John Ward – Face Facts: Until We Take The Money Out Of Politics, There Can Be No Real Change, And No Real Peace – 1 October 2014


For the nth time, let’s ban Party donations…and wake up to what UKip really is

Because the Australian mining companies are awash with money, and bankroll any politician they think can win, Australian politics is infected with private money. The same goes for Murdoch in the media there. Thus the miners and Murdoch are above the law, and own nearly all the politicians.

Because Texan oilcos, munitions suppliers, aerospace developers and banks own all the US politicians, the citizens there get wars about oil, airstrikes against ISIL, and $840bn bailouts of Wall Street

Because China is about to invest tons of money in UK energy generation, Tory funds benefit fromthe construction sector and the City, the Labour Party is in debt while beholden to the Trade Unions, and Murdoch’s influence on tabloid voters is massive, we get a stony silence from Downing Street on the subject of HK democracy, housebuilding that is utterly antithetical to long term UK interests, £820bn bank bailouts, an unchanging syntax of solutions from the Ed Miller Band, and perversion of the Rule of Law by Newscorp.

Now this morning I groan to see everything I’ve ever said about Farage and his Kippers confirmed in this astonishingly insouciant pair of tweets from Gurner One:

faragetweet1I tweeted back as follows….




…and got this truly profound response from a Kipper:

PaxfordballsI mean, they haven’t even got a single seat in Parliament yet, and already the munneeee system is completely accepted. They can’t win seats under the electoral system (although George Galloway never has any problems) and so now it’s all about nicking disaffected Tories. Once they have enough seats, hands up all those who think they’ll want electoral reform?

This is a sellout already exceeding the speed limit, and UKip has barely backed its jellopy down the drive.

As I posted a year ago and once since then, when Murdoch calls, Fido Farage jumps to attention and licks him all over.

Why does anyone think these people are agents of politically cultural change?

I’ve lost count of the amount of times I have posted here to say that privately donated political monies are the root of most evil in democratic politics across the world. In Italy, it gave them Berlusconi. In Britain, the Terrible Twins are backing Borisconi. Here and in the US it has given us unmanageable national debt, bodybags, and the hastened recruitment of Muslims by Jihadists. In Australia, it’s given them Tony Abbott – the man with Nothing to Hide, especially between his ears. And most importantly, it saddled us with Thatcher, Blair, Cameron and Osborne.

Observe: prior to 2010, George Osborne lambasted Beijing for its “despicable” record on human rights. Today, he waves his bum at their members 24/7.

But still, some Sloggers write on the threads here, “I’m not giving my taxes to these buggers, they get enough already”. I do not and never will understand the mentality behind that: it strikes me as a mulish disregard for the blindingly obvious facts. Ban all cash donations and monetised lobbying, and you end the power of private, unelected money over politics for good. Let it carry on, and the end of the World beckons.

You think this alarmist? A few points will suffice:

* Does anyone seriously think we would be persevering with derivative-diluted globalised banking and neoliberal economics, if the politicians we “elect” weren’t controlled by such interests almost completely?

* Is there a single citizen left anywhere in the West who really believes that we would have blown $25 trillion on global bank bailouts if Congressmen and MPs weren’t owned by Wall Street and the City…and every institution in the US and Europe were not run by Goldman Sachs alumni?

* Hands up all those who think that, had we invested in research to enable progression beyond oil as an energy form years ago, we would give a monkey’s chuff about the Middle East, Islamism and Ukraine? Texan oil has lobbied against all alternatives to oil, and provided 50% of recent Presidents.

* The application of QE in the US, UK, China and Japan has not worked and continues not to. Yet endless bouts have been applied at higher and higher levels. This has been a primary reason for dangerously nuclear Sino-Japanese friction of late. Mercantile globalism is an idea almost devoid of either logic or track-record, but it continues to be seen as the way forward….and multinational companies continue to use this idiotic model to move money around to evade tax. Anyone spot the connection between this pattern, and the overwhelming hold Big Business has on Western legislatures?

The entrance of Big Money support into democratic politics has and will reduce the greatest contentment of the greatest number, constrain citizen liberty, increase wealth disparity, espouse policies antithetical to private individuals, discourage risk-taking creativity, and ultimately lead to war. There isn’t a rice paper of difference between this unhealthy relationship, and that between Islam and the States it controls.

The best thing we ever did in the West was to secularise the State. The worst thing we ever did was to let Mammon take over that inhibitive role.

Which bit of this do the money-donation system critics not get, please?

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