Steve Lendman – Ukrainian President Poroshenko in Washington – 19 September 2014

StevelendmanA previous article discussed his three-day North American tour. His illegitimacy doesn’t matter.

Nor his hardline anti-democratic fascist ideology, lawlessness or war without mercy against Ukrainian citizens.
He was treated like visiting royalty. Obama warmly greeted him at the White House. In late August, press secretary Josh Earnest issued a statement saying:
“President Obama will host President Petro Poroshenko of Ukraine at the White House on Thursday, September 18.”

“The visit will highlight the United States’ firm commitment to stand with Ukraine as it pursues democracy, independence, and stability.”
“President Obama looks forward to discussing with President Poroshenko efforts to pursue a diplomatic resolution to the crisis in eastern Ukraine as well as our continued support for Ukraine’s struggle to defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity.”
On September 18, Earnest reaffirmed US support, saying:
“The United States is firmly committed to supporting Ukraine as it works to establish security and stability, respond to humanitarian and reconstruction needs, conduct democratic elections and carry out constitutional reforms, restore its economy, and combat corruption.”
“Along with our international partners, including the IMF, the United States is committed to supporting Ukraine’s reform agenda while also ensuring that Ukrainians are able to determine their future without intimidation or outside coercion.”
Obama gave Poroshenko new security guarantees. Poroshenko asked for them. Especially ones related to “defense.” He “received a positive answer,” he said.
Both countries partner against democratic freedoms. Ukraine’s fascist government excludes them.
It prohibits democracy. It’s verboten. Illegitimate hardline rule prevails.
Obama supports, encourages and demands anti-democratic governance.
He presides over America’s police state apparatus. He wants Ukraine governed the same way.
He wants its economy crippled under IMF debt bondage. The late Bob Chapman once said “(t)he idea is to bring on perpetual economic and financial crisis so that the IMF’s work is never completed.”
Crippled economies masquerade as stable ones. “The IMF (is) the New World Order’s Gestapo.”
It “sets up formerly sovereign states as supplicant members of (US-controlled) world government.”
Washington’s “goal is a world bank to control all nations monetarily and financially.”
“Every major event is planned as are many smaller ones.”
“Nothing is ever as it seems to be.” Reality is polar opposite proliferated myths. Monied interests run things.
America bears full responsibility for global wars, instability, insecurity and human misery. Its Western partners, Israel and other rogue allies share it.
It’s way too late for scattered reforms. Major change is needed. Ordinary people have power when they use it.
Nonviolent disruptive power works best. Electoral politics doesn’t work. Rare exceptions prove the rule.
The late Chicago community organizer Saul Alinsky (1909 – 1972) once said the best way to beat organized money is with organized people.
It’s always bottom up. It’s never top down. It’s verboten in Ukraine and America. Their political systems are too corrupted to fix.
They show how power corrupts and absolute power does so absolutely.
On September 18, Poroshenko addressed a joint session of Congress. He lied suggesting Ukraine is “on the forefront of the global fight for democracy.”
He ludicrously claimed “freedom…is at the core of (its) existence today.”
He called Washington’s coup elevating fascist putschists to power “the most heroic story of the last decade.”
It showed “sacrifice, dedication and the unbreakable will to live free,” he claimed.
“The defenders of freedom were willing to sacrifice their lives for the sake of a better future.”
He claimed they did it with “sticks and shields.” He ignored Western trained neo-Nazi Ukrainian snipers murdering dozens of Maidan police and ordinary people.
Over 100 died. They were killed in cold blood. Washington’s dirty hands orchestrated what happened.
Poroshenko referred to the “Heavenly Hundred.”
“We revere them as true national heroes,” he said. They’re not martyrs. They’re victims of fascist viciousness.
Poroshenko didn’t explain. Nor his US or other Western partners. MSM scoundrels regurgitate official Big Lies.
Poroshenko’s address repeated one after another. Truth was systematically buried.
Congress wholeheartedly approves. So does Obama and top administration officials.
Poroshenko turned truth on its head claiming Russia invaded Ukraine. It’s waging war, he said. It “brought (the country) to the brink of its survival.”
You can’t make this stuff up. Truth is polar opposite Poroshenko’s Big Lies. He gets marching orders from Washington.
He salutes and obeys. Ukraine is America’s newest colony. Poroshenko is a convenient stooge leader.
He serves at Washington’s discretion. He’ll continue doing so as long as he remembers who’s boss.
He asked Congress “not to let Ukraine stand alone in the face of (nonexistent Russian) aggression.”
America committed to “stand behind Ukraine’s territorial integrity.”
“Democracies must support each other,” he said. “They must show solidarity in the face of aggression and adversity.”
“The (nonexistent) aggression against Ukraine has become one of the worst setbacks for the cause of democracy in the world in years.”
“The outcome of today’s war will determine whether we will be forced to accept the reality of a dark, torn, and bitter Europe as part of a new world order.”
Young Ukrainian army recruits “are the only thing that now stands between the reality of peaceful coexistence and the nightmare of a full relapse into the previous century and a new cold war,” he claimed.
War they’re “fighting today is not only Ukraine’s war.”
“It is Europe’s, and it is America’s war, too. It is a war of the free world – and for a free world!”
Poroshenko shamelessly claimed “Russian aggression” threatens “global security everywhere.”
“If they are not stopped now, they will cross European borders and spread throughout the globe.”
It bears repeating. You can’t make this stuff up. Poroshenko’s Big Lies didn’t rise to the level of bad fiction.
He asked Congress for more military support. He met with John Kerry. He got pledges to supply it.
According to Ukraine’s National Radio Company, Washington will provide “$350 million worth of military (and) technical assistance in 2015.”
It includes “anti-tank weapons, counter-artillery radars, unmanned aerial vehicles, and communications equipment.”
“This is stated in a bill posted on the Web site of the U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, which was filed on September 17 by U.S. Senators Robert Menendez and Bob Corker.”
“The document is to be tabled by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Thursday just hours after Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko addresse(d) a joint meeting of Congress.”
He thanked Washington for aid supplied. “Ukraine has the right to defend her territory,” he said. He “urge(d) America to lead the way!”
He ludicrously claimed Ukraine “always had a special bond” with America. Today it’s Washington’s “natural and consequential” regional partner.
It’s not “circumstantial,” he said. We’re “in the same boat,” he added.
At a time of “existential crisis, Ukraine’s choice was the same as America’s: freedom, democracy, and the rule of law,” he claimed.
It bears repeating what other articles stressed. Ukraine is the epicenter of European fascist reemergence.
Its lawlessness, belligerent, anti-democratic and fascist. Its no-holds-barred barbarity matches some of the world’s worst.
Its egregious human rights record reveals its dark side. Police state ruthlessness is official policy. So is state terror. War on fundamental freedoms persist.
Ukrainian democracy is pure fantasy. Fascist thugs run things. They represent mob rule. Unchecked power defines them.
They’re ruthless. They tolerate no opposition. It’s systematically eliminated.
Rogue states operate this way. Putschist ones have no legitimacy. Ukraine is one of the worst.
Washington provides wholehearted support. It encourages Kiev’s high crimes. It funds them.
It wants democracy advocates entirely eliminated. Vicious state terror tactics target them ruthlessly.
Western propaganda suppresses reality. Illegitimate putschist power is called democracy.
Mass murder is called self-defense. Freedom-fighting democrats are called “terrorists.”
Poroshenko wants more military aid. Southeastern Ukrainian self-defense forces battered Kiev’s troops.
They’re in disarray. They’re regrouping. They’re preparing for more conflict.
Ukraine needs “a strong army,” Poroshenko claimed.
“I see it as my utmost duty to rectify the damage done to the Ukrainian military and to give Ukraine a strong, modern army that we can be proud of.”
To wage premeditated naked aggression. To brutalize Ukrainian citizens.
To commit more mass murder. To tolerate no opposition.
To crush democracy advocates once and for all. To institutionalize fascist rule.
To ally with Washington and rogue EU partners against Russia. To risk East/West confrontation in the process.
Poroshenko urged closer US/Ukrainian military ties. He wants “special security and defense status.”
Receiving it means the “highest level of interaction with a non-NATO ally.”
In November 2002, a NATO/Ukraine Action Plan was instituted.
In February 2005, Ukraine became the first post-Soviet Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) nation to join NATO’s Partnership for Peace initiative.
In April 2005, it joined NATO’s Intensified Dialogue program.
In March 2008, it sent an official Membership Action Plan (MAP) application letter to Brussels.
It’s the first step to joining NATO. Washington supports it later. Not now. So do other key NATO member states.
Russia categorically opposes incorporating Ukraine into the Alliance. Both nations share a nearly 1,500 mile land and sea border.
Moscow won’t tolerate US-controlled NATO bases on its borders. Or encroaching multiple nuclear armed long-range missiles targeting its heartland.
It calls Ukrainian NATO membership “a direct (national security) threat.” It does so for good reason.
After his 2010 reelection, then Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych called Kiev/NATO relations “well-defined.”
He saw no reason for Ukraine to join NATO. Membership might “emerge at some point,” he explained.
“(W)e will not see it in the immediate future,” he stressed. Ukraine would remain a “European non-aligned state,”
On June 3, 2010, Ukraine’s parliament excluded “integration into Euro-Atlantic security and NATO membership.”
It prohibited Ukrainian membership in any military bloc. It permitted cooperation alone with ones like NATO.
That was then. This is now. Poroshenko and Washington intend incorporating Ukraine into NATO.
Expect it at America’s discretion. Expect strong Russian opposition. It remains to be seen precisely how Moscow will react.
Ukraine is its red line. Putin won’t let it be crossed. He won’t compromise Russia’s security.
His strategy will be revealed in the fullness of time. It bears repeating what other articles stressed.
America’s quest for unchallenged global dominance threatens humanity.Potential East/West confrontation looms. World peace hangs by a thread.

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