Aisha North – A Short Update On The Energies – 17 September 2014

AishaNorthBy now, the incoming energies will begin to register in many of you, as they herald the flux that will accompany next week’s portal of the Equinox. Yes, this is indeed another one of those numerous occasions when mankind get the chance to take another step up on this seemingly endless ladder of ascension. For we are well aware that for many, this process may seem to be endless, and that is indeed understandable. After all, this what you knew from the very beginning would constitute your life’s work this time around, and so, it is not by accident that you have been guided through this process in increments, seemingly minuscule at some times, while at others you truly commit yourselves to a true quantum leap. And this time, we can indeed guarantee you it will not be one of those infinitesimally small steps ahead, no this time, it will indeed be a mighty push in the back that will propel you all forwards in a giant leap. And so, whatever happens in the upcoming days, know that it will all be in order to prepare you all in the best possible way the better for you to be able to receive these bountiful gifts of energetic emissaries already heralding their arrival.

And so we say again remember to listen well to what your physical body may request in the time ahead, but also to the singsong of these incoming frequencies, for they are already starting to vibrate through your very being. And the better you are able to tune into these beforehand, the more approachable you will seem to be. And so, whatever it may be that needs to be done for you in order to speed up your forward momentum, the easier this process will become if you once again allow this light to interact with your being in a relaxed fashion.

You see, this is not about forcing anything, neither for you nor on our side of the veil, for this is indeed a process that will be tailored so that it fits perfectly to each and every one of you. And now, you have all come to a stage where you are no longer idle spectators or simple recipients of these wondrous energetic signatures. No, you also play an active part in the goings on in the form of actively tuning into your being the better not just to listen, but also respond back. This may sound confusing to some of you, for you will think you have no idea at all just how to respond to these incoming vibrations, but not to worry, for you all know this literally in your very bones. For this is indeed something that is old knowledge to all of you, and as such, this is not the first time you have done this, but it might be the first time you have a conscious understanding of what it is you actually do when you start up this multi frequency dialogue that is about to begin on a truly global basis.

Remember, you did not come here unprepared in any way, but this is all about allowing your old memories to come up to the surface again after having spent literally lifetimes hidden at the deeper layers of your consciousness. But now, it will all start to come to light again, in every sense of the word, and just like any skill you might have learned while still a young child, this too will suddenly seem to come naturally to you. For it is indeed simply something you have forgotten you knew how to do, but as soon as you start to tune into these brand new signals coming in, something will begin to stir within you, seemingly by its own accord, and you will find yourself literally swimming in familiar waters.

Be that as it may, still it is indeed imperative that you all remember to step away from the outside noise and step back into you in a way that will allow you to literally tune into yourself before the main broadcast if you will of these incoming signals begin to arrive. So once again we say do not let your focus be pulled away from you in the time ahead, even if there might be more than a little disturbance both in the near but also in the distant reaches of your surroundings. For as usual, whenever the light quotient begins to rise here on this little planet of yours, it also serves to stir up those still trying to make everyone ignore the light and rather focus their sight into those still dim and dank corners that they prefer mankind to hover about. So again we leave you with the reminder that whatever it is that tries to distract you from maintaining your focus on you inner world, do not let it take too much of your time, for this time, it is indeed of the highest importance that you follow the golden rule of maintaining a close and intimate connection with you own core.

For that is where the keys will fit perfectly, those keys that will be delivered to you all during this upcoming period, and if you are not ready to receive them yet or you simply allow yourself to drift away from you, then those inner chambers where these old skills lie waiting for you to find them will remain shut for a good while longer. And after spending so much time and so much effort getting to this point in time, we do hope you all will grasp this wonderful opportunity you get to really speed up your own progress in a very special way. So again we say go within, and sit down with yourself and prepare to listen in, both to what you have to tell yourself about your abilities to connect both to the inner and the outer worlds, but also to those signals that will come knocking on your door in these upcoming days. For these signals will be faint at first but they will indeed pick up both in magnitude and in frequency, and the better you are at preparing for them by allowing that inner dialogue to begin, the faster you will begin to have a true conversation with these incoming signals of the highest importance.

Again, this is not to make you feel uneasy about your ability to catch these messengers in flight as it were, rather, it is simply to remind you not to let yourself scatter your focus too wide, lest you should be too overwhelmed by anything that happens outside of you. For that will be very easy in the time ahead, as there are those still set on distracting you in all sorts of ways, and the only one who can choose where you choose to look, is you.

So let these incoming waves buffet you enough to remember to stop and refocus in a way that will enable you all to find the tune you have been looking for for such a long time now. For we know that if you let yourself open up to this, you will all find yourselves singing perfectly in tune with these incoming energetic emissaries, and together, you will make up a heavenly choir that in turn will help to retune this entire planet once again. Remember, whenever you reach another rung on this ladder of frequencies, you also serve to bring so many others along with you, and the more of you that allow these signals to act as those inner keys they are meant to be, the faster this process will go.

So to sum it all up; to increase the speed of this whole operation, we ask you all to slow down your own speed so that you have the time and the opportunity to simply stop in your tracks and listen in to these signals that have already started to reach your shores. And when you do, we venture to guess that you will all feel how your very being starts to hum in anticipation for what comes next. So let yourself sing along dear ones, and do not be afraid of singing out of tune, for you will all reach perfect pitch in the blink of an eye as soon as you allow yourselves to open up to this heavenly conversation. / link to original article


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