Bill Ballard – The Event – RV – ET Landings aAnd Other New Age Deceptions – 20 September 2014

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Ok guys… Check and see if you can watch this now. I had to change some Youtube settings that had been altered for me inside my Administrative Settings, Password Protected YouTube Account…. ha…. It looks as the videos are working now from my side the way it was originally posted. I have already posted this vid 4 times as I tried to do my usual length messages…. Lets see if this one works now.

When it rains, it pours. There was a post yesterday about New Age deceptions, about the RV, ET landings and all these false messages about dates and other such things that New Age Channels of 4th Dimensional level (at the highest) are bringing forth. Persons keep following these messages, many times because it makes them feel good…. Which THAT IS GOOD…. But not how reality works as that can very easily backfire as those events and dates don’t play out as was told by those who channel the messages. Always there are excuses and persons pardon those who brought forth such.

The downside to that is that persons have put so much energies, THEIR OWN ENERGIES into those dates and events and future potentials that they are counting on to change their life. When it does not happen then they get very down and depressed as THAT INDIVIDUAL was being ir-response-able to their own personal mastery… They gave up their power, energy and personal manifestation mastery….

It will be wonderful as persons finally realize that the power resides within self. One MUST master their own thought, emotion, and spiritual diet in order to develop their personal mastery…. NO ONE is coming to do this for you…. There will be NO PODS that can give you the LIGHT as well as take out that resistance (which requires mastery) that keeps or neutralizes one’s personal manifestation powers…. As a co-creator god…. It is up to the individual to realize what is going on here and that EVERYTHING outside of one’s own heart IS THE ILLUSION…. Ha…

Sooner or later the collective of humanity will finally get it. I don’t worry as that is what all this chaos is all about as NOTHING will change from our focusing on the exterior, until and unless each and EVERYONE changes their OWN INTERIOR… aka… HEART and perceptions which generates their reality. The User’s Manual for this Earth Transportation Mechanism we inhabit is only found inside your heart…. Only there will one master how this works….

With LOVE!
Here is a GREAT article about this New Age Deception…. I highly recommend reading this… Its good!…

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