Wes Annac – We’re All Incarnate Masters – 24 September 2014

wes-annac-300x229 Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

Every conscious seeker’s an incarnate master who doesn’t realize it yet. Despite that we’ve taken on a ‘veil of forgetfulness’ here in the lower realms, we’ll grasp our true mastery as our spiritual awareness continues to grow and we’ll see that we’re the spiritual warriors we’ve been waiting for.We’re capable of making all of the miraculous changes that need made before we can collectively ascend, and I think it’s important to realize just how powerful we are. Some people in the conscious community might not resonate with the idea of power, but just because it’s been corrupted doesn’t mean it isn’t still an important or helpful concept.

Realizing and acting on our innate mastery will help us redefine ‘power’, and soon enough, we’ll see that power can be good or bad based on how we define and use it. There’s nothing wrong with having a lot of power as long as we use it positively and progressively, but it’s obviously been abused on this planet for centuries.

I’m excited for more seekers to realize how powerful they are, because when they do, they’ll happily and gracefully step up to offer themselves to the restoration of consciousness, which will precede the greatest changes we’ve heard so much about.

Our modern channeled sources have told us a lot about our mastery and the power we carry within, and they seek to help us see that we truly are incarnate masters so we can use the greater perception that’ll result to help the rest of the world find the light.

Humanity could certainly use the boost that’ll result from the conscious public realizing how powerful we are, and after a while, no person on this planet will go without the essential understanding that they’re powerful masters-in-training.

Hilarion through Marlene Swetlishoff tells us that the time has come to take our perception of our mastery to the next level.

“It is time to step up to the next level of your journey. That which you are waiting for is your own remembrance of the magnificence you are. This remembrance is coded within you, and it is connected to an event in your life that will or has already taken place.” (1)

According to the Arcturian Group via Marilyn Raffaele, our mastery’s harder to realize and attain on earth than it is in the higher realms.

“You are powerful beings of Light but when in the physical, do not remember this.

“The human experience causes many to think of themselves simply as flesh that will die and that is nothing after death. Because of this, these dear ones often relentlessly seek lives that encompass everything they believe to be good and important regardless of consequences.

“You often hear the phrase; ‘You only have one life so live it to the fullest.’ Well yes, do live to the fullest, which means living in a consciousness of truth and not human concepts. You do have only one life on earth–one at a time.” (2)

The conscious community, the Arcturian Group tells us, resonates with ‘higher truths’ because of the deeper understanding we’ve come to the earth with.

“You have all lived hundreds of lifetimes. You who read and resonate with these messages are old souls. Know that you are able to resonate with the energy of higher truths because they are your attained state of consciousness–otherwise messages of truth would make no sense.

“Energy flows and resonates with like energy which is why you are now discovering that certain people, foods, entertainments etc. no longer seem important–your resonance has changed while these things have not–you no longer resonate with them.” (3)

Realizing how spiritually powerful we are will help us see that we’re no different from the conscious pioneers of our past who made a big impact on society, the Arcturian Group explains.

“If you seek to come into the actual realization that you are all the things you have been seeking, then you must realize that the ‘saints’ and ‘holy ones’ of the past as well as the present, are no different from you. It is only that they know who they are, they remember. That is the only difference.” (4)

Isn’t it interesting that we can do just as much as the conscious pioneers from our past who really got the world’s attention? We can change the world just like they did, and all it requires is openness, upliftment and the ability (and willingness) to see that we’re just as capable of awakening the world and creating change as them.

We can put all of ourselves into our work to help humanity become aware, and if we do this with faith and confidence in ourselves and the wonderful place our efforts will take us, we might get the world’s attention just like the seekers of our past.

We might be able to make even more changes than they did – especially if we start working together. The conscious community grows by the day, and one can only imagine how much we’d get done if we all did our work hand-in-hand. The earth could change in no time!

According to The Angels via Elizabeth Ayres Escher, most of us are angels who incarnated on earth to help uplift humanity.

“Would it surprise you to know that many of you now embodied are angels? You have chosen to take the human path of incarnation rather than to remain in the Light Worlds.

“For this you have given up much, but also you gain much in faster spiritual evolution than is possible in more static environments of the Lighted Worlds.” (5)

It’d surprise a lot of seekers to learn that they were actually angels before coming to earth, and it might motivate them to contribute to humanity’s ascension with more enthusiasm than they would have if they thought they were simple humans with no greater background or destiny.

As we’re starting to learn, our respective backgrounds are greater than most of us think, and we’ll see just how lighted and noble we are when we’re back in the higher realms. Our missions won’t be complete by far, but we’ll have an idea of our power and the mastery that lies within it.

Despite that we don’t tend to feel like masters when the earth’s density weighs on us, Sanat Kumara via Linda Dillon encourages us to see that we absolutely are.

“You, yes in partnership but that is what partnership means, we do not do it all, you are the servants of the Mother the strongest of the strong, masters, how many times do we need to say this? You came to Earth in your mastery and you say to me, ‘Well, SK I sure don’t feel it.’

“Well, nevertheless this is the truth, the stand alone truth; you are the masters. Look at what you are creating.” (6)

According to Saint Germaine via Linda Dillon, our mastery allows us to exist in simultaneous dimensions without fragmenting our personality or our perception.

“So your new body is anchored in the 7th.  This is where you have stored it. This is where you have been working on it.

“This is where you have been formulating the beauty of who you’re stepping into. And I use this as an example simply because it is true of most Beings and if you think, Dear Hearts who listen and who will listen that this is not true of you, well, you are wrong. So start; find where you have built your New You.

“Now we are not going to leave it at that because part of Nova Earth, these are the tools you have asked for, part of Nova Earth and the building of Terra Gaia, is not this fragmentation and that is part of the fear factor of what you are looking at.

“You are thinking ‘Well, if I’m in the 3rd, the 4th, the 5th, the 6th, the 7th, I feel fragmented’.

“The truth is that that is the unified grid, that you can be in all of these places because you are not a limited Being. You are these phenomenal Beings, the Creator Race that has come to fulfill and close the circle for Creation.” (7)

We’re capable of far more than most of us realize, and this includes the ability to exist in various dimensions – in some cases, without even realizing it. I recently wrote about the ‘gatekeepers’, and those among us who consider themselves gatekeepers probably exist in various dimensions at once and balance it just fine.

There’ll inevitably be some difficulty along the way, but being a master isn’t about being finished with difficulty – it’s about handling difficulty with love and willingness. We can handle any and every challenge we take on, and we’re proving this as we shine our light from the earth’s dense and nearly suffocating vibrations.

There are ‘many from other planets’ helping humanity ascend, The Arcturian Group advises, and we’re all beautiful and special in our own way.

“There are many from other planets here in human body simply to add their Light to this process. The higher dimensional Light of so many enlightened Ones is serving to dissolve the false and bring about the personal Ascension of many while still in physical body.

“Those of you reading and resonating with the Arcturian messages can rest assured that you chose to be here at this powerful time to be a part of this.

“First of all, I emphasize to you how precious you are. How deeply valued, not as an instrument of our will, not as an expression of our being, for are we not united? Of course. But your uniqueness, your expression, is splendid. Let me be very clear about this.” (8)

Plenty of seekers have said before that realizing our power (and our beauty) is the first step to acting on it, and the Arcturian Group and plenty of others are with us to help us see our beauty so we can help all of humanity see theirs. The result will be that the whole world is awake and willing to make the changes that clearly need made to our society.

We obviously have a lot to do to transform this planet into the heavenly utopia we’re ready to see, and sometimes, we just have to have some confidence in ourselves and the importance of our sacred missions. Self-empowerment is the first step to doing or creating anything significant, and the next step is to empower each other.

Our channeled sources will continue to empower us, but they can only do so much. Let’s get active in helping each other see that we’re each here on a divinely ordained mission, because we can’t heal the planet if we don’t see that we’re in a great position to do so.

The more we empower ourselves and each other, the quicker the changes we’ve been waiting to see can manifest, because we’ll be the ones to create them.

I’ve talked with some seekers who’ve said they resonate with the idea that we’re meant to change the world but don’t know exactly how they can do so, and I think the first step is to see that we’re the masters we’ve looked to our channeled sources to be.

They’re masters in their own right, but given that they weren’t as comfortable with the idea of incarnating on earth as us, this shows that we’re in a much greater, more masterful position to create change than we realize. Let all of the conscious community feel empowered, because we’re here to transform the surface of a once lost (but never forgotten) planet.


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