Lisa Gawlas – Action: Assertive Love. No More Passivity!! – 21 September 2014

lisagawlas2Boy oh boy, what a complex and diverse day of readings yesterday was, but not in the way I was expecting.  Silly me, I will get beyond expectation one day… soon I hope lol.  My first lady showed up still on this side of the moon, her hands clutching that electric wire as tightly as she could.  I actually blinked several times to be sure this is what I was actually seeing, given yesterdays touch down to the earth and stuff.  Nope, I couldn’t change it and finally understood this was exactly the place she was in.  Holding on so tightly to her old story, her old connections and her energy field was just spinning in circles and going nowhere fast.  Even the energy coming out of her mouth was tired, exhausted even, dare I say monotone.  This precious lady was given a gift of complete change several months ago, she acted on it, became uncomfortable and moved back into her old life, with all the old stories just repeating themselves.  Energetically, she is so prepared for this massive shift and yet, the unknown is too…. uncomfortable and she retreated to the old familiar.  Nothing I tried to do while in session with her would loosen the death grip she had on that electrical wire, stopping herself from going into the belly of the moon and emerging anew.

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