Oversoul Teachings Q&As: Detached Lightwork And ‘The Event’ – Part 1/2 – 12 September 2014

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We’re always with you, and we’re always ready to communicate.

While we don’t recommend burning yourselves out by seeking to connect with us too often, connecting with your respective higher selves and guides at least once a day will do more good than harm. As a lot of seekers are discovering, you can fill your day with various spiritual practices if you want.

You can practice channeling every day; meditation; general lightwork; all of the creative practices that are available to you in this expansive and transformative time.

There’s so much you can be doing to raise your vibration and that of the planet around you, and we note that many of you are starting to take up the greater spiritual/creative endeavors that fill you with a sense of wholeness and a desire to help others rediscover their flowing creative abilities, which lay underneath the surface but can be accessed as if they were there your whole lives.

Creativity will lead you back into the higher realms, and your sense of love, joy and wellbeing will rise when you use your creativity for innately spiritual purposes.

Creative Spirituality

This is because you’ll be doing something you enjoy, while at the same time, involving yourselves with something many of you are increasingly passionate about: spirituality. Creative spirituality is one of the best things we can recommend you practice each day, and along with this, there are plenty of other things you can do to find the pure, lively state of mind/heart so many of you seek.

Your abilities are becoming purer with each day that passes, and your resulting enthusiasm to contribute to your ongoing conscious revolution will increase as you continue to sharpen and refine them. The more your abilities flow, the more passionate and enthusiastic you’ll be about pursuing them, and you’re encouraged not to feel down when they don’t seem to flow as easily or gracefully as usual.

You don’t do yourselves or anyone else a justice when you descend into negativity over a seemingly depleted creative flow, and from our perspective, the best thing you can do if/when your creative flow seems ‘off’ is to request the presence of your higher selves and guides and do everything you can to open up to our influence.

Even if you don’t want to connect with your higher self specifically, you can open up to the higher facets of your consciousness that are descending onto your minds and hearts.

Keeping in mind that you’re conduits for these greater aspects of your consciousness will help many of you strengthen your creative flow when it could otherwise be depleted, and we’ll also recommend meditation or another method of spiritual attunement to help strengthen and refine your creativity.

Many of you are finding that your creativity flows wonderfully most of the time, but every now and then, it’ll seem depleted.

Keep your faith in yourselves, your abilities and the place you’re going no matter what you experience, and go out of your way to reject the fabrications your society would have you believe are valuable when, in truth, they’re destructive to the soul.

If necessary, outright reject anything that you know will keep you in a limited or unhappy state of consciousness, and wholeheartedly embrace the things that’ll lead you back into the higher realms.

Spirit communication, for instance, is a practice that automatically lightens and refines the vibration of the souls who practice it, because they communicate with higher-dimensional beings who impart waves of pure energy onto their minds and hearts.

Channeling and various other methods of spirit communication are encouraged for those of you who want to maintain a pure connection every day, and this is why we mentioned above that practicing your abilities a little bit each day will help you in your quest to find and know spirit in a real sense.

New pathways are opening up for many of you, but you have to willingly pursue them. You have to be very assured of yourselves and what you want to accomplish in your short time on the ascending earth, and with this said, we’ll answer our first question for today.

Question #1: Life Purpose

“My Q – [what] is my life purpose!”

As we’ve said before, our answer on this day will be specific to our reader, and other seekers’ paths are very different. You, dear reader, are intended and encouraged to use your creativity to help the rest of humanity become aware of the ideas and concepts you’ve started to grasp, but beyond this, your job is to simply observe.

Watch the things playing out on your world from an open-minded and openhearted point of view, and, when necessary, give your light to certain people and situations.

Your mission, beyond using your creativity to help bring humanity into the light (which is a very general mission that most of the conscious community has taken on) is to watch everything that plays out – in your personal life and on the world stage – with an open, loving heart and a detached perspective.

Don’t emotionally attach yourself to the things you witness day in and day out, and instead, send them your beautifully potent healing energy.

You, as well as plenty of other seekers, have come to the earth to offer yourself to the restoration of consciousness by blessing the things you witness that you know are out of alignment with the new society you want to build and the higher dimensions you want to reenter.

Your perspective is one of slightly remembering the pure, omnipotent love and harmony that was once shared on earth, and you’re on the earth to bring these qualities back to the surface. We’d like to offer you a visualization and accompanying affirmation to bless the people and situations around you, and we hope for it to help strengthen your mission.

Whenever you witness something you know is out of alignment with the higher realms, affirm that your higher self send a wealth of pure light through your heart, throat and sacral chakras, and visualize this energy coming through and affecting the people and situations they’re intended to affect.

Even though specific colors are associated with specific chakras, visualize whatever color you want flowing out of your chakras and visualize this energy healing everything that’s ready to be brought into the light.

At least once a day, we’d recommend visualizing your pure light being funneled out to the collective consciousness to heal everything about your collective that can’t be taken into the higher realms.

You’re intended to do everything you can to heal the planet, and because of this, it’s essential that you no longer allow your emotions or how you feel like the world should be to get in the way of the lightwork you’re beginning to realize you’re on the earth to do.

As easy as it could be, we’ll ask you not to get emotionally involved in the current state the world’s in or even the state many of your friends/family members are in.

Simply accept and flow with whatever you experience, and know that as long as you can remain detached and embrace the lightwork that comes with your earthly mission, the work you do will be as pure and potent as any conscious seeker’s who’s been recognized for their role in humanity’s ascension.

You’re on the earth to create a wealth of spiritually inspired change by using the natural, etheric energy you carry within to offer your lighted blessings, and you aren’t alone on this mission.

As time goes by, you’ll be led to other conscious souls who’ve found out that this is their mission as well, and when this happens, you can all get together in groups and help each other with specific aspects of your mission.

As we’ve said plenty of times in the past, every role being played by every conscious seeker is immensely valuable and goes on to affect the collective consciousness tremendously, and for this and plenty of other reasons, we wholeheartedly encourage you all to embrace your roles when you could otherwise hide away from them and keep yourselves from doing all of the miraculous, spiritually inspired things you’re on the earth to do.

You can’t complete your missions if you don’t enthusiastically pursue them, so we say with love in our one heart: pursue them with the passion of an athlete who aims to win an Olympic medal.

Concluded in Part 2 tomorrow.

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