Lisa Gawlas – The Power Surge Of Expansion Is Underway!! – 27 September 2014

lisagawlas2This new story is already getting so darn exciting, and truly, we are simply in the prelude section!!  Sometimes tho, when I get into the start of readings, I forget which part of the story we are in.  There is so much to remember lol.  I want to focus today with two of the readings I had yesterday, they are telling us so much about chapter 1 of our new book of life.

My first man of the day, a beautiful soul I have had the privilege to watch grow, embrace and use his true divinity over the last few years.  He showed up suspended over the magnetic field I call the equinox (and please know, it is not a single day, but an energy field itself.)  His arms were stretched outwards, his legs slightly spread apart and he was nekkid as a jay bird!!  Yikes!!  Thank goodness spirit blurred out his ummmmm…. well the area’s I do not need to see!  His nakedness was showing his release of all identifiers of the past.  Stripped of his clothing, and in a position to be fully infused with the new.  And holy cow, what a way to get infused.  At his back, solar plexus area, three non-stop lighting bolts of the most intense white silver energy, repeatedly zapping inwards.  At his front, his heart area, two lightning bolts doing the same thing.  Each hand had a lightening bolt and his crown had too many for me to count.  All this while suspended over the magnetic release of the new earth.  This high electrical infusion was serving to burn up any lingering debris, while at the same time, rocking his entire body with pure alignment with the new pathway he is about to set foot on and the energy and wisdom to embark on it.  I did snake my antenna outwards into the fields of October to take a sneak peek, and all his team would show us was this really large foot made of electricity getting ready to step onto the new earth, and the sparks of connection just radiating upwards from within his foot/body.  Much to my surprise, his team said that once he arrives with feet on the ground they will give him many details of where his new path is taking him.  I am excited about that!  We get into the suspended states and get the information of now… which is nice and all, but man I love to see the greater story that we have gotten ourselves into with details!!

My second lady, man oh man make my head spin!!  She too was on that magnetic space of the equinox and spinning so darn fast clockwise I couldn’t barely see her thru the blur!!  What I did see clear tho, was what looked like a long ivy embedding itself in her morphing form.  What the heck is that all about??   I followed the ivy to the entry of October and was so surprised at what came thru.  My vision was beneath the ground itself, and this large bunch of roots no longer than 4-6 inches was the real presentation of what is embedding within her.  Suddenly I seen these blobby like translucent golden Beings around the root system of her ivy-ness.  They made it clear they are not elemental’s (my first thought) like we have seen and experienced elemental’s at the top side of earth.  They are Beings that live and work at the root system area beneath the surface of the earth.  They said they have always been here, but their vibration was/is too high for us to see, but not any longer.  She will be one of the first contacts with these Beings to bring messages and understandings and more to our expanding story.

What I find exciting as well, if we are the soil of the new earth (and we must be or spirit wouldn’t have said so lol) then our job has a lot to do with the rooting system of growth there too.

I am really understanding why getting out of our old stories, our old relationships, even with earth herself, is soooo important.  By thinking we know something from our past experience, we miss the new energy revealing itself.

What I completely missed was the placement of these folks, in the area that looks like the eye of the hurricane.  A virtual changing room from one life to the next!  Let your consciousness expand in ways the old story, no matter how exciting, would never allow!!  Getting to Here was just a pre-view of coming attractions!!

This morning, as I contemplated what we shall share today, I could see a drawbridge lowering itself as we emerge from the eye and near the entrance of the new world (october.)  And we emerge with a new plan/blueprint embedded in our highly charged, electric DNA, eyes brand new, hearts wide open… and the anticipation mounts!!

Ohhhh, before I forget.  I shared a little bit about a lady who was doing magnetic work the other day.  What I didn’t share was that she lives in the Yukon. and the energy is starting from the north pole area of the earth and radiating downwards to thru the south pole and of course outwards as it travels.  As I went to sleep last night I looked at my headline news to see that there was a major (6.2) earthquake in Alaska… Phase One complete!!!

I am just so freakin excited!!!  Together, hand in hand, heart in heart, dancing our way into October’s Birthplace of the New!!

((((((((((((HUGZ))))))))) of wide-eyed excitement and celebration to ALL!!

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