Lisa Gawlas The Dawn Of New Day ….Who Is Directing Your Life Story Now?? – 13 September 2014

lisagawlas2Did anyone else wake up yesterday exhausted??  Holy heavens batman, I went to sleep (and sleep all night) with more energy than I woke up with.  But I suppose that is what we feel like when we are being glued back together into our brand new reality zone.  Dual CME’s rocked planet earth yesterday and if I may quote “with the most intense geometric storm of the year.”

Speaking of the sun and, they had an audio clip of the explosive X flair from the 10th.  I listened to it and realized that seriously loud buzzing we get in our ears, for me it has been especially loud and constant this last week, is the same noise.  My ears were rocking at high pitch when I listened to the clip and when I turned it off, my ears were normal, no more high pitch noise.  I suddenly realized that is what is happening during our internal buzzing, it is finding its frequency with the energy, the light codes getting ready to emerge out of the sun.  Now we tend to get excited with the bigger flares, but don’t think the smaller ones are a waste of sun energy, not at all.  They affect us too, just not on the obvious grander scales of the bigger ones.

Ok, now to pick up where I left off (and the places I completely missed) from yesterday.  First, if you haven’t seen yesterdays amazing artwork (giggle) let me give you a reference link back to the visual I created for this ongoing story:  Just click here.

Lets look at the diagram of A, this is where meditation is a valuable took of unlocking the space between the upper atmosphere (soul mind) and the lower atmosphere (physical reality mind.)  Our job getting to this amazing point in our reality was finding a way to navigate the two atmospheres at will.  For those who were dedicated enough to get beyond that little white space area, the noise of the lower mind, and connect into the vastness of the higher mind,  the fruits of your labor is beyond your wildest dreams.  Beyond harvesting so much wisdom, understanding, healing, pimping our your spiritual attributes, something else was happening all the while, what my team is referring to as the fusion.  The more you allowed yourself to play in far off lands beyond earth, the more the far off lands was enhancing, solidifying the light field in your physical body and lower mind.  The goal has always been to access that place without effort, without intentional meditation, because you are now there 24/7.

Somewhere in that story book called the bible, it does talk about “praying unceasingly.”  Of course, so many of us think of prayers (speaking for myself here) as the repetitive words taught by our clergy.  Lets just change that whole line of thinking to be in a constant state of communication with God.  Look at figure B, that is what praying unceasingly looks like.  Your soul energy is now the full director of your physical life and just like on the other side of the veil, has absolute constant contact a communication with the Source of All life, my word is God.

As that doorway between this and that side of the veil starts to thin out, you can really feel the effects in your body and most especially in your mind.  The feelings that are constant in us are never turned off.  Joy, love, gratitude, grace, humility and so on.  The energy of fear has dissolved into the light of knowing.  Trust becomes the action as hesitation and doubt start to crumble.

If we can look at the enormity of these last two years, focusing on the end of 2012, we were all asked if we (the human incarnate, AKA ego mind) were willing to give up our place of power as the director of our life and switch roles without out higher mind, who thru that point has been assistant director (at best.)  We spent all of 2013 thru this grand moment in our history releasing control, releasing the lower Will to the emerging new director of our life story, our soul mind.

If you have willingly let it all go, the change is already underway.  There is a new director in your life, your soul and the human part of you is now the assistant director.  I just want to say too, if you have not completely arrived in this state yet, with your own inner work and dedication to keeping open the doorway to the vastness of spirit, you will be Here.  This is the key to the incarnation system we have embarked into with this phase of Life’s evolution.

Our job as the assistant director of our life’s story is as important now as it ever was.  The energy system of our soul gives internal direction and as the navigator of physical life, our job is to follow the energy direction and bring it into material life.  To put this understanding in the clearest way I know how…. When I turn my sweating to the oldies on my TV, we can look at that video, that energy potential as the direction of desired course from the soul, as the assistant director and the only navigator of the physical realm, my job is to get up and do it!

With getting up and doing it, I am also learning there are much more efficient ways to get something done that can be strenuous.  Harness the energy of the blue area, Source energy, untapped potential.  If we look at it like stem cells, it is pure energy awaiting instruction and it is the assistant directors job to employ it.

Very much like my example yesterday with harnessing the energy field and creating a field with absolute focus of DOING, strengthens and enhances the outcome in progress. Equally, in my (very real) example from yesterdays sharing too, the interference of the physical world can and more than likely will, collapse the field we are creating.

For me personally and my path to Here, my teams focus to this point was strengthening my connection to the upper atmosphere.  My lower connection (earth and all that goes with it lol,) the one that is “that” energy made manifest, took a back seat.  Now I am learning how to embed the strength of the upper atmosphere into the focus of the lower realms (earth) and get beyond the collapse with outside interference.

I did a reading yesterday for an amazing young man, his ability to stay balanced, bounce from here to there to glean the importance of any thing he is doing to bring it all together into one large outcome, is uncanny and exciting.  One of his major mastery’s in this lifetime that will be at the forefront of his next adventure.  Not to long after his reading he sent me a very profound email that I want to share with you.  (Devin, I hope you don’t mind me doing this without your permission.)

All that is, was and will be us is converging within the womb or the void/crucible of the moon. She’s inflamed because she is glowing with life as any women bearing child, or any crucible being brought to temperature. 
Through many life’s and timelines we were divided into several parts, all destined to converge at this time.
Within this womb we are culminating all that is us to be reborn with the wholeness that we have garnered.
We might have started as one pure metal, but now we are being re-casted as an alloy.
Many call america a melting pot, when really its the entire earth who has trail blazed this concept of converging many different flavors or frequencies to make a new one.
No person on the earth is exempt from this process, yet many resist the loss of their form or solidity, fearing a complete loss of who they are, when it’s really quite  the contrary, its more of a un-coagulation in order to re-coagulate into all you once were and who you are to be.
And this is the glue of the geometric storm that is still underway’s job… re-coagulating those who willingly got themselves to Here.
As I was doing my exercises yesterday, I thought about him and his amazing email, suddenly, I seen him come out of the belly of the moon as a dolphin or whale (maybe a cross-breed cuz I couldn’t tell if it was one or the other.)  The feeling was his ability to swim in the new Light of Day effortlessly (much more I am sure, but hey, to see that while panting is, for me, amazing!!)
We are strengthening the fields of upper and lower minds into the double mesh of perfection.  As we continue to strengthen our above and below and collapse the figure eight into a whole energy system of application…. I cannot even imagine the power!!
I do want to mention something that I learned thru the very first reading yesterday, it is our internal questions, “what should I do, how should I do it, do I do this, do I do that…” is the very thing that keeps up from being in the belly of the moon, the fusion of soul-body.  Don’t think, the energy of movement will rise up thru you at the perfect time and your job is to act.  Not think.  Put on your Nike’s and Just Do It!!
On that note, feel the inner wave rise up, follow it, make it physical and trust where it is taking you.
With so much love and excitement and ((((((((((((((HUGZ))))))))))))))))) of radical trust to ALL,
Lisa Gawlas

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