Lisa Gawlas – Home, At Last!! Our New Story Begins Today!! – 1 October 2014

lisagawlas2Welcome to day 1 of the rest of our lives!!  Did you enjoy the wet and wild energy spouts of yesterday??  At first it felt like any other morning, except for the fact my morning began at 2:45 am.  That energy started to billow in shortly after I attempted my first reading and got my floor.  My vision was down, truly, I was so surprised until I heard my team say we are the gap way heading into October.  I never even gave that so much of a thought of how it might affect readings.  I was busy being wayyyy to excited about all the incoming information and energies.

I decided, I can’t read, might as well clean.  I have company coming in this evening, plus I just bug bombed my house, gotta do some deep cleaning.  I turned on my pandora radio loud, grabbed my cleaning rag and started to dance.  Ya swear I was at a night club, my body rocking out to all my favorite tunes streaming thru the speakers, cleaning became secondary to dancing. Thru it all, I could feel my chest tighten and my eyes leak as wave after wave of love and gratitude and just pure joy rose up and thru me.

I would occasionally sit down to have a smoke and just enjoy all that was happening in my body and mind.  I got a new appointment from a new client (October is filled with virgins, what a reflective energy for this month!!) and she mentioned that she had been reading me on a site called mayan majic.  I decided to go check out that site, phew baby, I was so not prepared for what was about to happen!!  I went to their spiritual articles section and looking thru the vast list of people who share their hearts stories and understandings, suddenly, some of the names there (none of which I was familiar with) started to light up in my vision and flood my body with this energy…. holy heaven the energy.  The fourth of July was exploding inside of me, but more than that, rocking my flipping root chakra!!  I couldn’t handle it and had to close out that site.  It didn’t matter, my body was aflame with passion and excitement and remained in that state for hours!!  HOURS!!!!!  All I could think to myself was, if this is our bodys new recognition system of others arriving on this new earth, we are going to be very confused.  Should we hug them or have sex with them??  I really think we are going to be in overtime with discernment of our new, highly excited energy fields!!

In a way tho, it really does make sense.  When we are out of body and fully on the other side of the veil, in our pure energy state, our “hugs” are full mergers with another’s energy system, their light body.  The deeper you go into their energy field, from earth terms, the more highly arousing it is.  Of course, on that side of the veil, there is no sex like there is here.  There is simply pure bliss and the super heightened bliss state when merged.  On this side of the veil however, all we (umm, me) can think about is the sexual desire that comes from a pinged out root chakra!!  Discernment, not everyone is meant to be slept with!!  lol

This morning as I woke up (thankfully at 4am and not 2:45 again) the very first thing I see in my minds eye is feet, well really, toes on the edge of the new earth.  My vision went upwards to look at the legs, and it was kinda weird.  This body, the skin of this body, had the full on color of this previous full moon in all its brilliance, gold, bronze and red.  My first thought was… am I seeing my first client of the day as I wake up?  I smiled and sauntered out to my coffee pot, still holding that radiant vision on my eye when I hear my team say… silly, thats you!!  ME????  I never see me, unless I run a bath that is.  Wow, things have really changed already!!  What a gift to wake up too, because I know that somewhere in the back of my mind, I had hoped I made the leap…

And so our new story begins!!

I want to take this moment to thank each and every one of you that share my sharings upon your facebook, emails, personal blog spaces, youtube computer voice transmissions and other places I have yet to discover.  I cannot tell you how humbling it is, how deeply honored I am and really, it is so much deeper and beyond my words, than that.

I want to also thank the amazing…. AMAZING influx of people who took advantage of my two-day special.  You all have so overwhelmed me by your reaching out.  So many new puzzle pieces to glean understanding from, so many familiar pieces to expand in fuller understandings.  Just, thank you from the depths of my heart and the furthest reaches of my soul.

And here we go, hand in hand, heart in heart, breaking ground in the new.  It’s going to be exciting to see what we got ourselves into now!!

Ohhhh, before I forget to mention this.  As I was cleaning and washing my quartz crystals, I realized several of them popped out with new record keepers on their face.  You may want to check your crystals (the unpolished, uncut ones) to see if any record keepers have arrived for you to glean information from.  If you are unsure what a record keeper is, google it, then journey with your crystal!!  They have been as activated as we are and waited for this moment to reveal even deeper secrets!!

Have an amazing day my beautiful, treasured souls, the best is about to go into overdrive!!

(((((((((((((((HUGZ))))))))))))))))))) of every good thing you can conjure up and all that things you can’t too!!

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