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Lee Harris – October 2014 Energy Forecast – The Great Re-Opening And How Destiny Lives In The Details – 1 October 2014

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Jon Rappoport – Is “1st US Ebola patient” A Hoax? – 1 October 2014

jon7rumpeted headline news:

An unnamed Ebola patient is isolated at the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas, after arriving from Liberia.

First of all, we have the highly dubious marketing aspect of the whole event, in order to achieve an explosive effect.

Media outlets, taking their cue from the CDC, are using the term, “1st US Ebola patient,” when that is obviously false.

Several other Ebola patients have been treated in the US, most notably Dr. Keith Brantly. Continue reading


European Human Rights Court Undermines Democracy, Former Lord Chief Justice – 1 October 2014

RT logoBritain’s former lord chief justice said the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) is “undemocratic” and “undermines the sovereignty of Parliament” via its unelected judges. The statement adds to growing hostility toward the Strasbourg-based court.

Writing in the legal trade publication Counsel, Baron Judge said the court disregards the “democratic process” as British MPs are obliged to follow the rulings of ECHR judges, such as allowing prisoners to vote.

He also rejected the principle that the rulings of the ECHR should trump decisions made in Parliament.

“[The European court] has no authority to amend or override the constitutional arrangements in any country,” he wrote.

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Tesco Shares Plunge Amid Probe Into Dodgy Accounting – 1 October 2014

RT logoA Tesco accounting scandal that wiped 4 billion pounds from the firm’s stock market value, and led to the suspension of four elite executives, has sparked a Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) investigation into the retail giant’s bookkeeping.

Britain’s biggest grocer, and the world’s third-largest retailer, shocked UK and global investors when it publicly announced on September 22 it had overstated its profits for the first half of 2014 by 250 million pounds (US$405 million).

The scandal first came to light on September 19 following a whistleblower’s decision to alert Tesco to the accounting issue.

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Cameron Vows To Scrap Human Rights Act, Civil Liberties Groups Outraged – 1 October 2014

RT logoPrime Minister David Cameron has vowed to terminate the Human Rights Act if the Conservatives are re-elected in Britain’s 2015 general election. The controversial proposal has stoked the ire of civil rights groups across the nation.

Speaking on the final day of the Conservative Party’s four-day conference, Cameron pledged to scrap the Act and replace it with a British “bill of rights.”

However, the prime minister did not explicitly confirm that a future Conservative government would withdraw from the European Convention on Human Rights – a move that would have far-reaching repercussions for Britain’s relationship with Europe.

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John Ward – Crash2: Today’s Big Signs – 1 October 2014

JohnW I think they are as follows:

1. The ECB’s Mario Draghi wants the bank to buy Greek and Cypriot sub-junk. It is a real sign of desperation which, the FT suggests, “may increase tensions between Germany and the European Central Bank”. That seems to me the height of Pink understatement.

2. The EU’s money market funds are ‘struggling to stay afloat as negative interest rates drain the industry’s lifeblood, with many at risk of crippling downgrades by the rating agencies,’ writes Ambrose Evans-Pritchard at the Daily Telegraph. S&P thinks  the €500bn of funds in the eurozone faces serious stress, they being increasingly unable to generate profits since the European Central Bank cut its deposit rate to -0.02pc….and pulled down short-term rates across the spectrum of maturities. Continue reading

Nearly 2 Mn Brits Could Face Winter Without Heating – Report – 1 October 2014

RT logoMillions of people in Britain could go without heat and power during the winter months if they use a pre-paid meter system, according to new research from Citizens Advice.

According to the network of independent charities, an estimated 1.62 million people could lose heating and electricity if they cannot afford to top up their gas cards, or if their payment meters are broken or difficult to use.

Most energy companies only contact vulnerable customers, namely the elderly, a month after they last topped up. Meanwhile, firms are likely to contact customers who are not considered “vulnerable” after three months.

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Ebola Worse Than HIV, SARS – UN Official – 1 October 2014

RT logoThe man leading the UN response to the Ebola epidemic, Dr. David Nabaro, says Ebola poses a worse threat to humanity than HIV or SARS and the global effort to combat it is woefully inefficient and that he needs $30 million now.

Nabaro was speaking after various presentations on how to combat the disease, including at the UN Security Council and General Assembly, before he returns to Europe and West Africa, reports the Sydney Morning Herald.

Ebola has so-far been centered on the West African countries of Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia, and has infected 6,553 people and killed 3,083. So far the outbreak looks like it’s been arrested in neighboring Senegal and Nigeria, but the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) believes that if it is not contained Ebola may infect 1.4 million by January.

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UK Column News – 30th Sept. and 1 October 2014

Hong Kong Protesters Threaten To Occupy Buildings If City Chief Doesn’t Quit – 1 October 2014

RT logoStudent leaders of the pro-reform protests in Hong Kong have come up with an ultimatum to the city’s chief, saying if he doesn’t step down they’ll start storming government buildings.

SEE PHOTOS: Tens of thousands up all night: Massive protests light up Hong Kong skyline

The protesters are demanding election reform. They’re against the central government’s August decision that nominees for the city leader’s post in 2017 elections will be chosen by a Beijing committee, and they want the current leader of Hong Kong to resign.

The protesters have already fulfilled their earlier threat of stepping up demonstrations in case their demands aren’t met. AFP reported Wednesday’s daytime crowds were much larger than on the previous three days of protest.

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