Lisa Gawlas – Have You Let It All Go and Open To Let It All In?? – 14 September 2014

lisagawlas2I love how you can wonder about some aspects of this shift we are in and the very next day, everybody on the field answers it for ya.  The magical dance of life is always in step with itSelf, even if we don’t think so.

I wondered about the folks who may not be aligned to the upper frequency of the full on moon energy and doncha know, the first (virgin) man on my field, showed us.  For the last two weeks I have been reading everyone about 20 feet above ground, jogged over into the right quadrant of the West-North field (future aspect aligning with the harvested energy) but I knew not everyone on earth has raised their vibration, let go of the things that are needed in order to move themselves higher and yet, I had not seen what that looked like and where and how the choice points laid.  That is, until this beautiful man showed up yesterday.

He was sitting in a directors chair, in the center of his field of life, light basking all around him, the ground, barren.  He was wear black pants that had this like, I don’t know, crust to them and equally, a gel like feel.  Fortunately I understood his pants, his path in life, the deep unknown (the gel like feeling) and the fear of the unknown (crusty) blended together.  His shirt tho, a glowing white T-shirt, open, his higher chakras aligned with the truth of spirit.  We talked about what the directors chair meant to him, which I could easily understand since I had just published my blog about that.  We also talked about how barren the landscape is around him, there is nothing left of this vibrational world for him to glean.  His only real option is to open his heart more, allow the vulnerability of an open heart to be more exposed (instead of safely guarded, if not hidden at times) so that the light of Love may penetrate him.  He also needed to take off his pants, they no longer served him.

So I pulled my vision back and looked around for his options, how does he get upwards to that electrical line at the moon level.  I about cried when I looked up there and seen the Blessed Mother in all her radiance, leaning of the electrical line with a thick rope in hand and she lowered down to his earth.  This rope was in a color hue of gold and bronze and deep red, (high spiritual vibration, allowed together with the new matter of the new earth) with a very large knot at the bottom.  She threw him a life line and his choice was to get up out of his seat, and in doing so, he relinquished (Will) power to his soul instead of the human aspect and will shimmy up to her embrace.

But let me tell you, her Presence was so loving, so motherly with unconditional love, non-judgement and true desire to embrace her child as a loving mother would.  In all my years of reading, I have not felt her so strongly like I did in his reading since my own journeys with her when I first started.  It seems, like any child would so desperately need, when we ar at the apex of change and scared as hell thru it, she arrives to be that loving comfort.  The assistant to say it is not only OK, it is needed and I am here to love you thru it all, unconditionally.

The young lady I read for after him, in a similar position.  I have been reading for her for the better part of this year, in those earlier connections, she was almost always in melt down mode, the questions flying off her tongue faster than she could speak them, unsure of herself, of her choices, of life itself.  Let me tell you, my greatest gift in connecting to you over time, is witnessing the change, often times, its radical change, as is the case with her.

So I was not surprised at all to see her laying on the edge of this earth (the one under the moon) in a beach chair, laying down, dark sunglasses on, a glowing white shirt that was actually absorbing the sun’s energy into her from her sacral chakra on up, and on her head was a bandana tied and tucked at the back of her head.  Her team said to keep the incoming energies in instead of having them flow out of her crown.  I suddenly realized, she had no legs that I could see, she was just a torso and head sunbathing!  Her team also stated because her new legs, her new path forward had not come on-line yet.  I also knew she would not be given the choice in this moment to move upwards to the full moon vibration, instead, there will be a temporary version of earth unfolding for her to solidify these energies and stay constant in her ability to choose and choose wisely.

Another lady I had seen showed up circling the board of the moon, half in, half out.  What I find stunning is the photo I choose to use for today’s blog, is the exact color scheme I had seen in her.  The part that was inside the moon was on fire, the part that was outside the moon was that light blue.  This amazing lady let go of so many things, changed her world for the better a few months ago, so I was surprised to see her half in and half out of the moon energy.  But as her team helped us understand, it made perfect sense.  Often times when we are in a place of our lives that is wonderful, joyous and nothing like it was before, we don’t want “that” to end, and we hang onto it.  We must get fully into the position of letting it ALL go, even the amazing joys, because nothing would be replaced that is less than what you have now.  Equally, allowing yourself the experiences that will take you into deeper understanding of your own potential is as crucial in these times too.  No fear in any way, can or will make the transition.

Another one of my favorite visuals from yesterday, another lady I have been reading for for years, there she was, swinging on a similar looking rope as my first guy of the day, to and fro beneath that electrical line that connects into the full moon.  West to East… back and forth (harvest to new beginnings) and the more I watched her swing, the closer to (this) earth she was getting.  Finally she disembarked and as I watched her, I realized she was dusting something off.  The feeling I was getting with her, is there was something she was leaving behind that she really needed to take with her in this next grand adventure.

When I snaked my antenna in front of her (she had her back to me as she was dusting) I about shit when I seen a covered love seat (covered like when we store furniture away.)   It must have been stored away for a long time cuz she was dusting the cover!!  Of course, I had to ask, what the hell is a love seat doing in your reading???  In spirits reply, I was shocked to be hearing/remembering a poem I wrote when I was like 17 for my first boyfriend (George.) :

If I could make a wish

and have it come true

no, it wouldn’t be for me

but especially for you

I would wish for you

a life well furnished

And that’s all I remember of the poem, I am amazed I remember that much lol.  But then it hit me, her love seat… LOVE.  There is no greater furnishings in our lives that Love.  I knew, her job now was to take the cover off the love seat and be open to the one who has been waiting to sit next to her on her love seat.  her job now was to take that rope, wrap it around the love seat and hoist it upwards to the full moon.  WE must be the ones to put the energy into not only change, but opening to what we have covered up.

The one thing I know for sure, this next earth that we will set up our hearts upon, is ALL about LOVE.  Intimate love, friendship love, stranger love, LOVE on every level.  No more fear, no more closing down bits and pieces of ourselves, but to be open to receive all the new furnishings we never even imagined we could have.

Yesterday, thru all the readings, was what I felt like major choice points.  To be willing to let every thing go, every aspect you held back, every adventure you we re too nervous to experience, and move into the belly of rebirth fearless, unencumbered and with your firm boundaries.  That is to say, recognizing what you don’t want and not settling for less.

My team would like to leave you all with two Runes today.  As I was sitting on my holy toilet, suddenly I heard them say, close with the Rune of Radical change which is:

HAGALAZ HAGALAZ Wish of change and freedom. But for that it is necessary to put the material reality aside. Look at your inner world. If things seem to be out of control a break up might be a good idea. Self-growth cycle.

And then gave another one by name:

INGUZ INGUZ Claims you to split up relationships or old habits – you are ready for a new start; even for a new child. The meantime could be dangerous. So, keep your good mood.

They do go hand in hand, don’t they?  (both taken from this website.)  Radical change opens to fertility, LOVE!!

Ohhh, before I close, I just want to say on my way back from the world yesterday, the moon showed itself and to the right side, a place we have not seen yet, a door flung open and this amazing white light was flooding outwards.  Maybe… today is the day we get to see the other side!!

Big big (((HUGZ)))) of freedom in love to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas / link to original article


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