Wes Annac – Oversoul Teachings Q&As: Detached Lightwork And ‘The Event’ – Part 2/2 – 13 September 2014

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Concluded from Part 1

With this recommendation given, we’ll move on to our next question.

Question #2: ‘The Event’

“Just wondering your thoughts on the ‘event’ and Robert Potter?”

This subject can be tricky, and it goes without saying that a lot of perspectives are flying around in regards to the ‘event’ the direct role your star family will play in your evolution.

We’ll confirm that down the line, there will be not only one, but a series of brazen energetic ‘events’ (and ‘events’ that are related to contact with your star family) that’ll drastically raise humanity’s vibration and introduce your collective to the fourth and fifth dimensions, and your star family will play a very big role in your ascension.

In fact, they continue to step up sightings of their craft and the communications they give through respective scribes on earth, and anyone who’s particularly open to the voice of spirit and particularly passionate about your galactic family can make an effort to connect with them and allow them to speak through you.

Our scribe used to do this, but he’s since turned toward a more general and graspable approach to channeling that he hopes will influence more potential seekers to open up to its reality.

This is his path, but the paths of other seekers entail directly connecting with your galactic family and allowing them to speak through you and offer a wealth of advice and guidance related to your ascension path, the future you’re entering and creating, and the role they and their advanced, organically etheric technology will play in it.

The events we refer to (which include open contact with your star family) won’t be able to happen until the collective vibration has reached a much greater purity than its current, and this is in part why we encourage the conscious public to work as hard as you can, spreading awareness and raising your vibration and that of the planet around you.

Your star family can make open contact when your vibration reaches a certain purity, and much of humanity is still far too unaware to greet their presence or the paradigm-expanding revelations and technologies that’ll come with it.

This doesn’t discredit the validity of the ‘event’ or other, similar events that’ll happen around the same time as it, but we don’t intended to refer to it as if it’s about to happen tomorrow or ‘soon’, because as we and you alike have learned, your physical time isn’t a great measure of when certain spiritual phenomena will happen.

Like we mentioned in a previous communication, your star family is more focused on the vibrational progress you make and less on certain dates and timeframes, but they, like us, are very aware that certain brazen things need to happen to bring humanity out of the self-instated and collectively enforced slumber they’ve been under for so long.

Certain things will need to happen to awaken humanity, but from our perspective, the revelations concerning the things the cabal’s done will awaken you the most and the spiritual revelations will come later.

There was previously a plan for your star family to make themselves known if your governments didn’t disclose their existence, but this plan has changed to include a financial restructuring and a different sort of disclosure – a disclosure of the evils the cabal has committed all across your planet for centuries.

Unless plans change, and they change a lot, this is set to be the initial information you learn that points to your history and present being very different from what you’ve been programmed to believe.

Revelations concerning various energetic events, your star family, and the generally spiritual nature of your existence will come after you’ve been awakened to the fact that your governments (and the people in positions of power who you don’t hear about) don’t have your best interest in mind and actually go out of their way to serve themselves and oppress the rest of humanity.

Learning these things will expand the perspectives of many people who’ve long trusted their governments and nestled comfortably into the status quo, and their minds will be properly expanded to take in the greater events you’ll experience.

You’ll Remain On Earth

When it comes to open contact with your star family, however, nobody will be brought aboard ships to live on different planets. The earth will experience a complete transformation instead, and while the conscious public will have a lot to do with this transformation, all of humanity will be responsible.

You’ll all step up to the plate to transform your society, and even though you’ll be given a lot of help from the Company of Heaven and your star family specifically, the work will primarily be yours to do.

We ask you to imagine what’d happen to your dearest Gaia if your star family simply took you up on ships to another world. Gaia would be so hurt without her children, who she loves so much that she’s allowed you to devastate her surface for millennia, and leaving her simply isn’t the plan for your evolution or your construction of a new society.

After your new society has long been constructed and you’ve all long existed in the higher realms, you may choose to fly your own craft to other planets – some higher-dimensional so you can enjoy them and some lower-dimensional so you can help their civilizations ascend – but you’ll remain on earth for the time being.

Gaia has been ascending for some time, and most of her consciousness has long been rooted in the fifth dimension despite the destruction that continues to plague her surface. She invites you to catch up with her, and she asks you to see how important it is to remain on her surface and heal everything that’s been done to keep her and you in poor states of health.

You may think you’ve entered a new world by the time every crystal city is built, every free energy generator is disclosed and the pollution that once plagued you is a thing of the past, but you’ll still be on earth – a much more advanced, crystalline earth who can directly communicate with each of her conscious, receptive children.

Gaia waits for you all to connect with her, and just like your star family, you can make a pure connection with her if you feel particularly inspired.

In doing so, you might receive a lot of revelations about the necessity to remain on her surface and do the healing and transformation work that needs done to bring yourselves back into the light, and we hope to have satisfied our reader’s quest for answers regarding the ‘event’.

We’ll make our final expressions for this communication with encouragement to embrace living on earth.

We’ll also encourage you to embrace the events that lay ahead, because you’re in for a lot of surprises. You’re destined to experience things you would’ve never thought or expected yourselves able to experience, and as you’ll learn, your history and future are nothing like you’ve been led to believe.

You have so much to learn about the spiritual nature of your existence and the presence of various higher-dimensional souls on and around your planet who are doing everything they can to help the conscious public thrive, and we encourage you to keep being a part of your conscious revolution every day, which you can easily do by pursuing your creativity and the flowing love that comes with it.

Creativity and spirituality are two of the most empowering things you can pursue, so we’ll encourage you all to pursue them when you could otherwise focus on things that don’t fill you with a good vibration or a sense of passion or wholeness.

You have a lot of divinely inspired work to do, and while some seekers’ work revolves around simply watching the things that play out from a lovingly detached perspective, others are on the earth to work very directly to bring humanity into the light.

Your work is valuable and appreciated, and you’re endlessly encouraged to pursue it – no matter the obstacles you face.

Thank you to my higher self and spiritual guides.

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