoNew footage of the moments just after Ferguson, Missouri teenager Michael Brown was killed by a local police officer indicates that a witness on the scene said the unarmed 18-year-old’s hands were raised while he was fatally shot.

The video, released by CNN, shows several witnesses gathering in the vicinity of Brown’s slaying, attention focused on the spot where Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson shot and killed the unarmed teenager early last month, the network reported.

“He had his fucking hands in the air,” the man, called a contractor working in the area by CNN, shouted. The worker, who said he was not from Ferguson and did not want to be identified, told CNN the teen’s “hands were up” when he was killed.

“The cop didn’t say get on the ground. He just kept shooting,” the man told CNN. He added that he saw Brown’s “brains come out of his head,” again emphasizing that “his hands were up.”

The man’s fellow construction worker, seen in the video next to the first man, said Brown was running away from the police car.

Brown “put his hands up,” the second contractor said, and “the officer was chasing him.”


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