John Ward – Opinion: Before Taking Sides, Be Sure To Take All The Necessary Readings – 15 September 2014

scientist2I posted some weeks ago to the effect that the most common reason for slaughter on our planet is ‘Taking Sides’.

I did not mean by this that one should never take sides. When expansionist gangsters take over a country, sooner or later they will visit yours…and you have to take sides. This rule applies whether the mobsters are Nazis, the Soviet Union, Jihadists, Globalists, or Ostrogoths.

My point was this: the days of black hats and white hats have gone – for the time being. Long, long before taking sides, ask two questions of the person or ideology trying to recruit you:

Where are you from, and what do you want?

This is what antique dealers call “researching the provenance”, and real people call “using your common sense”. As a former market researcher, I also add this filter:

Harken not unto what they say, but keep a beady eye on what they do.

The summation of all this is “Do not rush to judgement until you know the background, agenda and honesty track-record of the information provider”.

Now a good, old-fashioned well-trained hack with the gumshoe mileage to show for it would read this piece so far and think of it as a blinding glimpse of the bleeding obvious. But in 2014, the rise and rise of 24/7 “news”, hypocritical Truthbenders, and undiscerning Sofadwellers combines to make the study of those phenomena de rigueur. Today, all bets are off.

I read a survey this morning saying that 52% of Brits would now approve of military action against ISIS. This is just what the axis stretching from John McCain via the Pentagon to MI6 and Cameron want to see. The question we must ask ourselves is, “Are those 52% of Brits informed?”. The obvious answer is No: they’re misinformed, and ignorant. Such is the point, as Plato quite rightly pointed out, at which democracy becomes dysfunctional: because the foundation upon which stable democracy sits is a fully informed electorate.

The Greek word ‘demos’ means, broadly, ‘the mob’. In Britain itself today, there are those working hard to get themselves heard above the braying of the mob; and there are others merely leaving signposts saying ‘This way to the stoning’. Internationally, there are thousands of ‘front’ sites pointing the traffic towards a false Truth. Every last one has to be checked out to ensure that one isn’t simply acting as an amplifier of the serial liar. I am here to tell you that this is a tiresome and enervating process.

As always, George Orwell saw all this coming. Orwell was so smart, he saw the name ‘Blair’ coming, and changed his to Orwell. Without serious investment in a universal system of education within which the main objective is to turn out people who can think for themselves, then the future envisaged by George Orwell – ‘a jackboot stamping on a human face’ – will without doubt come to pass.

Such a free-thinking form of education is antithetical to the aims of the colonialist corporatocracy. That’s why the destruction of globalist multinationalism (and its replacement by smaller communities where liars are far more obvious) has to be at the heart of what comes next. This isn’t going to be a peaceful transition. I pray that there is enough courage out there to effect it.

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