John Ward – Globalist Crooks : Slog & Friends 3 Orange 0. – 21 September 2014

orangeThe bullying Bill Sykes that is the human face of globalism

Last week (having posted about truly appalling and mendacious Orange service) I came across one of the standard dingbat threads at The Slog (it’s probably the most popular) in which somebody says “Serves you right for using (named supplier). Don’t use them and they will go bust”. It’s not only nonsense of course (in almost every hitech/comms sector, demand still vastly exceeds supply) but it misses the point that I waste my time explaining to dweebs about once a quarter – at the end of which posts, they usually say the same thing again.

This time, however, the braindeath of the remark was exacerbated by abuse:

“Only a moron would choose to use Orange. Speaks volumes really”.

It’s the second time he’s done it, so I banned him this time. The rules here are very simple: one instance of bad language or personal abuse and you get a yellow card; do it again and you’re out.

As an online observer, I can take two sorts of approaches to writing about arrogant globalist liars:

1. Go on hearsay, and peddle that hearsay by wittering on about how clever I am not to use them. Or…

2. Use them, report the facts about them, get them dealt with and – best of all – beat them.

My guess is that the latter approach is less egocentric and more constructive. Anyway, after breaking their “we’ll be with you to fix a problem within the hour” by a mere three weeks, Orange pitched up last Friday.

They turned up because I did what always works in these circumstances: I got another phone user to ring Orange’s media centre and ask them why they were ignoring the plight of a 66 year-old man who was looking after his dying wife without any support.

Came the next morning  first thing, a large blob (powered by what I assumed to be flippers) and topped off with what looked like pudenda turned up, who on closer examination turned out to be a very fat bloke with a beard.

“There is a fault in the connection between your dwingle and the remote transverse zangometer,” he asserted, “and that’s not covered by our guarantee. I will have to get a colleague to help me. This will cost you €127.”

Enter my Polish secret weapon, Kristyan.

“I think not,” he began, “the connection is working. The fault is in your zangometric upthrust, and that’s covered by the guarantee. There is also the phone line not working, and only yesterday you told us that’s due to a fault at your HQ. And you don’t need a colleague to fit something this simple. By the way, Mr Ward will be also be asking for a rebate for lost access, and may possibly seek damages for lost voice business – which by your own admission is entirely your fault”.

Collapse of stout, not to say morbidly obese, party.

You see, when people with the right knowledge help people without that knowledge, then the globalist has to back off. This is called community mutualism.

That’s what these articles are meant to be about. I can’t believe there are any relatively advanced primates out there by now who don’t get this, but if there are, be warned: from here on, there’ll be no second warning. I’m not interested in self-aggrandising, smart-arsed thread comments, because they damage the added value I’ve spent over six years trying to illustrate at The Slog.

And Mr Troll, you can keep on adding IP addresses and identities, but you cannot get past moderation any more, and you will be spurned as spam. So give it up, chum – you’re wasting your time.

Thank you. / link to original article

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