Ann Albers – Messages From Ann And The Angels – 27 September 2014


My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Anything worth doing on this planet involves growth, for that is the reason you embark upon any journey. Everything you attempt is, ultimately, an attempt to understand the light and the love that lives within you. Whether you begin a project with the intention to better yourself, to contribute, to earn money, to have creative expression, to help another… or for any other reason, you are ultimately seeking to embrace and express the light within you. You are seeking the joy that comes with embracing and expressing this light. That, dear friends, is our definition of success – to know and feel the joy of embracing and expressing the light within you. And if you do so, human manifestations of “success” will follow.

However, too many times you get lost in the thicket of human thought. Am I doing enough? Learning enough? Contributing enough? Making enough? It is easy to forget that the journey is more important than the destination. We would rather you ask yourself this question, “Am I enjoying the journey? Am I experiencing and expressing love?” If not, what can you do, what can you change, right now, in this moment to make your life more loving? For in doing so, you ultimately “correct your course,” “get back on path,” and begin to enjoy your lives once again. You begin to enjoy success now, rather than waiting for some arbitrary human goal. You begin to exist once again, in the streams of grace.

Dear ones, we want all of you to “succeed” first and foremost in the spiritual sense, by living a joyful life, filled with love! We know in the heavens that if you accomplish this, one moment at a time, human accomplishments will follow for it is a natural by-product of creating a loving existence. So today, right now… enjoy a moment of “success” by choosing to be kind to yourselves, to give yourself a moment of love and appreciation and to ask yourself, “What is the most authentically loving thing I can do for myself right now, right in this next moment.” Breathe, receive, and do it. There… you have succeeded!

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels


Hi Everyone,

Too often in my angel readings, I see people who do not feel like they are a “success” because they have not achieved some arbitrary standard of financial or material gain. The angels are quick to point out every area in these sweet soul’s lives where they are a success – as good parents, kind listeners, creative souls – the qualities that last forever.

As well I’ve seen people get really inspired to embark on a project or dream, and then when it doesn’t immediately start to give them material gain, they think they’ve failed. They forget their joy, work harder, and shift the focus from the passion to the gain. This doesn’t work very well. We must always focus on our expression of love. The universe cannot by its very nature support our misery and choices to push ourselves without mercy. It can however, support every loving thought, word, and deed, and even superhuman efforts if they come from love.

I’ve had quite a few reminders of this lately with my newest project, the “Ann & the Angels” show. It has been a labor of pure love by myself and the Streaming for the Soul guys. We’ve put our hearts, finances, and many long hours into it, because we are fueled by a passion to share heavenly love and inspiration with the world. God is up to something good and we’re only beginning to see the beautiful responses from viewers and the good things happening for people as they start to connect with their angels!

However, I’ve had a few very human moments when I questioned the entire project! We’ve had to make some tough technical decisions that make viewer set-up a little less automated than we’d like. I forgot how much much I take for granted as a former engineer and I was not nearly as clear as I thought, in my communications to people about how to help us set them up for Video-on-Demand. Nonetheless, we faced the growing pains and challenges with love, found clearer ways to communicate the set-up and now have things flowing smoothly. (If you are subscribed and having any challenges, please email me. I’ve revised the instructions to be way more clear!)

Looking back it has been worth every challenge and love-filled late night hour! The show was so beautifully received and the viewers are inspiring us right back! One dear woman asked her angels for help with a physical challenge during the show, and it just went away! Several more said that they saw auras for the first time (mine!). People are starting to write in and share their angel stories with me! It makes my heart sing. This is what I wanted… to create an easy way for people to feel the angels’ love and connect with one another.

So, according to the heavenly definition – “to know and feel the joy of embracing and expressing the light within you” – I’d say this show is a success! I can’t wait to see how it unfolds for all of us. And I’m thrilled to have finally found a venue to share the angel love and wisdom that I’ve been so blessed to receive. It really is a dream come true.

Be careful not to judge your “success” in life in terms of superficial criteria. As the saying goes, “You can’t take it with you,” meaning material things…. but what you do take with you into eternity is the love and goodness that you are and the joyful memories of your own experiences.

Today, look in the mirror today and see the incredible success story in front of you! No matter what your external circumstances, you are kind, loving, souls, desiring to share your light with the world in whatever fashion feels natural and happy for you! That means you – Yes You – are a huge success!

Love you all!
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