John Ward – Iraq/Syria Bombing: The Tediously Insane Saga Of Obama, Saudis, Iraqis, Syrians, Palestinians, Jordanians, Cameron, IS, Al-Nusra, Salafists, Bombs And Oil – 29 September 2014

arabcart1arabcart2.2Arabcart3.2The unifying power of a bombing campaignThis went up on Twitter today:


Well now, there’s a surprise: you give IS money to look good among Muslims, I get to bomb them and look good among Americans, and both of us stop Jihadists from controlling the oil. Except that nothing is ever quite that simple. Pay attention: there’s a lot to remember here.

Abu Mohammed al-Maqdisi, the spiritual leader of the Jordanian Salafist jihadist movement, aka Isam Mohammad Taher al-Barqawi, was born in Palestine, but lived much of his life in Jordan. He used not to like IS, because he thought them ‘a deviant organisation’ and ‘an aggressor of the mujahideen’. He thus urged IS members in Syria to leave it and join the al-Nusra Front, an al-Q’aeda affiliate.

But then the Americans bombed IS, so now Abu Mohammed al-Maqdisi aka Isam Mohammad Taher al-Barqawi  says that there has been spillage of Muslim blood, and a crusader campaign against Muslims. So now IS is A Good Thing, although the rift between al-Nusra and IS is still extant among jihadists in Jordan, where as you know Abu Mohammed al-Maqdisi aka Isam Mohammad Taher al-Barqawi feels most at home.

But another Jordanian/Palestinian chap, Abu Qatada, still distances himself from IS, describing the group as a “bubble that will end soon”, condemning its “killing and slaughtering” of foreign journalists. But his double-passport compatriot Mohammed al-Maqdisi aka Isam Mohammad Taher al-Barqawi disagrees, arguing that IS is ‘in the circle of Islamic brotherhood’. And among UK jihadists, leaders insist only the members of IS are committed to Sharia, which they have demonstrated by allegedly decapitating foreign journalists who aren’t really journalists or aid workers at all.

The Saudis are IS’s biggest bankroller, but they despise Palestinians as lower than vermin. But Saudi money is encouraging the Mohammed al-Maqdisi aka Isam Mohammad Taher al-Barqawis of this world to forgive them just as long as they get bombed by the Americans…and of course, us.

Soooooo, US President Obama has a quiet side agreement with Saudi Arabia to play the game for the audience, in order to retain access to oil controlled by blokes who hate the Saudis, the hatred being mutual. But after last week, they’re all on the same side. There’s nothing like an American bombing campaign to unite the opposition.

The BBC website has a piece on some of this today, at the bottom of which is the promise, ‘More on this Story’. I’m still reeling from this one, but what I do know is this:

1. A Christian Cleric on the spot tweets this morning that ‘Islamic State are on the verge of entering Baghdad’.

2. If Cameron does bomb IS, there is no way we will escape Jihadist UK-based atrocities in retaliation.

Only a complete idiot would be drawn into this venomous snake-pit of religious maniacs and brutal Arab royalty. Unfortunately, our Prime Minister, the overwhelming majority of MPs, and 58% of the braindead population are as chuffed as a banana-stealing monkey that we’re going to do just that.


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