Steve Lendman – Reactions To Obama’s Naked Aggression Against Syria – 24 September 2014

StevelendmanOn Tuesday, Obama attacked another country lawlessly. Syria poses no threat to America.
Obama bombed multiple sites. He did so with no legal authority. He committed lawless aggression.
He’s done it repeatedly throughout his tenure. It’s the highest of high crimes against peace.
He violated international, constitutional and US statute laws. The 1996 US War Crimes Act calls them “grave breaches.”

Obama’s wars are Nuremberg-level crimes. They demand accountability. Expect none forthcoming.
His so-called coalition allies include a rogue’s gallery of despotic regimes. He said he’s “proud” to be allied with them.
Syria is the seventh country he bombed in less than six years in office. The others are Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Libya, Somalia and Yemen.
US special forces operate covertly and overtly in over 130 countries worldwide. They’re not good will ambassadors. They’re trained killers.
CIA elements operate everywhere. They’re agents of state terror. Their mission is supporting imperial lawlessness.
Obama acted extrajudicially. Security Council members alone may authorize war. It can do so only in self-defense.
Days earlier, John Kerry lied calling military action against Syria “a matter of national security.”
“It’s a matter of the credibility of the United States of America,” he said. “It’s a matter of upholding the interests of our allies and friends in the region.”
Deputy national security advisor Ben Rhodes lied claiming terrorists from a so-called Khorasan Group plan “attacks in the United States and Europe.”
“We believe that attacking was imminent and that they had plans to conduct attacks external to Syria,” he added.
“Plotting…was ongoing from” its territory, he claimed. “(S)trikes (undertaken were) aimed to disrupt” it, he added.
False! Targets struck had little or nothing to do with it. So was their timing.
Khorasan is more fiction than fact. It’s a Jahbat al-Nusra (awa as Nusra Front) group.
It’s a valued US/Israeli ally against Syria. Claiming it’s America’s latest alleged threat turns truth on its head. It’s done to justify the unjustifiable.
Washington’s only enemies are ones it invents. It does so to wage one war after another.
To assure instability. To prevent peace. To benefit monied interests. To advance its imperium.
On September 23, Obama’s UN envoy Samantha Power addressed UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. She did so by letter.
She tried justifying the unjustifiable. She fooled no one. She fell woefully short. In part, she said:
“…Iraq…fac(es) a serious threat of continuing attacks from ISIL coming out of safe havens in Syria.”
Its government “asked that the United States lead international efforts to strike ISIL sites and military strongholds in Syria in order to end (ongoing attacks), to protect Iraqi citizens, and ultimately to enable and arm Iraqi forces to perform their task of regaining control of the Iraqi borders.”
Fact: Its US-installed puppet regime was pressured, bullied and threatened to support Obama’s new regional wars, or else!
“ISIL and other terrorist groups in Syria are a threat not only to Iraq, but also to many other countries, including the United States and our partners in the region and beyond,” Power claimed.
“The Syrian regime has shown that it cannot and will not confront these safe-havens effectively itself.”
“Accordingly, the United States has initiated necessary and proportionate military actions in Syria to eliminate the ongoing ISIL threat to Iraq…”
It “initiated military actions in Syria against al-Qaida elements known as the Khorasan Group to address threats that they pose to the United States and our partners and allies.”
Lt. General William Mayville heads US Joint Chiefs of Staff operations. He called Tuesday’s strikes “the beginning of a credible and sustainable, persistent campaign” against IS and other Takfiri extremists.
He expects it to continue for years. Pentagon officials call it America’s “long war.”
On Tuesday, US warplanes dropped more ordnance on Syrian targets than during scores of attacks on Iraq to date.
Dozens of civilians died. They included ruthlessly murdered children. US wars show no mercy.
Perhaps hundreds of thousands of Syrians will perish before Obama’s campaign ends. It’s one of history’s greatest crimes.
The worst is yet to come. Washington bears full responsibility. Rogue NATO partners, Israel, Jordan and Gulf state dictatorships share it.
Dick Cheney said earlier America’s wars won’t end in our lifetime. They’re permanent wars. They’re waged when America’s only enemies are ones it invents.
Historian Gabriel Kolko calls America’s history “violen(t), racis(t), repressi(ve) (and) cultural(ly) mendaci(ous).”
It’s been this way from inception. Howard Zinn called it “genocide” against people at home and abroad.
Committed “brutally and purposefully,” he said. Done so “in the name of progress…” Buried “in a mass of other facts (like) radioactive wastes…”
America’s holocaust continues in new forms. It’s unparalleled in scope, ruthlessness and duration.
Reinventing history suppresses it. The worst of its genocidal crimes are portrayed as advancing democratic values. Big Lies repeat with disturbing regularity.
Syria stopped short of condemning US attacks. On Tuesday, Assad said he’ll continue waging war on terrorism. He supports international efforts doing so.
Syria’s Foreign Ministry said Washington “informed (its UN) representative…that strikes will be delivered at Islamic State positions in Raqqa.”
Its Foreign Minister Walid al-Moellem said fighting terrorism requires not supporting, financing and training extremist groups against Syria.
If America intends confronting them effectively, it must do so within a UN framework, he stressed. Syria, Iran, Russia must be involved. All nations must cooperate against a common threat.
“The move to establish an international alliance to face the terrorism of ISIS is not debatable,” said al-Moellem.
“For decades, Syria called for holding an international conference on combating terrorism as it has realized (its) danger.”
“Since the beginning of the crisis, (it) said that terrorism will affect its supporters and funders and will spread outside the country to reach even Europe and the US.”
“We must distinguish between the international efforts in the framework of the Security Council’s resolution No. 2170 to combat the terrorism of the ISIS, Jabahat al-Nusra and other al-Qaeda-linked terrorist organizations, and the hidden intentions of the US and its allies as the members of this alliance are the same countries which have conspired against Syria for more than three years.”
“Any violation of Syria’s sovereignty is aggression,” he stressed.
Russia opposes Wednesday’s Security Council resolution under Chapter VII, he said.
It’s why Obama authorized bombing before it was tabled for debate.
Iranian President Hassan Rohani condemned US airstrikes. They lack legal authority, he said. Damascus granted no permission.
On September 23, a Russian Foreign Ministry statement said:
“In connection with the missile and air strikes on the positions of the terrorist organization the Islamic State in Syria, launched by the United States with support from a number of other countries, Russia would like to note that such actions can be carried out only within the framework of international law.”
“This implies not a formal unilateral notification of the strikes, but the existence of explicit consent of the Syrian government or a relevant decision by the UN Security Council.”
“Russia’s firm position on this issue was confirmed by President Vladimir Putin during a telephone conversation with UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on 22 September.”
“Fighting terrorism in the Middle East and North Africa requires coordinated efforts of the international community under the auspices of the United Nations.”
“Attempts to pursue geopolitical objectives and violations of the sovereignty of states in the region can only aggravate tensions and further serve to destabilize the situation.”
“Moscow has repeatedly warned that those who initiate the unilateral use of force bear full international and legal responsibility for its consequences.”
Russia’s lower house Duma international relations committee chairman Alexei Pushkov condemned Washington’s “strange logic.”
It’s trying to enlist Moscow’s Security Council support against the Islamic Staten (IS).
He called America a “weakening world hegemon.” Its efforts to effectively address international challenges fail.
It needs Moscow’s support, he explained. It does so at a time of irresponsible Russia bashing over Ukraine, its support for Syria, and its opposition to imperial lawlessness.
“The US, Brussels and the European capitals should make a choice  (about) what they think Russia is for them – a country (theyre) trying to make a pariah state or (one) they need to cooperate to control the extremely difficult processes in various parts of the world,” he said.
Last week Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich said planned US airstrikes would be a “gross violation” of international law and an “act of aggression.”
Putin called them unacceptable without Syria’s explicit consent. Without strict observance of international law.
Without recognizing Syrian sovereignty. Without cooperating with its government against a common threat. Without getting Security Council authorization to do so.
UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is a longtime imperial tool. He failed to denounce US lawlessness.
He said Obama’s bombing campaign is conducted without Syria’s consent. But it’s government was informed beforehand.
Doing so is like getting a message from a serial killer saying you’re next.
On Wednesday, SC members will consider a resolution to suppress foreign extremist fighters.
Reuters got a draft copy. It’s unclear if changes were made.
Obama hopes for unanimous passage. He won’t likely get it.
It calls for UN Charter Chapter VII use of force. According to Reuters, it “gives the Security Council authority to enforce decisions with economic sanctions or force.”
It “does not mandate military force to tackle the foreign fighter issue.”
It targets extremists traveling to conflict theaters worldwide.
It “decides all States shall ensure their domestic laws and regulations establish serious criminal offenses sufficient to provide the ability to prosecute and to penalize in a manner duly reflecting the seriousness of the offense.”
It mandates all countries prohibit their citizens from involvement in activities “for the purpose of the perpetration, planning, or preparation of, or participation in, terrorist acts, or the providing or receiving of terrorist training.”
It requires them to be “consistent with international human rights law, international refugee law, and international humanitarian law, prevent and suppress the recruiting, organizing, transporting or equipping” of foreign fighters.”
It’s Obama’s legal cover for force. Russia opposes extrajudicial US bombing. It wants Chapter VI authorization. It prohibits force.
Washington’s scheme is thin-veiled. It’s so-called war on terrorist groups masks its regime change objective.
It wants Assad ousted. Takfiri extremists are America’s proxy shock troops. Bombing Syrian targets provide air support.
On August 15, Security Council members unanimously adopted a UK-introduced resolution targeting IS and Nusra Front.
It condemned foreign fighter recruitment. It threatened sanctions against nations, groups or individuals involved in financing or facilitating foreign fighter travel.
It called on Member States “to require that airlines under their jurisdiction provide advance passenger information to the appropriate national authorities in order to detect the departure from their territory, or attempted entry into or transit through their territory” of UN sanctioned individuals.
It requires nations to prevent anyone believed to be involved with terrorist groups from transiting through their territories.
Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said America supports terrorism. It’s “not morally qualified to lead an anti-terrorism coalition because it is the mother of terrorism…”
It supports its terrorist ally Israel. Its Iraq and Syria wars are illegal. They’re pretexts to pursue regional dominance.
Internationally recognized economist Rodrique Tremblay once said “(t)he world should be worried about those who go around the planet with a can of gasoline in one hand and a box of matches in the other, pretending to (be) sell(ing) fire insurance.”
Everyone should be worried today, he believes. The “Empire of Chaos and its coalition of terrorism financiers (are) selling fictitious ‘security covers’ to the people of the Middle East by bombing their own colonies of terror and violence in Syria.”
America wants Syria destoyed. “Emperor Obama…has no clothes,” said Tremblay. His “bogus coalition” has no legitimacy.
It’s a “coalition of the killing.” It’s so-called “boogeyman” is America’s own making. Mossad was very much involved. So were regional terror states.
Stopping terrorism requires not “participating in it,” Tremblay stressed. Washington’s campaign is madness.
Iraqis and Syrians alone can defeat the ” ‘American Caliphate’ and rid its medieval/violent ideology from their territories.”
On September 23, Moon of Alabama (MOA) headlined “Concealed by US Airstrikes Israel Opens Nusra Path to Lebanon.”
It said US bombing won’t work. IS will “gain further legitimacy.”
Obama’s coalition of Arab dictatorships reveals Washington’s dark side intentions. MOA called the Khorasan Group a “Pentagon FUD invention (fear, uncertainty and doubt).”
It’s nothing new. It’s part of Jabhat al Nusra.
IS prepared in advance for US attacks. It dispersed its fighters, weapons and other capabilities.
Israel’s downing a Syrian fighter aircraft showed support for Takfiri extremists. Its claim about it violating Israeli territory is suspicious at best.
“(T)he reported crash site was far from its border near Kanaker, Syria…(It’s) halfway between the demarcation line and Damascus.”
Some plane remnants fell into Mediterranean waters. With US support and protection, Israel established a de-facto no-fly zone around surrounding Golan territories.
It lets Jabhat al-Nusra use a safe corridor to south Lebanon. Doing so lets it confront Hezbollah. It “opens space for new attacks on Damascus.”
MOA found no credible evidence about US airstrikes hitting IS “major weapons or ammunition depots.” None exists.
It bears repeating what other articles stressed. IS is the pretext. So are other Takfiri extremists.
Syria is the target. Regime change is the objective. Advancing America’s imperium matters most.
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