Lisa Gawlas – Have You Let It All Go And Untangled From The Past?? – 25 September 2014

lisagawlas2Man oh man, when spirit said the blow back of what you do or do not do returns faster than ever before, they weren’t shitting.  The day before the equinox, my team, which I heard loud and clear, suggested I take my contact out before I go to sleep that night.  Now, considering the first reading of that day said we will be plugged into the equinox energy as we go to sleep that night, should have been enough for me to be compliant.  Anytime we have a major energy influx and I have my contact in, my eye (I only wear one at a time for monovision) it becomes irritated as all hell because the energy gets trapped under the contact instead of allowed to flow thru the eye.  I thought about their suggestion for a minute, then declined.  What the hell was I thinking??  Like my team comes thru the veil and suggests anything just to hear themselves talk!

I woke up the morning of the equinox with liquid just bellowing from my eye with the contact in it.  Now, you would think the first thing I did when I woke up was take that pesky thing out… ohhh hell no.  I so dislike wearing my glasses I figured I would endure the pain and it will subside as the morning went on.  (Just a note, my glasses do no have bifocals in them, so I am constantly putting them on and taking them off so I can see up close or far away, annoying!!)  What we don’t learn from, we repeat, bigger and louder!!  (And it is a choice, not a must, unless we must lol!!)

By the time I got to the first reading of the day, I had a constant stream of tears running down the right side of my face and of course, the eyes don’t want to run around alone, so they engaged the right side of my sinuses to run with it, and let me tell you, the energy on the field was high-octane, searing my eye even more.  I swear there still is a stubborn child inside of me who wants what she wants regardless of the price.  Pesky human!!  It didn’t matter that for a full week, the energy that writes thru me kept saying, don’t hesitate, act instantly… no no no, I am determined to be that living example of what not to do!!

By the end of the second reading, I gave in and pulled my contact out… holy freakin hell batman, pain on steroids!!!  My bad, completely and absolutely on me.  I was just grateful I could see the field thru it all.  That alone is a major miracle in and of itself.  But lets talk about that for a moment… the equinox energy!!

When my first lady of the day showed up, thankfully we were no longer up near the moon nor suspended in air, she had this long tether coming out of the moon suspended directly over that magnetic button I have been seeing at the ground level, marking the onset of the equinox energy.  The button at the ground was already ignited with intense silver-gray energy (silver being the highest vibration of earth energy I see and the gray representing the light illumination within the once black/unseeable energy) spitting out from it and radiating about 3-4 feet upwards.  I had to laugh as I watched my beautiful lady, hanging on to that tether, shimmy down to the magnetic upflow of energy then quickly shimmy back up, over and over again.  I could feel the intensity of change that awaited her full arrival and her hesitation within it.

What I found really kewl and exciting with her, I tried to pry her fingers loose from that tether so that she would just drop down to the ground, as soon as I got one finger opened, an energy wave was released from her hand.  Her reach for life, the deepest desires in her heart and soul, released a wave of energy to what we perceive as the future for her greatest outcome.  I never seen or felt that before, I always understood that from shoulder to finger tips represented our reach for life, the hands and fingers themselves are our ability to grasp what is in front of us and pull it into our created reality, but never realized there are waves of energy that is released from the hands to amplify that attraction.  No wonder spirit keeps saying to let go, because when you are hanging on to anything, it traps the energy (kinda like my contact did!!)

My second lady of the day was still up on this side of the moon.  I was surprised to see how dark it now was up there.  Of course, with the way these days are passing so quickly and the full moon still being present in the readings, I didn’t realize how close we were to the actual new moon.  I could see her trying to climb up the side of the moon, trying so hard to get to the top and make her way into the belly of the moon for rebirth, but all her effort she kept sliding back down.  I realized there was a gravitational pull at her feet that kept her from reaching her desired destination.  Now, I have been reading for her off and on for the last two years, her teams consistent guidance to her was to remove herself from her husbands energy field.  Together they are toxic and the laws of karma, when entangled in the home, must flow to the density of lesson.  So I asked her, ya still with your husband?  Of course.

Energetically, she is ready to rebirth within herself, which is why she was aligned to the moon to begin with, but ya gotta get yourself out of the gravitational field of the old, especially when it is so dense.

What I found interesting too, as I looked at her two choices, remain in the old, let go and be in the new, I could not see the old earth at all.  It is like choosing to be in a state of suspended animation where nothing finds lift old or new.

Which brings me to another reading I had on this equinox day.  My beautiful virgin upon the field (I am getting a lot of virgins these days, hurray, new puzzle pieces!) was rotating at the ground level in the middle of the silver-gray energy, head over heals over and over again.  She looked like a human rotisserie!!  She finally stopped and plugged her crown energy into the button of the equinox, immediately I understood that this is going to be a very profound bridgeway for her consciousness.  The expansion, the understandings, the new applications to help serve others as we embark onto the new world, allowing her profession that was currently sitting on the back burner of her life “a life coach” to start to come to the fore again and be a newly enhanced focus of her upcoming future.  Then she asked me a question about her husband.  I looked and looked and could not find him… until I looked so far back in her time and suddenly a cliff opened up and way down below, there he was.  I now know where the old world/earth is!!  Man is it dark and dense there!  Phew!  Once again, very reminiscent to the other lady of the day, if she keeps moving forward in her field of light, the cord between them has to snap/severe.  He is very content in the old world.  She mentioned that they are more like roommates, good friends, but that’s all.  Then she asked about a lover she had in her life, I couldn’t pick him up at all, but it is the reply to another question that really got my attention.  Like so many of us, her heart desires that passionate, twin soul kind of relationship and asked if i could see something like that in her future.

I poked my antenna into the realms of the future and could feel an energy bundle that had every intention of being this passionate relationship, but every time I tried to connect with him, he moved.  Stranger still, it was like spirit put an energy sack over him, so all I could do was know the potential was out there… but in this new world, in this amazing field of love we are moving into, no entanglements allowed.  It breaks the very magnetic flow of energy that would bring the two together.

Clarity of heart and energy matrix is demanded now.

Think about it, we have chosen to die and rebirth ourselves.  If this was a literal death, you cannot bring your home, your relationships, your job, your (fill in the blank) with you.  Only your soul goes back Home.  SAME HERE!!!  What does go with you to the other side of the veil (and this new earth) is the LOVE.  So know, with all your heart, that all that is of pure unconditional love will move forward with you, but even in that, you must be willing to let it all go.  And might I add, act instantly!! (smile)

I had five readings on the day of the equinox, my first lady broke me out in sweats, each subsequent reading raised the temperature I was feeling in my body, higher and higher.  By the time I finished my last reading of the day, I could a little fever running thru my whole body.  I was supposed to work out after my last reading but decided to put my body on the couch to help my eye and the fever run its course.  1:30 pm I closed my eyes, close to 6:30am I woke up.  (Save an hour when my landlady came to give me the mail, I ate and then went straight back to sleep.)

The pain in my eye as intense as the day prior.  Thank goodness it was a day off, and one would have thought with 16 straight hours of sleep under my belt, I would be loaded with energy, not even a little bit.  I could barely move my body and all I wanted to do was go back to sleep.  I fought the sleep, but not much else.

I woke up yesterday with my oozing eye completely sealed shut.  My first thought was, this is not a good omen for the day!!  I sat at my computer doing all I can to get a blog flowing, everything I was typing out was from memory as opposed to the flow of energy that writes and shares thru me.  It was all so fractured and my eye was leaking like niagara falls, I gave up.  Looking at the light coming from my laptop screen just hurt my eyes.  When my first reading came around, I was not too surprised I could not see, given that I woke up with my right eye sealed shut.  I sat in between my first and second reading feeling bad.  All I had to do was listen to my team and take my damn contact out of my eye and no one would need to be rescheduled today (yesterday.)

Someone had sent me an email about the new moon energy.  I soooo didn’t realize it was the new moon already!!  The moment I realized it was the new moon, my team got me out of my pitty party quite quickly and showed me a vision of the new moon spilling seeds of the new earth into the humans who have aligned themselves with the new earth.  This is not a time for “seeing” but a time for gestation.  The reason I cannot see is because of this and then they shared this beautiful understanding:

You are the soil of the new earth, today is not a day to do anything except be open to receive the seeds spilling out of the new moon, embedding into the soil of your heart. No programming needed, you cannot conceive of where you are going… yet!!

Which of course, I immediately put on my facebook.  About an hour later, I decided to look at to see what was happening with our sun, I just had to smile wide when I read: GEOMAGNETIC UNREST: Today, the interplanetary magnetic field (IMF) near Earth is tilting south, not much, but enough to open a crack in Earth’s magnetosphere. Solar wind is pouring through the opening…

The rest of the day I pretty much couch surfed.  I tried to do my DDP Yoga twice, but I didn’t have the energy to do it.  One would think with 35 hours of sleep in the last 48, I could rock the energy zone… not even a little bit.  Dammit.  What I did feel, off and on for the day, was this external spinning around my head.  Suddenly I remembered the bridgeway from the equinox to the new earth looked like a hurricane storm system, we must be knee-deep in the “EYE.”

This morning on the other hand, the moment my eyes popped open I felt ALIVE again.  I could feel the energy pouring into my crown, rocking my body and at 4am danced out of bed! And hence… my sharing!!  We are flowing again, hurray!!  My eye is tremendously better.  Phew.  Note to self: never do that again!!!

Big big (((HUGZ)))) of unlimited potential drenched in expansive love to ALL!!!!

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