Judith Dagley – New Libra Moon– ONE LOVE – 26 September 2014

judithOur New Libra Moon became exact a little after 11:00 p.m. PSTD last night– less than one degree from the Galactic Center! It will flood us with its transformative  alchemical light for about 14 more hours, which is definitely a rare and powerful event. However, it is only one element of the BIGGER event we’re part of NOW.

Here are just a couple of the others–
We entered into a more concentrated area of the photon belt, an atmosphere of higher frequencies than ever before.
We were innundated by Light (photons) from our sun via X class solar flares just before our equinox.
This new moon is occurring even before the equinox energies have faded.

You see? ONE event, perceived by us through “linear time” as sequential– only because we choose to perceive it that way. I’d say its time to “see bigger.” Why?

Because life will get a lot easier that way for ONE.

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