Wes Annac – Who Is Ra? – Part 10: The Law Of One – 18 September 2014

wes-annac-300x229Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

Previously, we learned about our universe’s dimensional growth structure, which is a simple and predictable structure of ascension from the first density ‘upward’, and now, we’re going to learn about the Law of One.

As most of you know, Ra’s material was compiled and published into what’s been called the ‘Law of One Books’, and Ra explains the Law of One in detail in these books. We’ll look at one of Ra’s explanations here, and most of what we’ll read will probably make sense to those of you who are passionate about unity.

As we’ll learn, we’re all one creator entity that’s been split and divided into various individual personalities, and our true nature is unity and oneness.

Ra gives us a simple outline of the law of one.


We embraced polarity so we could comfortably exist in the lower realms, but as Ra tells us, its pure illusion.

“In truth there is no right or wrong. There is no polarity, for all will be reconciled at some point in your dance through the mind/body/spirit complex with which you amuse yourself. This belief in polarity is chosen, instead of understanding the complete unity of thought that binds all things together.” (2)

Ra also gives a more direct interpretation of the Law of One.

You are every thing, every being, every emotion, every situation.

You are unity. You are infinity.

You are love/light, light/love.

You are.

This is the Law of One.” (3)

This is a very liberating and empowering thing to realize, and the next time we’re angry at someone for something they did, we can keep in mind that they are us in a different form. We can be upset at the cabal for everything they’ve done, for example, or we can realize that they represent an aspect of our consciousness that needs exposure and healing.

We’re all playing different yet similar roles in humanity’s ascension, and even those who’ve played the darkest roles are still aspects of the one consciousness we all comprise. The cabal will eventually be brought to justice for their crimes, and after this happens, we’ll have to accept them as an inalienable part of us.

We definitely need justice and accountability first, though.

Ra continues to describe the Law of One.

“The Law of One, although beyond all words, may be approximated by saying that all things are one; there is no polarity, no right or wrong, no disharmony, but only one identity. All is one; and that one is love/light, light/love, the Infinite Creator.” (4)

Could you imagine the effect this revelation would have on humanity’s ability to come together?

Realizing that we aren’t as separate as we’ve thought will help us diminish the division that’s kept so much of the world in extreme states of lack and poverty. If we cared about everyone else as much as we care about ourselves, we’d immediately take action to stop the atrocious human rights violations occurring around the world.

It’s up to us to realize how linked we really are and use this realization for good, and the longer we wait to start helping the rest of humanity, the longer it’ll take to bring our society into the light. People are suffering and dying every day, and it could just as easily be us.

Just because we live in different places than most of the people who are suffering and we don’t physically see what goes on, doesn’t mean we aren’t responsible for making a change. It’s very important to act on our unity and help everyone get a leg up in this difficult world, and I’m sure more people will arise as consciousness continues to grow.

Given that we’re all the creator, finding Source doesn’t just require meditation – it requires being constantly open and receptive.



Some seekers might think the only way we can connect with Source is with strict meditation, but everything in existence is comprised of our creator. No matter what we witness, we witness Source. When we go out to nature and enjoy the beautiful trees and flowers, for instance, we enjoy Source in another form.

When we go to a family member’s house to spend some time, we spend time with Source. No matter what we do or who we associate with, we associate with our infinite and all-loving creator because we all descended from Source’s realms to willingly take on the illusion of separation and finiteness.

We’re transcending this illusion now, but those of us who’ve become aware of its existence have a lot to do to help the rest of the world become aware and transcend it too.

As Ra affirms, even the tiniest atom is comprised of Source’s consciousness.

“The unity of the Creator exists, not only in a self-aware being, but within the smallest portion of any material created by Love.

“Each mind/body/spirit complex is a unique portion of the One Creator.” (6)

Jim Mccarty, who was involved in bringing Ra’s material to the world, tells us about the ‘mystery’ that’s inherent in every conscious being.

“All events are illusions or mysteries because each represents the One Creator in one disguise or another, offering us a greater or lesser opportunity to find love, joy, balance and perfection in each moment.” (7)

No matter what situation we find ourselves in, it has something to teach us.

We learn from everything we do and experience on earth, and this’ll still be true when we’re back in the higher realms. Our growth and learning will be as infinite as our perceptual abilities, and even when we’re in a much purer state of consciousness, we’ll still be discovering that we and everything around us are sacred aspects of the creator.

Our existence will continue to be mysterious until we’re back in Source’s inexplicably pure realms, and these realms are believed to exist far beyond any higher dimensions we’ll evolve into any time soon.

From the fifth dimension onward, we’ll continuously seek the sacred truths of our existence as we strive to know ourselves in a greater way, and we’ll have the direct assistance of guides and social memory complexes like Ra. In time, we may even become a part of a social memory complex.

Our opportunities and options will be endless in the higher realms, but we’ll still have a lot to learn about the true nature of existence.

We’ll learn in our next installment that ascension through the dimensions occurs in every galaxy, and we’ll also learn about the ‘veil of forgetfulness’ we willingly took on in order to exist in the limited vibrations of the earth.

As usual, we still have a lot to learn from Ra about various subjects that should make the picture of our existence a little clearer, and I remain grateful to Ra and every other genuine channeled source who’s given us detailed reports about our descent away from our creator and the continuous ascensions that’ll lead us back home.

It goes without saying that we’ll continue to grow and evolve once we reach the fifth dimension, and after a lot of hard work is done to rediscover everything we’ve forgotten, our existence will be truly graspable and we’ll happily and blissfully convene with our creator.

Source waits for us to start the greatest aspects of our ascension journeys, because our creator’s ready for us to fathom that he/she isn’t some bearded man in the sky who watches and judges our ‘sins’. Our creator’s far more infinite and loving than this skewered depiction, and in time, we’ll transcend the veils that were put over our eyes and see the light.


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