‘What’s Left Is Us’: Final-Day Push Before Historic Scottish Independence Vote – 17 September 2014

RT logoCampaigners on both sides of Scotland’s independence referendum are trying to sway over 4 million registered voters in a last-day push before the historic vote gets underway.

Voters in Scotland will head to polls on Thursday to decide whether they want to stay in the 307-year-union with the rest of the UK or become independent.

Turnout is expected to be massive, with 4,285,323 people having registered to vote by the September 2 deadline. With 2012 Scottish government figures estimating 4,410,288 people aged 16 and over reside in Scotland, up to 97 percent of eligible voters could turn out to cast their ballots.

Three new polls, one by Opinium for the Daily Telegraph, another by ICM for the Scotsman, and a third by Survation for the Daily Mail, were published on Tuesday evening. With undecided voters excluded, they all suggested a lead for ‘No’ of 52 percent to 48 percent in favor of independence.

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