John Ward – McMurdoch & McTwins Independence Casts Doubt On Scottish Indyref Result – 20 September 2014

JohnWFat old unelected tax evading media yobs given independence, but with no vote

This week – according to odd twins who aspire to rule the United Kingdom from a rock outcrop in the English Channel  –  was “historic” for the UK, in that “once and for all” the Scots (without any of the rest of us being asked) voted No in the Great “Shall I Stay or shall I Go?” shambles. The Barclay Twins – who, along with their equally arrogant son, speak through ever-willing priests here in the physical realm at the Daily Telegraph – offered fulsome gratitude to those clear-thinking Scots who voted “overwhelmingly” to stay as part of their UK….a UK to which the Terrible Twins owe everything, but give nothing – apart from their bird-brained views.

Long before this Referendum, the residents of Sark voted overwhelmingly to kick the Barclays out, but at the Torygraph such is an Orwellian Unfact, and not to be uttered unless one wishes to finish one’s career on the Ukrainian Front. Other unfacts this week there included  the use of ‘overwhelmingly’ to describe a 10% margin 55-45 – where 15% of those entitled to vote didn’t express their view.  True, such a turnout proves yet again that when something really important is at issue, the electorates are far from apathetic: they simply can’t see the point in engaging with General Elections where the chances of real change are close to zero. But anyone who thinks that, as a result of this referendum, Scottish Nationalism will pall is living in la-la-land: and/or on a small rocky outpost in the Channel made uninhabitable by Twatthrax.

Twatthrax is a terrible poison that some time ago seeped into the foundations of British journalism. It happened largely because of the insane fracking beneath the hallowed pavements of Fleet Street by the infection now identified as Merde d’Oc.…as a result of which, the dirt below offered a fertile home for lots of other megalomaniac insect life capable of killing all the fine wines of television, literature and investigative articles. That infestation was first identified as Bolloxera universalix, roughly translated into English today as It’s All Bollocks & that’s Official (IABATO). / link to original article

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