Sophia Love – Love Quest Day 3 – 17 September 2014

Sophia Love

Sophia Love

It is our third day. Perhaps you’ve begun to see with eyes of Agape. Perhaps not. Sometimes we look without seeing anyone at all. Not because there is no one there; it’s that we aren’t seeing.

Your heart asks you to pay attention to everyone within view. Everyone. If you consider the thought that you know almost everyone you’ll see today – from the days before today – why then would you need to focus even more on them? You’ve encountered them before and are pretty familiar with what they will probably say. Perhaps they ring up your groceries. Perhaps they sit at your dinner table. This doesn’t appear to demand your full involvement.

What if you were told that today you’d meet Source. You weren’t told who Source would show up as, but you were guaranteed that one of your conversations today would be with him/her. Now that would get your attention! What an incredible opportunity; to connect with Absolute Truth, Eternal Essence and Pure Love. You would be on high alert. Everyone would matter. Everyone.

Everyone does matter, and when you start to connect with them as if they do, magic happens. There are no small moments. There are no insignificant acts of love. Your heart knows this.

Seeing with your heart is sort of like using “X-ray vision” glasses. Only instead of bones you are looking at Truth. What’s there is a being, defining him or her self with each word and action. Although you may be hearing the words they are speaking, they are not about you. They are echoes of the internal dialog going on inside their head.

If you listen with your head, you’ll hear echoes of your own internal chatter. It’s a wonder any of us manage to communicate.

Seeing and listening from your heart opens up a whole new world of calm. Suddenly no one is at fault. Empathy becomes the great equalizer. Agape erupts without a sound.

The heart sees only unity. Today, see everyone as Source and watch what happens. When we sense familiarity and acceptance, we light up. It’ll be like walking around engulfed by “motion detector” lights.

We are One and we sparkle like a star studded sky…

We are the One we’ve been waiting for.

See you tomorrow,


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