EPA Does Not Have To Address Call To Mandate Labeling Of Hazardous Pesticide Ingredients – Judge – 22 September 2014

RT logoThe US Environmental Protection Agency does not need to face claims that it should require the labeling of potentially hazardous inert ingredients in pesticides, a federal judge has ruled. The agency dodged dissenting pro-health groups for eight years.

The agency was petitioned in 2006 to consider mandatory disclosure of hundreds of hazardous and non-hazardous ingredients. The EPA already requires pesticide manufacturers to list active ingredients on a product’s label, but inert ingredients can be withheld.

The Center for Environmental Health and Californians for Pesticide Reformpetitioned the EPA to devise a plan to require labeling 374 inert chemicals on pesticide products that “have been determined to be hazardous under other environmental laws and regulated as such by the EPA,” according to the 2006 complaint.

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