Flood Wall Street Takes Over NYC’s Business District – 22 September 2014

RT logoJust one day after more than 300,000 people took part in the world’s largest climate-related protest, thousands of more rebellious activists risked arrest to shut down part of New York City’s financial district to demand action against global warming.

United under the “Flood Wall Street” banner, some 2,000 demonstrators streamed into New York’s financial district Monday afternoon and promptly sat down in the streets. The sit-in, which organizers say is aimed at confronting “corporate polluters and those profiting from the fossil fuel industry,” completely shut down traffic in the area.

Activists, many of whom took part in the Occupy Wall Street protests three years ago, did not have a permit for the demonstration from the New York Police Department, meaning they risked arrest for participating. National Lawyers Guild members sprinkled through the crowd handed out legal advice to those at the scene, and several people have already been arrested.

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