‘Westminster Isn’t Working For Wales’: Welsh Join Scots In Call For More Powers – 24 September 2014

 Image from Scottish referendum solidarity rally, partyofwales.org

Image from Scottish referendum solidarity rally, partyofwales.org

Forty-nine percent of Welsh citizens are demanding the same devolved powers currently offered to Scotland following last week’s referendum. But a new poll shows support for Welsh independence has dropped to its lowest level.

Leanne Wood, leader of Welsh nationalist party Plaid Cymru, said the current Wales Bill should be redrawn and that a new one should be introduced alongside the revised Scotland Bill.

“It would be unthinkable and unacceptable if MPs voted for substantial new powers for Scotland whilst also voting on a second rate bill for Wales,” Wood said in a party statement.

“If our devolution journey has taught us anything it is that piecemeal, incremental change in our settlement leads to unsatisfactory outcomes for the people of Wales,” she said. “The Wales Bill is already inadequate and it would be insulting for its inadequacy to be further highlighted by new arrangements for Scotland.”

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