Wes Annac – Oversoul Teachings Q&As: A Permanent Home And Healing Exhaustion – Part 2/2 – 16 September 2014

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Part 1

(Continued from question #1)

You were once a part of a great and prosperous higher-vibrational civilization that still prospers just as much as they did when you were with them, and you’ll eventually return to this place when you’re back in the higher realms and you’ve enjoyed your higher-vibrational earthly experience enough to branch out and see what other planets and galaxies have to offer.

You aren’t alone in this, and there are waves of seekers who seem to have difficulty securing a permanent living space. The general message that the earth isn’t your true home is being conveyed to every seeker who experiences this, but we don’t want to generalize your experiences because everyone’s path is unique.

We’ll encourage you to simply go with the flow, as we encouraged at the beginning of this message, because you’ll only meet with difficulty and unhappiness if you resist. You’ll eventually be led to a home that’s right for you, and until then, we wholeheartedly encourage you to cozy up to the lightwork you’re on the earth to do.

Now, we’ll move on to our next question.

Question #2: Beam Me Up, Heal My Exhaustion

“I know the value of healing myself…and I am doing everything I can…I have kids and I don’t want to waste time being tired around my beloveds…can’t they PLEASE beam me up…! And fix these nano viruses or whatever is happening… And beam me back…PLEASE!!!

“Or if they want to use my spare bedroom for a health clinic to observe any dimensional laws that I don’t understand….I will share my spare bedroom for this purpose :)”

This is a complex subject, because your aliment’s related to things you did and experienced in past lives that you’re now clearing karma from.

Before we say any more on this subject, we should point out that every seeker – even the most lighted ones and the ones who are filled the most with spirit in their current life – has played some of the darkest roles that could be played on the earth.

Even those who speak out against the cabal for the things they’re doing in your day and age have committed their own heinous acts in the past, and it was all necessary for your descent into the lower vibrations and your resulting ability to uplift humanity once you became aware of spirit.

Dearest reader, you took on the lower vibrations with multitudes of lives – some of which you were rooted in darkness and others in the light – and the things you’re experiencing, however exhausting, are aspects of your karmic cleansing and your physical ascension process.

Karmic cleansing isn’t the only reason you’re experiencing the things you are – you’re also taking on a lot of collective karmic density in an effort to uplift humanity.

Waves of seekers, and even people who don’t consider themselves aware of spirit, are taking on and transmuting the bulk of negative energy that continues to be fed in your collective consciousness, and this can result in discomfort, tiredness and even physical pain.

This is partially what you’ve decided to do, dearest reader, because you recognized before you came to the earth for your current life that it was among the best ways to heal your own karma and that of the unawakened humanity.

Just like our first reader, the things you’re experiencing, which we know can be difficult and we seek to offer all of the compassion we can, are ultimately necessary for your growth and development. We’re happy to report that you’ve made a lot of progress, and you’ll continue to shed karma that was accumulated in past lives with each difficult and taxing day you experience.

We know this isn’t easy, and we want you to know that you aren’t alone in this mission.

Plenty of other souls are taking on the same quest as you, and you’re given the love and assistance of your higher self, your guides, and every higher-dimensional soul who looks upon the trials you’re experiencing with love in our hearts and the wish for you to see just how much good you’re doing – on earth and in the realms beyond your conscious perception.

You and every other seeker who’s subconsciously made it their mission to transmute the bulk of collectively fed negative energy are making a greater and more enormous impact on the collective consciousness than we can express, and for this and plenty of other reasons, we encourage you to embrace your mission and the difficult trials that come with it.

Know that you’re cleansing and transmuting so much negative collective energy that when humanity realizes just how much you and others like you have done, you could be hailed as a hero.

It’ll be understood that you were also clearing your own karma with many of the things you experienced, and while we empathize with the fact that you’re more than ready to be ‘beamed up’ and healed by the advanced technology your galactic family enjoys, the time for this simply hasn’t yet come.

You Might Not Require the Galactics’ Assistance

As consciousness rises to the extent that your galactic family is able to exist on your surface directly, you’ll either be healed of your aliments by their technology or the rising light energies will take care of them. By the time the galactics are able to land and openly communicate with humanity, your collective vibration will have become much purer and you might not require their assistance to heal your pains.

The irony of this situation is that you’d like to experience the healing the galactics’ technology provides, but they can’t land and share their technology until the collective vibration becomes much purer, which you’re helping bring about with the exhaustion you experience.

You’re purifying the collective vibration with every bit of pain, tiredness, etc. you experience, and if we could communicate to you that everything truly is okay in a more direct way than we’ve been able to in this message, we happily would.

If we could, we’d come through this screen and give you a wealth of love and support, but you’ll have to look for this love and support from your own higher self and guides, who’ve been waiting for you to connect with them. The higher selves and guides of every earthly seeker have been waiting to connect, but this can especially be said for you because your higher self can help take the edge off of the worst things you experience day in and day out.

We’ll encourage you and the rest of the conscious community to connect with your higher selves and receive the love, support and nurturance that result, and we’ll make our final expressions for this communication with compassion for the trials you’re each experiencing.

You’re much stronger and more able to create direct inner and outer change than you realize, and while we know the most difficult things you face tend to deplete your enthusiasm or your faith in where you’re going, we want for you to see that spirit is everywhere and in everything.

Spirit would never leave you to deal with the most difficult issues you face alone, and in fact, it exists all around you and waits to be picked up on so it can assist you. No matter who you receive advice and guidance from, you’re encouraged to make a greater connection and enjoy the resulting love and support.

We in the higher realms have much more to offer than many of you realize, and we look forward to the time when the conscious public and the rest of humanity are aware of our existence and willing to routinely connect with us and receive the energy we happily offer.

You’re all loved eternally by Source and the Company of Heaven, and you’ll feel this when you can directly connect with us. Continue to explore your deepening connections, because they grow stronger, purer and realer by the day.

Thank you to my higher self and spiritual guides.

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