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NATO Members Start Supplying Weapons To Kiev – Ukrainian Defense Minister – 14 September 2014

RT logoNATO member states have started supplying weapons to Ukraine, the country’s Defense Minister said on TV. His comments came a few days after a similar statement by a Ukrainian presidential aide sparked a diplomatic scandal and a rash of denials.

In an interview with Channel 5, Ukrainian Defense Minister Valery Geletey said that he had held verbal consultations with the defense ministers of the “leading countries of the world, those that can help us, and they heard us. We have the supply of arms under way.”

“This process has begun, and I feel that this is exactly the way we need to go,” the minister said.

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, who attended the Sept. 4-5 NATO summit in Wales, announced that he had negotiated direct modern weapons supplies with a number of NATO member states.

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US Failure To See Saudi Role In 9/11 Contributed To Rise Of ISIS – Ex-Senator – 14 September 2014

RT logoFailure by the US to investigate Saudi Arabia’s connection to the 9/11 attacks is among the factors that led to the rise of ISIS, Bob Graham, a former senator and co-chairman of the official inquiry into 9/11, told The Independent in an interview.

Graham has expressed doubts about the US’s reliance on Saudi Arabia as an ally in fight against Islamic State (also known as ISIS or ISIL). Earlier this week President Obama announced a plan, according to which Saudi Arabia is supposed to provide training for moderate Syrian rebels, who are expected to fight both the ISIS and Assad’s forces.

‘No safe haven’: Obama declares airstrikes on Islamic State ‘wherever it exists’

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Marilyn Raffaele – The Arcturian Group – 14 September 2014

marilynraffaeleGreetings dear ones. Once again we come to offer encouragement and information to assist you on your journey toward enlightenment–the realization that you are so much more than you have been led to believe. You are Divine Beings created in and of the spiritual substance of Source (Consciousness) and as such, are capable of manifesting the wholeness and completeness of this Divine Consciousness. The third dimensional consciousness does not allow one to remember who they are since it functions from the level of duality and separation. Man has thus manifested for himself lifetimes of struggle and pain with a seeking outwardly in the belief that he was separate from his good. Continue reading

ActivistPost – Action Alert! Keep The Internet FREE From FCC Regulation – 14 September 2014

Logo_activistpost-comActivist Post

Following Internet Slowdown day on September 10, millions of people and businesses across the Web continue taking action against transforming the Internet from a level playing field to a tiered system of privileged access.

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James Corbett – The Corbett Report – America “Attacking” The Terrorists It Fostered – 14 September 2014

James Corbett appears on Press TV to discuss the new American-led coalition to attack ISIL targets in Syria and Iraq. He discusses the hypocrisy of a country that has actively helped to foster, train, equip and aid these terrorists presuming to then lead a military expedition against them.

2006 Washington Post report on AQI PSYOP campaign

US Trained ISIL Members At Secret Jordanian Base

The Geopolitics of Gas and the Syrian Crisis

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DL Zeta – Dreams And Eclipse Portals Transport Us To Future Life Tracks – 14 September 2014

DLZetaWe are approaching a period of accelerated and powerful energies with the upcoming fall/spring equinox, an eclipse series in October, and Mercury retrograde from October 4 to 26. These energies will bring windows of opportunity as well as challenges designed to help us re-calibrate our spiritual connection and restructure our approach to our purpose. The decisions we make during this period will cast a wide sphere of influence well into the coming year. Continue reading

Larry Larson – Twelve -Twelve Insight Journal – Think With Your Whole Body – 14 September 2014

LarryLarsonHow can we tune in for guidance like when we have a decision to make and we’re not sure?

Well, the first thing you have to do is to ask. And understand that you are not asking some distant being or aloof entity to rain blessings down on you like you were some peon. The Source of All is an integral part of your being. And you are filled with magnificent intelligences on the inside who are right there with you.

When you ask, and set your cognitive mind aside to listen for the answer, the answer will well up with in you like water from a natural spring. You are not different from That One. It’s just that you are so focused that you have forgotten the better part of you. And all you have to do to receive these answers that you already have is to let go of that intensity of focus.

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~ Twelve

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